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  1. [Flang] Fix multi-config generator builds (details)
  2. [AMDGPU] Lower frem f16 (details)
  3. [AMDGPU] Precommit tests for D84518 Propagate fast math flags in frem lowering (details)
  4. [AMDGPU] Propagate fast math flags in frem lowering (details)
  5. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Updated LLVM types in the documentation (details)
  6. [AArch64][SVE] Disable tail calls if callee does not preserve SVE regs. (details)
  7. Do not map read-only data memory sections with EXECUTE flags. (details)
  8. [lldb/TestingSupport] Manually disable GTEST_HAS_TR1_TUPLE (details)
  9. [lldb] Use PyUnicode_GetLength instead of PyUnicode_GetSize (details)
  10. [lldb] Suppress MSVC warning C4065 (details)
  11. [compiler-rt] Normalize some in/out doxygen parameter in interface (details)
  12. [MLIR][Shape] Expose extent tensor type builder (details)
  13. [lldb] temporary commit to see why a test is failing only on lldb-aarch64-ubuntu (details)

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