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Success Build #17534 (Aug 7, 2020 10:07:07 PM)

  1. [SelectionDAG][SVE] Support scalable vectors in getConstantFP() (details)
  2. [Hexagon] Use InstSimplify instead of ConstantProp (details)
  3. Teach SROA to handle allocas with more than one dbg.declare. (details)
  4. [RDF] Lower the sorting complexity in RDFLiveness::getAllReachingDefs (details)
  5. [RDF] Cache register aliases in PhysicalRegisterInfo (details)
  6. [RDF] Really remove remaining uses of PhysicalRegisterInfo::normalize (details)
  7. BPF: simplify IR generation for __builtin_btf_type_id() (details)
  8. [RDF] Use hash-based containers, cache extra information (details)
  9. [RDF] Add operator<<(raw_ostream&, RegisterAggr), NFC (details)
  10. Fix debugserver's qProcessInfo reporting of maccatalyst binaries (details)
  11. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: add tests for negation of left-shift by constant (details)
  12. [NFC][InstCombine] Fix value names (s/%tmp/%i/) and autogenerate a few tests being affected by negator change (details)
  13. [InstCombine] Negator: -(X << C)  -->  X * (-1 << C) (details)
  14. Revert "[InstCombine] Negator: -(X << C)  -->  X * (-1 << C)" (details)
  15. [llvm] Expose type and element count-related APIs on TensorSpec (details)
  16. [StackSafety,NFC] Add combined index test (details)
  17. [lldb/testsuite] Skip 'frame diagnose' tests based on architecture (details)
  18. [X86] Optimize getImpliedDisabledFeatures & getImpliedEnabledFeatures after D83273 (details)
  19. PR46997: don't run clang-format on clang's testcases. (details)
  20. [StackSafety,NFC] Add combined index test (details)
  21. [llvm-cov] reset executation count to 0 after wrapped segment (details)
  22. GlobalISel: Move load/store lowering to separate functions (details)
  23. GlobalISel: Fix redundant variable and shadowing (details)
  24. GlobalISel: Simplify code (details)
  25. GlobalISel: Use buildAnyExtOrTrunc (details)
  26. DomTree: Make PostDomTree immune to block successors swap (details)
  27. [BPI][NFC] Unify handling of normal and SCC based loops (details)
  28. Revert "DomTree: Make PostDomTree immune to block successors swap" (details)
  29. [JumpThreading] Add a test for D85023; NFC (details)
  30. [JumpThreading] Consider freeze as a zero-cost instruction (details)
  31. [llvm-rc] Allow string table values split into multiple string literals (details)
  32. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Updated documentation for SPIR-V to LLVM conversion (details)
  33. DomTree: Make PostDomTree indifferent to block successors swap (details)
  34. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion pattern for loop op (details)
  35. [SyntaxTree] Add test coverage for `->*` operator (details)
  36. [lldb] fix building with panel.h being in /usr/include/ncurses/ (details)
  37. [lldb][gui] implement TerminalSizeChanged() (details)
  38. [lldb][gui] implement shift+tab for going back in views (details)
  39. [lldb][gui] implement breakpoint removal on breakpoint toggling (details)
  40. [lldb][gui] move to lldb/test and update it (details)
  41. [lldb][gui] add a test for 'b' (toggle breakpoint) (details)
  42. [Flang] Fix multi-config generator builds (details)
  43. [AMDGPU] Lower frem f16 (details)
  44. [AMDGPU] Precommit tests for D84518 Propagate fast math flags in frem lowering (details)
  45. [AMDGPU] Propagate fast math flags in frem lowering (details)
  46. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Updated LLVM types in the documentation (details)
  47. [AArch64][SVE] Disable tail calls if callee does not preserve SVE regs. (details)
