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  1. [MLIR][SPIRV] Support identified and recursive structs. (details)
  2. [x86] add tests for cost model kinds of intrinsics; NFC (details)
  3. [InstructionSimplify] Precommit tests for D89317. NFC. (details)
  4. [AArch64] fix spacing in test's RUN lines; NFC (details)
  5. [SyntaxTree] Fix rtti for `Expression`. (details)
  6. [WebAssembly] Added .tabletype to asm and multiple table support in obj files (details)
  7. [lldb] Add targets for running test suite against Watch/TV/iPhone simulators (details)
  8. [lldb][NFC] Remove property predicate matcher (details)
  9. [lldb] Remove all the RegisterInfo name constification code (details)
  10. [lldb] Allow limiting the number of error diagnostics when parsing an expression (details)
  11. [lldb][cmake] Remove custom logic for finding VCS file to fix LLDB's generation (details)
  12. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Compute known bits for zero-extending loads (details)
  13. [mlir][gpu] Add `gpu.wait` op. (details)
  14. [x86] add cost model test for memcpy; NFC (details)
  15. [CostModel] rearrange basic intrinsic cost implementation (details)
  16. [NFC][Regalloc] Use MCRegister in MachineCopyPropagation (details)
  17. [compiler-rt] Allow override of 'emulator' value from lit_config. (details)
  18. AMDGPU: Remove -mamdgpu-debugger-abi option (details)
  19. LLD/AMDGPU: Infer os abi based on input llvm bitcode (details)
  20. [libc++] Allow passing relative paths to the Apple install script (details)
  21. [mlir][Linalg] Fix TensorConstantOp bufferization in Linalg. (details)
  22. [mlir] Fix sporadic build failures due to missing dependency (details)
  23. [LoopVersioningLICM] Fix noalias metadata emission (details)
  24. [ASAN] Make sure we are only processing lifetime markers with offset 0 to alloca (details)

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