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  1. [clang] Add powerpc64le-none-linux-gnu to gnu toolchain for PPC64 (details)
  2. [builtins] Add COMPILER_RT_BUILTINS_HIDE_SYMBOLS (details)
  3. Revert "Revert "Revert "[analyzer] NFC: Move path diagnostic consumer implementations to libAnalysis.""" (details)
  4. [gn build] Port b12f26733a4 (details)
  5. [gn build] (manually) merge a whole bunch of libc++ header files (details)
  6. Fix MLIR DRR matching when attributes are interleaved with operands (details)
  7. [LLD][COFF] Simplify function. NFC. (details)
  8. Fix subprogram_ranges.test by explicitly using lld (details)
  9. Fix print-dot-ddg.ll so it doesn't try to write to the source tree (& uses the test temp paths instead) (details)
  10. lldb subprogram_ranges.test - remove dependence on temp file name (details)
  11. Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "[analyzer] NFC: Move path diagnostic consumer implementations to libAnalysis."""" (details)
  12. [gn build] Port 6b0ee02747e (details)
  13. [CodeGen] Remove unused function isCallerPreservedOrConstPhysReg (NFC) (details)
  14. [llvm] Use *Set::contains (NFC) (details)
  15. [Target] Use llvm::find_if (NFC) (details)
  16. [lldb] Access the ModuleList through iterators where possible (NFC) (details)
  17. [lldb] Make DoReadMemory a protected method. (details)
  18. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Enable sret demotion (details)
  19. [CMake] Don't enable BUILD_WITH_INSTALL_RPATH when using custom build rpath (details)
  20. [NewPM] Don't error when there's an unrecognized pass name (details)

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