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  1. Reapply: [clang-cl] Always interpret the LIB env var as separated with semicolons (details)
  2. [AArch64] Fix return type of Neon scalar comparison intrinsics (details)
  3. [ARM] VPT validForTailPredication (details)
  4. [ARM] Remove MVEDomain from VLDR/STR of P0 (details)
  5. [MLIR] Add subf and rsqrt EDSC intrinsics (details)
  6. [mlir][Linalg] Uniformize linalg.generic with named ops. (details)
  7. [llvm-readobj/elf] - Stop reporting invalid extended indexes in warnings for unnamed section symbols. (details)
  8. [SyntaxTree][Synthesis] Fix: `deepCopy` -> `deepCopyExpandingMacros`. (details)

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