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Unstable Build #2456 (Feb 3, 2021 11:55:13 PM)

  1. [mlir] Add custom directive hooks for printing mixed integer or value operands. (details)
  2. AMDGPU: Fix dbg_value handling when forming soft clause bundles (details)
  3. [LoopVectorize] Relax a FCmpInst assert to dyn_cast after D95690 (details)
  4. [test] Fix unuses FileCheck prefixes in clang/test/Modules (details)
  5. [test] Fix unuses FileCheck prefixes in lld (details)
  6. [llvm] Use pop_back_val (NFC) (details)
  7. [TableGen] Use ListSeparator (NFC) (details)
  8. [TableGen] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  9. [VFS] Add support to RedirectingFileSystem for mapping a virtual directory to one in the external FS. (details)
  10. clang-extra: fix incorrect use of std::lock_guard by adding variable name (identified by MSVC [[nodiscard]] error) (details)
  11. [test] Fix unused FileCheck prefixes in compiler-rt/test (details)
  12. [AArch64] Homogeneous Prolog and Epilog Size Optimization (details)
  13. [MLIR][TOSA] Comparison based elementwise operations for tosa-to-linalg (details)
  14. [test] Fix unused FileCheck prefixes in lldb (details)
  15. [test] Default clang/test to FileCheck --allow-unused-prefixes=false (details)
  16. [SCEV] Apply loop guards to divisibility tests (details)
  17. [test] Fix unused FileCheck prefixes in compiler-rt (details)
  18. [ORC] Clear unused materializing info entries. (details)
  19. [test] Fix unused FileCheck prefixes in clang-tidy and one llvm/test/Reduce test (details)
  20. [test] Fix unused FileCheck prefixes in test/Reduce (details)
  21. Revert "[AArch64] Homogeneous Prolog and Epilog Size Optimization" (details)
  22. [NFC][Docs] Fix RAVFrontendAction doc's CMakelists.txt for Shared build (details)
  23. [SelectionDAG] Prevent scalable vector warning from ComputeNumSignBits on extract_vector_elt on a scalable vector. (details)
  24. [mlir][Standard] Extend n-D vector lowering to LLVM to [s|z]exti ops. (details)
  25. [CSSPGO] Call site prioritized inlining for sample PGO (details)
  26. [RISCV] Replace NoX0 SDNodeXForm with a ComplexPattern to do the selection of the VL operand. (details)
  27. Added clamp i64 to i16 global isel pattern. (details)
  28. clang-format (details)
  29. Added comments. (details)
  30. Added early exit. (details)
  31. Renames (details)
  32. Refactored the pattern matching. (details)
  33. Fixed the lit tests and a bug in the implementation. (details)
  34. Reverted unintended git-format change. (details)
  35. Renamed identifiers in lit (details)
  36. Move Combiner to PreLegalize step (details)
  37. Move step to PreLegalizer (details)
  38. Fixed tests. (details)
  39. Code changes yielded from review. (details)
  40. Resolve formatting changes. (details)
  41. Updating formatting changes. (details)
  42. Formatting changes. (details)
  43. Formatting changes (details)
  44. Added and used new target pseudo for v_cvt_pk_i16_i32, changes due to code review. (details)
  45. Implemented a MED3_S32 GIR opcode. (details)
  46. Removed the generic virtual register creations. Reworked the tests. (details)
  47. Renamed med3 opcode, removed superfluous copy. (details)
  48. Added missing includes. (details)
  49. Reverted whitespace changes. (details)
  50. Fixed includes. (details)
  51. Fixed includes. (details)
  52. Removed Diff file. (details)
  53. [CSSPGO] Factor out common part for CSSPGO inline and AFDO inline (details)
  54. Fix build break from D95024 (details)
  55. [AMDGPU] Clarify calling conv about inactive lanes (details)
  56. [AMDGPU] Mark epilog restores as frame-destroy (details)
  57. [dllimport] Honor always_inline when deciding whether a dllimport function should be available for inlining (PR48925) (details)
  58. [mlir] Keep track of region signature conversions as argument replacements (details)
  59. Fold one-use variable into assert. NFCI. (details)
  60. [SVE][LoopVectorize] Add masked load/store and gather/scatter support for SVE (details)
  61. [flang][driver] Disallow non-existent input files in the frontend driver (details)
  62. [ARM] Regenerate LowOverheadLoops mir tests. NFC (details)
  63. Revert "Fix build break from D95024" (details)
  64. Revert "[CSSPGO] Factor out common part for CSSPGO inline and AFDO inline" (details)
  65. [ARM] Remove DLS lr, lr (details)