  48. Do not map read-only data memory sections with EXECUTE flags. (details)
  49. [lldb/TestingSupport] Manually disable GTEST_HAS_TR1_TUPLE (details)
  50. [lldb] Use PyUnicode_GetLength instead of PyUnicode_GetSize (details)
  51. [lldb] Suppress MSVC warning C4065 (details)
  52. [compiler-rt] Normalize some in/out doxygen parameter in interface (details)
  53. [MLIR][Shape] Expose extent tensor type builder (details)
  54. [lldb] temporary commit to see why a test is failing only on lldb-aarch64-ubuntu (details)
  55. Revert "[lldb] temporary commit to see why a test is failing only on lldb-aarch64-ubuntu" (details)
  56. [docs] Document pattern of using CHECK-SAME to skip irrelevant lines (details)
  57. [llvm-symbolizer] Add legacy aliases -demangle=true and -demangle=false. (details)
  58. [llvm-readobj/elf] - Add a testing for --stackmap and refine the implementation. (details)
  59. [mlir] Lower RankOp to LLVM for unranked memrefs. (details)
  60. [mlir] Conversion of ViewOp with memory space to LLVM. (details)
  61. [lldb] expect failure on aarch64 (details)
  62. [DAG] Fold vector (aext (load x)) -> (zext (truncate (zextload x))) (details)
  63. [SVE] Add lowering for fixed length vector and, or & xor operations. (details)
  64. Revert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib" (details)
  65. [X86][AVX] Add test showing unnecessary duplicate HADD instructions (details)
  66. CallLowering.h - remove unnecessary CCState forward declaration. NFCI. (details)
  67. GISelWorkList.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  68. Support member expressions in bugprone-bool-pointer-implicit-conversion. (details)
  69. [obj2yaml] Add support for dumping the .debug_aranges section. (details)
  70. [mlir] Fix convert-to-llvmir.mlir test broken due to syntax change (details)
  71. DWARFVerifier.h - remove unnecessary forward declarations and includes. NFCI. (details)
  72. [ARM][CostModel] Implement getCFInstrCost (details)
  73. [CUDA][HIP] Support accessing static device variable in host code for -fno-gpu-rdc (details)
  74. [mlir] Remove LLVMTypeTestDialect (details)
  75. [clang][NFC] Remove spurious +x flag on DeclTemplate.cpp and DeclTemplate.h (details)
  76. [clang][NFC] Add a test showcasing an unnamed template parameter in a diagnostic (details)
  77. [clang][NFC] Remove an old workaround for MSVC 2013 (details)
  78. [clang][NFC] Document NamedDecl::printName (details)
  79. [clang][nearly-NFC] Remove some superfluous uses of NamedDecl::getNameAsString (details)
  80. [clang][NFCI] Get rid of ConstantMatrixTypeBitfields to avoid increasing the size of every type. (details)
  81. [clang][NFC] DeclPrinter: use NamedDecl::getDeclName instead of NamedDecl::printName to print the name of enumerations, namespaces and template parameters. (details)
  82. [gn build] (manually) merge 3ab01550b (details)
  83. Recommit "[InstCombine] Negator: -(X << C)  -->  X * (-1 << C)" (details)
  84. [mlir] Initial version of C APIs (details)
  85. [clang] Add -fno-delayed-template-parsing to the added unit tests in DeclPrinterTest.cpp (details)
  86. [Statepoints] Operand folding in presense of tied registers. (details)
  87. [OpenMP] Fix `present` for exit from `omp target data` (details)
  88. [OpenMP][Docs] Add map clause reordering status as unclaimed (details)
  89. [OpenMP][Docs] Mark `present` map type modifier as done (details)
  90. [OpenMP] Fix `omp target update` for array extension (details)
  91. [llvm-readobj] - Make decode_relrs() don't return Expected<>. NFCI. (details)
  92. [X86][AVX] Fold CONCAT(HOP(X,Y),HOP(Z,W)) -> HOP(CONCAT(X,Z),CONCAT(Y,W)) for integer types (details)
