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  1. [mlir] Remove LLVMTypeTestDialect (details)
  2. [clang][NFC] Remove spurious +x flag on DeclTemplate.cpp and DeclTemplate.h (details)
  3. [clang][NFC] Add a test showcasing an unnamed template parameter in a diagnostic (details)
  4. [clang][NFC] Remove an old workaround for MSVC 2013 (details)
  5. [clang][NFC] Document NamedDecl::printName (details)
  6. [clang][nearly-NFC] Remove some superfluous uses of NamedDecl::getNameAsString (details)
  7. [clang][NFCI] Get rid of ConstantMatrixTypeBitfields to avoid increasing the size of every type. (details)
  8. [clang][NFC] DeclPrinter: use NamedDecl::getDeclName instead of NamedDecl::printName to print the name of enumerations, namespaces and template parameters. (details)
  9. [gn build] (manually) merge 3ab01550b (details)
  10. Recommit "[InstCombine] Negator: -(X << C)  -->  X * (-1 << C)" (details)
  11. [mlir] Initial version of C APIs (details)
  12. [clang] Add -fno-delayed-template-parsing to the added unit tests in DeclPrinterTest.cpp (details)
  13. [Statepoints] Operand folding in presense of tied registers. (details)
  14. [OpenMP] Fix `present` for exit from `omp target data` (details)
  15. [OpenMP][Docs] Add map clause reordering status as unclaimed (details)
  16. [OpenMP][Docs] Mark `present` map type modifier as done (details)
  17. [OpenMP] Fix `omp target update` for array extension (details)
  18. [llvm-readobj] - Make decode_relrs() don't return Expected<>. NFCI. (details)
  19. [X86][AVX] Fold CONCAT(HOP(X,Y),HOP(Z,W)) -> HOP(CONCAT(X,Z),CONCAT(Y,W)) for integer types (details)
  20. [X86] isHorizontalBinOp - only update LHS/RHS references on success (details)

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