  66. [OpenCL] Change extension handling for -fdeclare-opencl-builtins (details)
  68. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor Linalg vectorization for better reuse and extensibility. (details)
  69. [X86] Fix disassembly of x86-64 GDTLS code sequence (details)
  70. [X86][AVX512] Support variable-index vector insertion on AVX512 targets (PR47924) (details)
  71. [AMDGPU][MC] Corrected parsing of optional modifiers (details)
  72. [mlir][Linalg] Fix unused variable warning in Release builds. NFC. (details)
  73. [clangd] Report only decl of overridding method in xref. (details)
  74. Revert "[test] Default clang/test to FileCheck --allow-unused-prefixes=false" (details)
  75. [mlir][Linalg] Fix and properly test CodegenStrategy API (details)
  76. [ASTMatchers] Fix matching after generic top-level matcher (details)
  77. NFC: Migrate SimpleLoopUnswitch to work on InstructionCost (details)
  78. NFC: Migrate SpeculateAroundPHIs to work on InstructionCost (details)
  79. Revert "[lldb] Use current execution context in SBDebugger" (details)
  80. [X86][SSE] LowerINSERT_VECTOR_ELT - pull out repeated EltSizeInBits calls. NFCI. (details)
  81. [ARM] Select VINS from vector inserts (details)
  82. [ASTMatchers] Add matchers for decomposition decls (details)
  83. [clang-format] Add case aware include sorting. (details)
  84. [ARM] Extra shuffle tests. NFC (details)
  85. Revert "[InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values" (details)
  86. [ASTMatchers] Ignore parts of BindingDecls which are not spelled in source (details)
  87. [clangd] Fix race in Global CDB shutdown (details)
  88. [AVR][clang] Fix a bug in AVR toolchain search paths (details)
  89. [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for  (~x) a>> y  -->  ~(x a>> y)  fold (PR48995) (details)
  90. [InstCombine] Host inversion out of ashr's value operand (PR48995) (details)
  91. [mlir] Put template specialization in the same namespace (details)
  92. [clang][PATCH][NFC] Correct test case related to review D95482 (details)
  93. [OpenCL] Add diagnostics for references to functions (details)
  94. Ensure that the matcher is instantiated (details)
  95. [ARM] Add MVE insert-of-extract pattern (details)
  96. [PowerPC] Materialize 34 bit constants with pli on Power 10. (details)
  97. [OpenMP][NFC] Adding FAQ Entry for errors with static libraries (details)
  98. [CSSPGO] Factor out common part for CSSPGO inline and AFDO inline (details)
  99. [AIX] Improve option processing for mabi=vec-extabi and mabi=vec=defaul (details)
  100. [mlir] Fix scf.for single iteration canonicalization check (details)
  101. [mlir][spirv] Define sp.VectorShuffle (details)
  102. Revert "[mlir] Fix scf.for single iteration canonicalization check" (details)
  103. [AMDGPU] Save fp/bp after csr saves (details)
  104. [AMDGPU] Remove unused tmp register (details)
  105. Fixed failing OpenCL test (details)
  106. [ARM] Mark MVE_VMOV_to_lane_32 as isInsertSubregLike (details)
  107. [ConstraintElimination] Add nicer way to dump constraints (NFC). (details)
  108. [flang][NFC] Update #include and comment. (details)
  109. [OpenMP] Fix sign comparison warnings from GCC (details)
  110. [ARM] Correct some tablegen operand types. NFC (details)
  111. [InlineFunction] Only update noalias scopes once for an instruction. (details)
  112. [ExpandReductions] add test for fmin with FMF; NFC (details)
  113. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml/llvm-readobj] Support SHF_GNU_RETAIN (details)
  114. [MC] Support SHF_GNU_RETAIN as section flag 'R' (details)
  115. [test] Add basic _Unwind_ForcedUnwind + exception tests (details)
  116. [ConstraintElimination] Add test with pointer bitcast. (details)
  117. [MC] Upgrade DWARF version to 5 upon .file 0 (details)
  118. [debugserver] Fix -Winconsistent-missing-override warnings on arm64 (details)
  119. [CSSPGO] Passing the clang driver switch -fpseudo-probe-for-profiling to the linker. (details)
  120. [ELF] Delete unused --warn-ifunc-textrel (details)
  121. [libcxx] Implement the space function for windows (details)
  122. [lld-macho][NFC] refactor relocation handling (details)
  123. [OpenMP] Fix iterations calculation for dependent counters. (details)
  124. [debugserver] Fix -Wunused-function warnings on arm64 (details)
  125. [RISCV] Use a ComplexPattern to merge isel patterns for vector load/store with GPR and FrameIndex addresses. (details)
