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  1. [Statepoints] Properly handle const base pointer. (details)
  2. [MLIR] Add debug support for ignored patterns (details)
  3. [lldb][doc] Mention python3-dev instead of python2.7-dev in build docs (details)
  4. [Ignore Expressions] Fix performance regression by inlining `Ignore*SingleStep` (details)
  5. [gn build] Port c0e5e3fbfa5 (details)
  6. [MLIR][Standard] Update `tensor_from_elements` assembly format (details)
  7. [MLIR][Shape] Lower `shape_of` to `dynamic_tensor_from_elements` (details)
  8. [lldb] Don't infinite loop in SemaSourceWithPriorities::CompleteType when trying to complete a forward decl (details)
  9. [EarlyCSE] Explicitly require AAResultsWrapperPass. (details)
  10. [lldb] Fix a crash when the ASTImporter is giving us two Imported callbacks for the same target decl (details)
  11. [Test] Add failing test for pr47457 (details)
  12. [lldb] Enable std::pair in CxxModuleHandler (details)
  13. [mlir] Added support for loops to BufferPlacement transformation. (details)

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