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  1. [PowerPC] Fix gcc warning [NFC] (details)
  2. [libunwind] Fix warning when building without frameheader cache (details)
  3. [ARM][CGP] Fix scalar condition selects for MVE (details)
  4. [NFC][SimplifyCFG] More tests for Arm (details)
  5. [asan] Also allow for SIGBUS in high-address-dereference.c (details)
  6. Fix crypt.cpp sanitizer test on FreeBSD (details)
  7. Fix update_llc_test_checks function regex for RV64 (details)
  8. [clangd] When inserting "using", add "::" in front if that's the style. (details)
  9. [LV] consuming tripcount instead of backedge-taken count (details)
  10. [libFuzzer] Un-XFAIL msan.test on SystemZ (details)
  11. [compiler-rt][builtins] Add more test cases for __div[sdt]f3 LibCalls (details)
  12. [Utils] Add highlighting definition for byref IR attribute (details)
  13. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Apply bitcast load/store hack to pointer vectors (details)
  14. [ARM][MVE] Tail-predication: remove the BTC + 1 overflow checks (details)
  15. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix using unlegalizable values in tests (details)
  16. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Use more accurate legality rules for merge/unmerge (details)

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