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  1. [InstrProfiling] Fix instrprof-gc-sections.c test (details)
  2. [NFC][llvm-dwarfdump] Don't calculate unnecessary stats (details)
  3. [mlir] Mark std.subview as NoSideEffect (details)
  4. [clang][cli] Stop creating '-Wno-stdlibcxx-not-found' in cc1 (details)
  5. [clang][cli] Pass '-Wspir-compat' to cc1 from driver (details)
  6. [clang][CodeComplete] Ensure there are no crashes when completing with ParenListExprs as LHS (details)
  7. [WebAssembly] call_indirect issues table number relocs (details)
  8. [ARM] Move double vector insert patterns using vins to DAG combine (details)
  9. [VPlan] Manage pairs of incoming (VPValue, VPBB) in VPWidenPHIRecipe. (details)
  10. [analyzer] Introduce MacroExpansionContext to libAnalysis (details)
  11. [analyzer] Create MacroExpansionContext member in AnalysisConsumer (details)
  12. [analyzer] Use the MacroExpansionContext for macro expansions in plists (details)
  13. [analyzer][CTU] API for CTU macro expansions (details)
  14. [ARM] Remove dead lowering code. NFC (details)
  15. [flang][driver] Add -Xflang and make -test-io a frontend-only flang (details)
  16. [InstCombine] Add smulo NumSignBits test from D97170 (details)
  17. [VPlan] Skip VPWidenPHIRecipe in VPInterleavedACcessInfo. (details)

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