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  1. [libcxx-fuzzing] Fixed bug found by -Wstring-concatenation (details)
  2. [Reduce] Rewrite function body delta pass again (details)
  3. [X86] Remove a DCI.isBeforeLegalize() call from combineVSelectWithAllOnesOrZeros. (details)
  4. [MLIR] Consider AffineIfOp when getting the index set of an Op wrapped in nested loops (details)
  5. Hook up OpenBSD 64-bit PowerPC support (details)
  6. fix typo (details)
  7. [WebAssembly] Fix FastISel address calculation bug (details)
  8. Backout a test that is dependent on an uncommited diff. Fix another. (details)
  9. [CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib (details)
  10. Revert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib" (details)
  11. [llvm-profdata] Implement llvm-profdata overlap for sample profiles (details)
  12. [ELF] --wrap: don't leave the original symbol as SHN_UNDEF in .symtab or .dynsym (details)
  13. [NFC][StackSafety] noinline in alias tests (details)
  14. [NFC][StackSafety] Add index test (details)
  15. Revert "[NFC][StackSafety] Add index test" (details)

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