  126. [ConstraintElimination] Fix -Wunused-function in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off build (details)
  127. [debugserver] Fix -Wsign-compare warnings on arm64 (details)
  128. [mlir][NFC] Use explicit `mlir` namespace in generated code (details)
  129. [mlir][NFC] Add missing include guards to MlirOptMain.h (details)
  130. [mlir] Allow to use constant lambda as callbacks for `TypeConverter` (details)
  131. [mlir] Print more verbose message in case of type inference error (details)
  132. [debugserver] Fix -Wmissing-field-initializers warnings on arm64 (details)
  133. [mlir] Return new Operation from `Rewriter::replaceOpWithNewOp` (details)
  134. [RISCV] Correct types in tablegen multiclasses found by D95874. (details)
  135. [RISCV] Fix incorrect RVV sdiv/udiv lowering (details)
  136. Fix CMake LLVM_TARGETS_TO_BUILD "Native" option to work with JIT (details)
  137. [mlir] Delay adding the __resume function (details)
  138. [MLIR] [CMake] Support building MLIR standalone (details)
  139. Fix namespace for MLIR Async Runtime (details)
  140. [test] Default clang/test to FileCheck --allow-unused-prefixes=false (details)
  141. [flang] Detect UBOUND() error on assumed-size array (details)
  142. [flang] Implement IEEE_SUPPORT_xxx inquiry functions (details)
  143. Ensure that InstructionCost actually implements a total ordering (details)
  144. [flang][NFC] Update #include. (details)
  145. [CSSPGO] Introducing distribution factor for pseudo probe. (details)
  146. [flang][NFC] Update the CG rewrite pass. (details)
  147. [mlir][Pattern] Create a new IRRewriter class to enable sharing code with pattern rewrites (details)
  148. Revert "Ensure that InstructionCost actually implements a total ordering" (details)
  149. [lldb] Convert assertTrue(a == b) to assertEqual(a, b) (details)
  150. Disable CFI in __get_elem to allow casting a pointer to uninitialized memory (details)
  151. Revert "Fix namespace for MLIR Async Runtime" (details)
  152. [libc++] Add new queues for specific macOS system versions (details)
  153. [libcxx] Implement the current_path function for windows (details)
  154. [libcxx] Implement the canonical function for windows (details)
  155. [ConstraintElimination] Skip pointer casts. (details)
  156. [dfsan] Clean TLS after sigaction callbacks (details)
  157. Diagnose if a SLEB128 is too large to fit in an int64_t. (details)
  158. [GWP-ASan] Add aligned allocations. (details)
  159. [GWP-ASan] Add locking around unwinder for atfork protection. (details)
  160. Revert "[GWP-ASan] Add aligned allocations." (details)
  161. [AArch64] Homogeneous Prolog and Epilog Size Optimization (details)
  162. [gn build] Port 4f58b1bd2974 (details)
  163. [test][NewPM] Pin various tests to the legacy PM (details)
  164. [flang] Add TypeAndShape::MeasureElementSizeInBytes() (details)
  165. [FileCheck] Make --allow-unused-prefixes cl::ZeroOrMore (details)
  166. [mlir][Vector] Add lowering to LLVM for vector.bitcast (details)
  167. [mlir] Fix scf.for single iteration canonicalization check (details)
  168. [libc] Add hardware implementations of ceil and ceilf for aarch64. (details)
  169. [GlobalISel] Check if branches use the same MBB in matchOptBrCondByInvertingCond (details)
  170. AMDGPU: Don't consider global pressure when bundling soft clauses (details)
  171. AMDGPU: Fix adding extra operands for i128 asm constraints (details)
  172. [lldb/test] Stop recording fundamental return types (NFC) (details)
  173. [PowerPC] [NFC] fix wording typos (details)
  174. [VFS] Fix Wreturn-type gcc warning (NFC) (details)
  175. [yaml2obj][wasm] Support numeric relocation type (details)
  176. [clang-format] Fix MSVC "unsafe use of type 'bool' in operation" warning (NFC) (details)
  177. [CSSPGO] Fix MSVC initializing truncation warning (NFC) (details)
  178. [Statepoint] Handle 'undef' operand tied to def (details)
  179. [clang-tidy] Fix crash in readability-identifier-naming check (details)
  180. [dfsan] Wrap memmove (details)
  181. [NFC] Fix typo in comment (details)
  182. [Docs] Update HowToSubmitABug (details)
  183. [RISCV] Add new vector instructions in v0.10. (details)
  184. [OpenMP] Add OpenMP offloading toolchain for AMDGPU (details)
  185. [RISCV] Load/store vector mask types. (details)
  186. [gn build] Port fcf03e728007 (details)
  187. [CodeGen] Drop unnecessary const from return types (NFC) (details)
