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  1. GlobalISel: Add combines for extend operations (details)
  2. [flang] Improve compile-time shape conformance checking (details)
  3. [PowerPC] Implement instruction definitions/MC Tests for xvcvspbf16 and xvcvbf16spn (details)
  4. [DAGCombiner] Fold an AND of a masked load into a zext_masked_load (details)
  5. [libc++] Improve REQUIRES for _ExtInt test on recent Clangs (details)
  6. [builtins] Unify the softfloat division implementation (details)
  7. [PowerPC] Handle STRICT_FSETCC(S) in more cases (details)
  8. GlobalISel: Implement computeKnownBits for G_BSWAP and G_BITREVERSE (details)
  9. GlobalISel: Port smarter known bits for umin/umax from DAG (details)
  10. GlobalISel: Implement computeNumSignBits for G_SELECT (details)
  11. [tsan] Fix "failed to intercept sysctlnametomib" on FreeBSD (details)
  12. x87 FPU state instructions do not use an f32 memory location (details)

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