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  1. [InstCombine] Add 'partial' bswap tests from PR39793 (details)
  2. Fix some of the more egregious 80-col and whitespace issues; NFC (details)
  3. [InstCombine] Add some extra bswap tests from PR39793 (details)
  4. [PowerPC][NFC] Merged two switch entries. (details)
  5. [SCEV] Swap operands if LHS is not unknown. (details)
  6. [AIX] Try to not use LLVM tools while building runtimes (details)
  7. [SVE] Lower fixed length VECREDUCE_[SMAX|SMIN] to Scalable (details)
  8. [SVE] Revert accidental change from 405e22fbe8719cff6c40eec15c2044f42527f116 (details)
  9. Add a verifier check that rejects non-distinct DISubprogram function (details)
  10. [NFC] Fix minor typos in comments and reuse concreteOp. (details)
  11. [NFC] Fix syntax of ranked memrefs in the MLIR Language Reference. (details)
  12. [libc++][ci] Don't require passing --token to phabricator-report (details)
  13. [CMake] Make sure _cmake_system_name has a default (details)
  14. [SystemZ] Optimize bcmp calls (PR47420) (details)
  15. [SCEV] Add support for `x == constant` to CollectCondition. (details)
  16. [NFC] Fix build warnings (details)

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