  188. [Transforms/Utils] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  189. [AsmPrinter] Use ListSeparator (NFC) (details)
  190. [InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values (details)
  191. [libcxx] Implement the permissions function for windows (details)
  192. [libcxx] Implement the read_symlink function for windows (details)
  193. [clang-include-fixer] Pre-reserve vector size. NFC (details)
  194. [X86] Correct types in tablegen multiclasses found by D95874. (details)
  195. [VPlan][NFC] Introduce constructors for VPIteration (details)
  196. [LIBC] Add optimized memcpy routine for AArch64 (details)
  197. [AArch64][SVE]Add cost model for broadcast shuffle (details)
  198. Revert "[AMDGPU] Add a new Clamp Pattern to the GlobalISel Path." (details)
  199. [clang][AVR] Improve avr-ld command line options (details)
  200. [OpenCL] Add cl_khr_subgroup_ballot to TableGen BIFs (details)
  201. [OpenCL] Add cl_khr_subgroup_non_uniform_vote to TableGen BIFs (details)
  202. [Flang][OpenMP] Add semantic checks for invalid branches into or out of OpenMP constructs (details)
  203. [clangd] Report xref for base methods. (details)
  204. [clang][AVR][NFC] Fix a typo (details)
  205. Fix MLIR Async Runtime DLL on Windows (details)
  206. [OpenCL] Fix address space in binding of initializer lists to referencs (details)
  207. [Sema] Fix -Warray-bounds false negative when casting an out-of-bounds array item (details)
  208. [OpenCL][Docs] Fix command line flag in the example. (details)
  209. [X86][SSE] Support variable-index float/double vector insertion on SSE41+ targets (PR47924) (details)
  210. [LoopVectorize] add test for fake min/max; NFC (details)
  211. AMDGPU: Move handling of allocation of fixed ABI inputs (details)
  212. [test] Use host platform specific error message substitution in lit tests - continued (details)
  213. Revert "[ConstantFold] Fold more operations to poison" (details)
  214. [AMDGPU] Fix multiclass template parameter types. NFC. (details)
  215. [ConstraintElimination] Add some tests with conds in loop header. (details)
  216. [FPEnv][X86] Platform builtins edition: clang should get from the AST the metadata for constrained FP builtins (details)
  217. [flang] Add -fsyntax-only to f18; retain -fparse-only synonym (details)
  218. [Hexagon] Add ELF flags for Hexagon V68 (details)
  219. [dfsan] Clean TLS after signal callbacks (details)
  220. [flang][NFCI] Relpace `LoopOp` Op with `DoLoopOp` Op in FIR Dialect (details)
  221. [DWARF] Location-less inlined variables should not have DW_TAG_variable (details)
  222. [VPlan] Manage induction value creation using VPValues. (details)
  223. Revert "[DWARF] Location-less inlined variables should not have DW_TAG_variable" (details)
  224. [OpenMP] Fixed an issue that taskwait doesn't work on detachable task (details)
  225. [flang] Enable FIR types and Dialect round trip tests (details)
  226. [DAGCombiner] Remove (sra (shl X, C), C) if X has more than C sign bits. (details)
  227. [AMDGPU] Added -mcpu to couple more tests. NFC. (details)
  228. Revert "AMDGPU: Don't consider global pressure when bundling soft clauses" (details)
  229. [scudo/standalone] Use zx_system_get_page_size() on Fuchsia (details)
  230. [gwp_asan] Use zx_system_get_page_size() on Fuchsia (details)
  231. [lldb] Fix debugserver-entitlements.plist path (details)
  232. RegisterCoalescer: Prune undef subranges from copy pairs in loops (details)
  233. [lld-macho] Associate each Symbol with an InputFile (details)
  234. [lld-macho] Force-loading should share code path with regular archive loads (details)
  235. [lld-macho] Remove stray ehFrame change (details)
  236. [lld-macho] Rename VERSION CONTROL to VERSION TARGETING in helptext (details)
  237. [sanitizer_common] Use zx_system_get_page_size() on Fuchsia (details)
  238. [libc][NFC] Move generic math implementations to the generic directory. (details)
  239. [dfsan] Test IGN and DFL for sigaction (details)
  240. [dfsan] Wrap strcat (details)
  241. [flang] Fix calls to LBOUND() intrinsic for arrays with lower bounds not 1 (details)
  242. RegisterCoalescer: Fix not setting undef on coalesced subregister uses (details)
  243. Set GPU context before {cu,hip}MemHostRegister. (details)
  244. [GlobalISel] Combine narrowScalar of G_ADD and G_SUB. NFC (details)
  245. Delete CUDA context after linking device code. (details)
