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  1. initial docker image for windows with vscode (detail)
  2. Added support for autodetection of build-tools only Visual Studio installations. (detail)
  3. Removed deprecated LLDBuilder. (detail)
  4. [buildbot] Annotated builder tweaks (detail)
  5. [buildbot] Add Builders and slaves for the new CUDA bot. (detail)
  6. Fixed mistype in bot name cuda-p4-0. (detail)
  7. Removed deprecated LibCXXBuilder. (detail)
  8. Removed deprecated LNTBuilder. (detail)
  9. NFC. Removed unused imports from LibcxxAndAbiBuilder. (detail)
  10. Removed deprecated NightlytestBuilder. (detail)
  11. Removed deprecated code from ClangBuilder. (detail)
  12. Removed deprecated ClangLTOBuilder3Stage. (detail)
  13. Removed deprecated LLVMGCCBuilder. (detail)
  14. Removed deprecated SanitizerBuilderII. (detail)
  15. Removed deprecated LLVMBuilder. (detail)
  16. Removed deprecated ClangAndLLDBuilder. (detail)
  17. NFC. Removed deprecated code from LLVMBuildFactory. (detail)
  18. disabling DIA on clang-x86-ninja-win10 (detail)
  19. limited sccache local cache size (detail)
  20. Removed deprecated SVN LLVMPoller. (detail)
  21. Removed deprecated legacy mode automatic schedulers. (detail)
  22. Removed deprecated legacy mode from UnifiedTreeBuilder. (detail)
  23. Removed deprecated legacy mode from LLDPerformanceTestsuite. (detail)
  24. Removed deprecated legacy mode from ABITestsuitBuilder. (detail)
  25. Removed deprecated legacy mode from ClangLTOBuilder. (detail)
  26. Removed deprecated legacy mode from ClangBuilder. (detail)
  27. Removed deprecated legacy mode from LibcxxAndAbiBuilder. (detail)
  28. Removed deprecated legacy mode from LLDBBuilder. (detail)
  29. Removed deprecated legacy mode from SanitizerBuilder. (detail)
  30. Removed deprecated legacy mode from AnnotatedBuilder. (detail)
  31. Removed remainings of the legacy mode support from LLVMBuildFactory. (detail)
  32. registered msdia140.dll (detail)
  33. Fixed typo. (detail)
  34. Initial deployment of windows buildbot (detail)
  35. mlir-nvidia removing outdated DLLVM_ENABLE_CXX1Y (detail)
  36. updated container version, fixed volume mounts (detail)
  37. registered 32bit msdia140.dll as well (detail)
  38. moved buildbot working dir to volume (detail)
  39. Set up Vulkan compute in mlir-nvidia docker (detail)
  40. mlir-nvidia - parallel deployments to prod and staging (detail)
  41. buildbot-mlir-nvidia updated container version (detail)
  42. added cmake flag for Vulkan (detail)
  43. Refactored getSingleBranchSchedulers, since now we use LLVMBuildFactory for all of the builders. (detail)
  44. Got rid of legacy schedulers. (detail)
  45. win32 builder - Shorted path length (detail)
  46. fixed script for Windows (detail)
  47. upgraded windows10-vs2019 to 32 cores (detail)
  48. fixed shortended paths (detail)
  49. Revert "Temporarily disable email notification for test-suite pipeline jobs" (detail)
  50. Use more efficient "e2" machine types (detail)
  51. updated Windows container version (detail)
  52. Added automatic cluster config and  deployment (detail)
  53. Reduce the number of parallell LLDB tests executing. (detail)
  54. Also limit the number of parallel debuginfo-tests (detail)
  55. Reduce the amount of parallelism in the debuginfo tests even further. (detail)
  56. Add flang slaves builds with clang10 and gcc10 (detail)
  57. [lldb] Increase test time-out from 60 to 90 minutes (detail)
  58. Revert "Reduce the amount of parallelism in the debuginfo tests even further." (detail)
  59. Add a one-time retry to debuginfo-tests. (detail)
  60. Add Flang and MLIR PowerPC buildbot on Red Hat (detail)
  61. Specify a number of jobs as a property for flang-aarch64-ubuntu-clang and flang-aarch64-ubuntu-gcc10 builders. (detail)
  62. Solaris buildbot updates (detail)
  63. PowerPC Flang+MLIR buildbot cmake fix (detail)
  64. Fix binaries directory for flang slaves gcc10 and clang10 (detail)
  65. [llvm-zorg] PowerPC Fixing Malformed LIT Flag (detail)

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