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  1. [ConstantFold] Fold the comparison of bitcasted global values (details)
  2. [libc++] Decouple debug mode tests from iostreams (details)
  3. [libc++] Make it easier to add new restrictions for feature-test macro tests (details)
  4. [AMDGPU] [TableGen] Clean up !if(!eq(boolean, 1) and related booleans (details)
  5. Driver: Add integer sanitizers to trapping group automatically. (details)
  6. [Apple-stage2] Install FileCheck and yaml2obj in the toolchain (details)
  7. [libc++] Remove uses of verbose_assert.h in Filesystem tests (details)
  8. clang/Basic: Replace SourceManager::getMemoryBufferForFile, NFC (details)
  9. [hwasan] Increase max allocation size to 1Tb. (details)
  10. [LSAN][NFC] Reformat test (details)
  11. [clangd][ObjC] Support nullability annotations (details)
  12. Get the address space within getVectorPtrTy (details)
  13. Fix pretty printing of linalg GenericOps when there are no inputs. (details)
  14. [AsmWriter] Construct SlotTracker with the function (details)
  15. clang/Basic: Remove SourceManager::getBufferPointer, NFC (details)
  16. [libc++] Get rid of <sstream> in the valarray tests (details)
  17. [X86] Move 's{hr,ar,hl} , <op>' to 'shift <op>' optimization in the assembler into processInstruction. (details)
  18. [X86] Move 'int $3' -> 'int3' handling in the assembler to processInstruction. (details)
  19. [AMDGPU] Optimize waitcnt insertion for flat memory operations (details)
  20. [GWP-ASan] Rework utilities (NFC) (details)
  21. [Polly] Reuse multiple uses in operand tree. (details)
  22. clang/Basic: ContentCache::InvalidFlag => ContentCache::IsBufferInvalid, NFC (details)
  23. Improve file doesnt exist error with -fbasic-block-sections= (details)
  24. Don't permit array bound constant folding in OpenCL. (details)
  25. [HazardRec] Allow inserting multiple wait-states simultaneously (details)
  26. [AMDGPU] Avoid inserting noops during scheduling (details)
  27. Don't instantiate lambda closure types in default member initializers (details)
  28. NFC: Fix -Wsign-compare warnings on 32-bit builds (details)
  29. ContentCache: Simplify by always owning the MemoryBuffer (details)
  30. [flang] Fix call to CHECK() on erroneous subroutine declaration (details)
  31. [lldb] Don't strip LLDB.framework on install (details)
  32. SourceManager: Simplify early returns in ContentCache::getBufferOrNone, NFC (details)
  33. [llvm] Fix ODRViolations for VersionTuple YAML specializations NFC (details)
  34. [test] Fix -fbasic-block-sections= test on Windows after D89500 (details)
  35. This is a test commit (details)
  36. Revert "This is a test commit" (details)
  37. [Polly] Delete unused lambda capture after 7175cffb2133048018df74c1b49d1d4962ea18f2 (details)
  38. [AMDGPU][NFC] Fix missing size in comment (details)
  39. Remove unnecessary header include which violates layering (details)
  40. [NFC][MC] Use [MC]Register in MachineVerifier (details)
  41. Revert D89381 "[SCEV] Recommit "Use nw flag and symbolic iteration count to sharpen ranges of AddRecs", attempt 2" (details)
  42. [X86] Error on using h-registers with REX prefix in the assembler instead of leaving it to a fatal error in the encoder. (details)
  43. [SCEV] Prove implications of different type via truncation (details)
  44. Revert "[SCEV] Prove implications of different type via truncation" (details)
  45. [NFC][PowerPC]Add tests for folding RLWINM before and after RA. (details)
  46. Revert "[InstCombine] Add or((icmp ult/ule (A + C1), C3), (icmp ult/ule (A + C2), C3)) uniform vector support" (details)
  47. [libcxx] [test] Split the file_time_type synopsis test (details)
  48. [SVE] Remove reliance on TypeSize comparison operators in unit tests (details)
  49. [SVE][CodeGen] Replace use of TypeSize comparison operator in CreateStackTemporary (details)
  50. [X86] Remove period from end of error message in assembler (details)
  51. [mlir] Expose Value hierarchy to Python bindings (details)
  52. [mlir] Use the correct base class for Attributes in Python bindings (details)
  53. [mlir] Fix copy-pasted docstrings in Python bindings (details)
  54. [X86] Add clang release notes for HRESET and minor change for llvm release notes. (NFC) (details)
  55. [NFC][LSAN] Use InitializeCommonFlags in LSAN (details)
  56. [compiler-rt][builtins][RISCV] Always include __mul[sd]i3 builtin definitions (details)
  57. Reapply "[clang] Improve handling of physical registers in inline (details)
  58. [AMDGPU][TableGen] Make more use of !ne !not !and !or. NFC. (details)
  59. [InstructionSimplify] Precommit more tests for D89317. NFC. (details)
  60. [Passes] Move ADCE before DSE & LICM. (details)
  61. [mlir] ODS: support TableGen dag objects to specify OpBuilder parameters (details)
  62. [InstructionSimplify] And precommit more tests for D89317. NFC. (details)
  63. [ADT] Fix for ImmutableMapRef (details)
  64. [Driver] Incorporate -mfloat-abi in the computed triple on ARM (details)
  65. [AMDGPU] Fix off by one in assert (details)
  66. [TargetLowering] Add test for bit comparison fold (details)
  67. [TargetLowering] Check boolean content when folding bit compare (details)
  68. Add "SkipDead" parameter to TargetInstrInfo::DefinesPredicate (details)

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