  246. [NFC][CUDA] Refactor registering device variable (details)
  247. [SampleFDO][NFC] Detach SampleProfileLoader from SampleCoverageTracker (details)
  248. [clang-tblgen] AnnotateAttr::printPretty has spurious comma when no variadic argument is specified (details)
  249. [Hexagon] Add LLVM instruction definitions for Hexagon V68 (details)
  250. [mlir] Add gpu async integration test. (details)
  251. Fix overflowing signed left shift, found by ubsan buildbot. (details)
  252. [asan] Fix pthread_create interceptor (details)
  253. [NewPM][HelloWorld] Move HelloWorld to Utils (details)
  254. [lld-macho] Try to fix Windows build (details)
  255. Add API for adding arguments to blocks (details)
  256. [libc++] Rationalize our treatment of contiguous iterators and __unwrap_iter(). (details)
  257. [Coverage] Propogate counter to condition of conditional operator (details)
  258. [lldb] Honor the CPU type & subtype when launching on macOS (details)
  259. [lldb] Check for both Lua 5.3 and 5.4 error messages in the tests. (details)
  260. [GlobalISel] Add sext(constant) -> constant artifact combine. (details)
  261. PR49020: Diagnose brace elision in designated initializers in C++. (details)
  262. Turn on the new pass manager by default (details)
  263. Revert "[LTOCodeGenerator] Use lto::Config for options (NFC)." (details)
  264. Revert "[LTO] Add option enable NewPM with LTOCodeGenerator." (details)
  265. Revert "[LTO] Use lto::backend for code generation." (details)
  266. PR44325 (and duplicates): don't issue -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant (details)
  267. [clang-tidy] Use new mapping matchers (details)
  268. [Docs] Add some documentation for constructor homing, a debug info optimization (-fuse-ctor-homing) (details)
  269. [libc++] [P0879] constexpr std::sort (details)
  270. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Emit G_ASSERT_ZEXT in assignValueToAddress for ZExt params (details)
  271. Revert "[InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values" (details)
  272. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Change store value type from p0 -> s64 to import patterns (details)
  273. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Pseudo probe based CS profile generation (details)
  274. [lldb] Rollback to using i386 for the watch simulator (details)
  275. [OpenMPIRBuilder] Implement collapseLoops. (details)
  276. [OpenMP][NVPTX] Take functions in `deviceRTLs` as `convergent` (details)
  277. Make the folder more robust against op fold() methods that generate a type mismatch (details)
  278. [MLIR] Fix building unittests in in-tree build (details)
  279. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Compress recursive cycles in calling context (details)
  280. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Aggregate samples on call frame trie to speed up profile generation (details)
  281. [test] Pin spir-codegen.ll to legacy PM (details)
  282. Fix the guaranteed alignment of memory returned by malloc/new on Darwin (details)
  283. [Support] Drop unnecessary const from return types (NFC) (details)
  284. [TableGen] Use ListSeparator (NFC) (details)
  285. [Transforms/IPO] Use range-based for loops (NFC) (details)
  286. [NFC][Coroutine] Remove redundant comment (details)
  287. [lldb] Convert more assertTrue to assertEqual (NFC) (details)
  288. [NFC] Fix the noprofile attribute comment (details)
  289. [ASTReader] Always rebuild a cached module that has errors (details)
  290. Revert "[CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Aggregate samples on call frame trie to speed up profile generation" (details)
  291. Revert "[CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Compress recursive cycles in calling context" (details)
  292. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Compress recursive cycles in calling context (details)
  293. [hip][cuda] Enable extended lambda support on Windows. (details)
  294. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Extract a standalone LinalgInterfaces (details)
  295. Fix miscompile when performing template instantiation of non-dependent (details)
  296. Give this test a target triple. (details)
  297. [mlir][Linalg] Generalize the definition of a Linalg contraction. (details)
  298. [Syntax] Support condition for IfStmt. (details)

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