  93. [X86] isHorizontalBinOp - only update LHS/RHS references on success (details)
  94. [libc] Add isspace, isprint, isxdigit implementations. (details)
  95. [libc] [obvious] Add ctype functions to linux api. (details)
  96. Bump forgotten version nbr in llvm/docs/ (details)
  97. [clangd] Fix a crash in DefineInline (details)
  98. [InstSimplify] reduce code duplication in simplifyICmpWithMinMax(); NFC (details)
  99. MachO: support `-syslibroot` (details)
  100. [JITLink][AArch64] Improve debug output for addend relocations. (details)
  101. [JITLink][AArch64] Handle addends on PAGE21 / PAGEOFF12 relocations. (details)
  102. Add libFuzzer shared object build output (details)
  103. [ELF] --oformat=binary: use LMA to compute file offsets (details)
  104. [ELF] --icf: don't fold text sections with LSDA (details)
  105. [ELF] Allow sections after a non-SHF_ALLOC section to be covered by PT_LOAD (details)
  106. [mlir] Fix rank bitwidth in UnrankedMemRefType conversion. (details)
  107. [MLIR][NFC] Fix clang-tidy warnings in std to llvm conversion (details)
  108. [InstSimplify] add tests for icmp with 'mul nuw' operand; NFC (details)
  109. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for negation of `add` w/ single negatible operand (details)
  110. [InstCombine] Negator: 0 - (X + Y)  -->  (-X) - Y  iff a single operand negated (details)
  111. Remove special Hexagon packet traversal code (details)
  112. [lldb] Make SBTarget::LaunchSimple start form the target's LaunchInfo (details)
  113. [lldb] Add an option to inherit TCC permissions from parent. (details)
  114. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: include all the needed headers, IWYU (details)
  115. [LoopVectorizer] Inloop vector reductions (details)
  116. [ASan][Darwin] Adapt test for macOS 11+ version scheme (details)
  117. [lldb/test] Replace LLDB_TEST_SRC env variable with configuration (details)
  118. [TFUtils] Expose untyped accessor to evaluation result tensors (details)
  119. Revert "[LoopVectorizer] Inloop vector reductions" (details)
  120. [X86][SSE] Fold 128-bit PACK(EXTEND(X),EXTEND(Y)) -> CONCAT(X,Y) subvectors (details)
  121. [msan] Remove readnone and friends from call sites. (details)
  122. [LIBOMPTARGET]Fix order of mapper data for targetDataEnd function. (details)
  123. Fix _ExtInt(1) to be a i1 in memory. (details)
  124. [clangd] Hide "swap if branch" tweak (details)
  125. Remove Olesen from LLVM code owners (details)
  126. [MLIR][LinAlg] Use AnyTypeOf for LinalgOperand for better error msg. (details)
  127. [libFuzzer] Do not link pthreads on Android. (details)
  128. [mlir][nfc] Rename `promoteMemRefDescriptors` to `promoteOperands`. (details)
  129. [flang][NFC] Unify OpenMP and OpenACC structure checker (details)
  130. [clang-format] fix BreakBeforeBraces.MultiLine with for each macros (details)
  131. [InstSimplify] add vector tests for icmp with mul nuw; NFC (details)
  132. [InstSimplify] fold icmp with mul nuw and constant operands (details)
  133. [lldb/test] Use realpath consistently for test root file paths. (details)
  134. [InstSimplify] fold icmp with mul nsw and constant operands (details)
  135. AMDGPU: Fix verifier error with undef source producing s_bitset* (details)
  136. AMDGPU: Remove leftover test (details)
  137. [spirv] Fix bitwidth emulation for Workgroup storage class (details)
  138. AMDGPU: Refactor buffer atomic intrinsic lowering (details)
  139. [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for negation of old-style [n]abs, select-of-op-vs-negation-of-op (details)
  140. [InstCombine] Negator: -(cond ? x : -x)  -->  cond ? -x : x (details)
  141. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Use spv.UMod for index re-calculation (details)
