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  1. Fix warning caused by ReductionTreePass class (details)
  2. [MachO] Add skeletal support for DriverKit platform (details)
  3. [lld-macho] Emit load command LC_BUILD_VERSION (details)
  4. [libc] Add restrict qualifiers to string library; give consistent naming scheme to TableGen files. (details)
  5. [StackSafety] Use ValueInfo in ParamAccess::Call (details)
  6. [libcxx/variant] Introduce `switch`-based mechanism for `std::visit`. (details)
  7. Split Preprocessor/init.c test (details)
  8. [x86] add tests for store merging (PR46662); NFC (details)
  9. [AIX] Generate unique module id based on Pid and timestamp (details)
  10. [MSAN] Reintroduce libatomic load/store instrumentation (details)
  11. [docs] Add missing semicolon to example. (details)
  12. [MSAN] Convert ActualFnStart to be a particular Instruction *, not BB (details)
  13. [TableGen] Allow mnemonics with uppercase letters to be matched (details)
  14. [SLC] sprintf(dst, "%s", str) -> strcpy(dst, str) (details)
  15. Temporarily revert "[SCEVExpander] Add helper to clean up instrs inserted while expanding." (details)

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