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  1. [X86] Support -march=sapphirerapids (details)
  2. PR37556: Don't diagnose conflicts between instantiated unqualified (details)
  3. [lldb] Don't depend on psutil in (details)
  4. [SyntaxTree] Extend the syntax tree dump to also cover `NodeRole` (details)
  5. [SyntaxTree] Update `Statement` tests to dump `NodeRole` (details)
  6. [SyntaxTree] Update `Expression` tests to dump `NodeRole` (details)
  7. [SyntaxTree] Update `Declaration` tests to dump `NodeRole` (details)
  8. [SyntaxTree] Update `Modifiable` tests to dump `NodeRole` and `unmodifiable` tag (details)
  9. [Compiler-RT] Fix profiler building with MinGW GCC (details)
  10. [compiler-rt][asan][test] Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH_{32,64} on Solaris (details)
  11. [NFC][RDA] Add explicit def check (details)
  12. [InstCombine] PHI-of-insertvalues -> insertvalue-of-PHI's (details)
  13. [DSE,MemorySSA] Cache accesses with/without reachable read-clobbers. (details)
  14. [SVE] Fix TypeSize related warnings with IR truncates of scalable vectors (details)

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