  142. [clangd] Disable define out-of-line code action on templates (details)
  143. Revert "Add libFuzzer shared object build output" (details)
  144. [clangd][NFC] Delete dead code in ExtractFunction code action (details)
  145. AMDGPU: Eliminate BUFFER_ATOMIC_PK_ADD_F16 node (details)
  146. [Driver] Accept -fno-lto in clang-cl (details)
  147. [NewPM][LoopRotate] Rename rotate -> loop-rotate (details)
  148. [AMDGPU] gfx1031 target (details)
  149. [AMDGPU] Added missing gfx1031 cases to CGOpenMPRuntimeGPU.cpp (details)
  150. AMDGPU: Correct prolog SP initialization logic (details)
  151. [CUDA] Work around a bug in rint/nearbyint caused by a broken implementation provided by CUDA. (details)
  152. [lldb/test] Support git commit version ids for clang. (details)
  153. [Propeller]: Use a descriptive temporary symbol name for the end of the basic block. (details)
  154. [AMDGPU] Scavenge temp reg for AGPR spill (details)
  155. [libomptarget][NFC] Replace `%ld` with PRId64 for data of type int64_t. (details)
  156. [libc] Add strspn implementation and std::bitset (details)
  157. [OpenMP] Fix `present` diagnostic for array extension (details)
  158. [OpenMP] Fix `target data` exit for array extension (details)
  159. [WebAssembly] Fix types in wasm_simd128.h and add tests (details)
  160. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp with mul nsw/nuw; NFC (details)
  161. [InstCombine] fold icmp with 'mul nsw/nuw' and constant operands (details)
  162. CFG: Destroy temporaries in (a,b) expression in the correct order. (details)
  163. [lldb] Modify the `skipIfRemote` decorator so we can skip all PExpect tests. (details)
  164. [lldb] Skip TestProcessConnect when running remotely (details)
  165. Add verification for DW_AT_decl_file and DW_AT_call_file. (details)
  166. [mlir] use the new stateful LLVM type translator by default (details)
  167. [lldb] Skip test_launch_simple on Windows (details)
  168. [X86] Add test case for PR47000. NFC (details)
  169. [X86] Disable copy elision in LowerMemArgument for scalarized vectors when the loc VT is a different size than the original element. (details)
  170. [MSSA][NewPM] Handle tests with -print-memoryssa (details)
  171. [X86] Rename mod128.ll to divmod128.ll and add test cases for sdiv/udiv/urem. (details)
  172. [CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib (details)
  173. [ELF] Allow SHF_LINK_ORDER sections to have sh_link=0 (details)
  174. [Analyzer][WebKit] UncountedLambdaCaptureChecker (details)
  175. [ELF][test] Add REQUIES: x86 and -triple=x86_64 to linkorder-mixed.s (details)
  176. [ELF] Fix type of ciesWithLSDA after D84610 (details)
  177. [gn build] Port 820e8d8656e (details)
  178. [mlir] [VectorOps] Add masked load/store operations to Vector dialect (details)
  179. [MSSA] Update test with more detailed and resilient checks. [NFC] (details)
  180. [lld-macho] Fix errant search and replace. NFC (details)
  181. [ELF][test] Add another -triple=x86_64 to linkorder-mixed.s (details)
  182. [JumpThreading] Add a test that duplicates insts of a basic block with cond br to preds; NFC (details)
  183. [JumpThreading] Allow duplicating a basic block into preds when its branch condition is freeze(phi) (details)
  184. [flang] Fix compilation warning in check-directive-structure.h (details)
  185. [lldb] Make UBSan tests remote ready (details)
  186. [AMDGPU] add buffer_atomic_swap for float (details)
  187. [NewPM][opt] Add more codegen passes (details)
  188. AMDGPU: Remove ATOMIC_PK_FADD (details)
  189. "|" used when "||" was meant in SBTarget::FindFunctions (details)
  190. GetPath() returns a std::string temporary.  You can't reference just the c_str. (details)
  191. [CMake] Print the autodetected host linker version (details)
  192. [lldb] Fix bug in skipIfRosetta decorator (details)
  193. [JITLink][MachO][AArch64] More PAGEOFF12 relocation fixes. (details)
  194. [lldb] Remove pointless assign to found_suffix (NFC) (details)
  195. Fix typo in test. Thanks to Andrew Ng for spotting this! (details)
  196. [X86] Remove incomplete custom handling of i128 sdivrem/udivrem on Windows. (details)
  197. [Coroutines] Use  to collect lifetime marker of  in CoroFrame Differential Revision: (details)
  198. [ARM, AArch64] Fix a comment typo. NFC. (details)
  199. [AArch64] [Windows] Error out on unsupported symbol locations (details)
  200. [lldb][gui] truncate long lines/names if needed (details)
  201. [lldb][gui] use syntax highlighting also in gui mode (details)
  202. [lldb][gui] use names for color pairs, instead of magic numbers (details)
  203. [X86] Rename X86::getImpliedFeatures to X86::updateImpliedFeatures and pass clang's StringMap directly to it. (details)
  204. [clang-tidy] Fix bugprone-bad-signal-to-kill-thread crash when `SIGTERM` was undefined after definition. (details)
  205. [clang-tidy] Fix bugprone-bad-signal-to-kill-thread crash when `SIGTERM` is not a literal. (details)
  206. [] Add test for D84511 (details)
  207. Fix qsort() interceptor for FreeBSD (details)
  208. [lit] Remove ANSI control characters from xunit output (details)
  209. [compiler-rt] Fix build of Sanitizer-Test_Nolibc after D80648 (details)
  210. [DWARFYAML][debug_info] Pull out dwarf::FormParams from DWARFYAML::Unit. (details)
  211. [clang][Driver] Don't hardcode --as-needed/--no-as-needed on Illumos (details)
  212. [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for comparisons between x and negation of x (PR39480) (details)
  213. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) s> x  --> x s< 0  (PR39480) (details)
  214. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) ==/!= x  --> x ==/!= 0  (PR39480) (details)
  215. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) s>= x  --> x s<= 0  (PR39480) (details)
  216. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) s< x  --> x s> 0  (PR39480) (details)
  217. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) s<= x  --> x s>= 0  (PR39480) (details)
  218. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) u> x  --> x s> 0  (PR39480) (details)
  219. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) u>= x  --> x s>= 0  (PR39480) (details)
  220. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) u< x  --> x s< 0  (PR39480) (details)
  221. [InstCombine] (-NSW x) u<= x  --> x s<=0  (PR39480) (details)
  222. [NFC][InstCombine] Refactor '(-NSW x) pred x' fold (details)
  223. [lldb] Fix LLDB compilation with ncurses 6.2 due to wattr_set/get being a macro (details)
  224. [mlir] Remove most uses of LLVMDialect::getModule (details)
  225. [mlir] take MLIRContext instead of LLVMDialect in getters of LLVMType's (details)
  226. [LoopVectorizer] Inloop vector reductions (details)
  227. [InstCombine] Add tests for D84948; NFC (details)
  228. [InstCombine] Fold freeze(undef) into a proper constant (details)
  229. [flang] Add parser support for OpenMP allocate clause (details)
  230. [mlir] Lower DimOp to LLVM for unranked memrefs. (details)
  231. [dsymutil] Disable dsymutil/X86/reproducer.test on windows. (details)
  232. [analyzer][tests] Understand when diagnostics change between builds (details)
  233. [MLIR] Change GpuLaunchFuncToGpuRuntimeCallsPass to wrap a RewritePattern with the same functionality. (details)
  234. [SVE] Implement lowering for fixed length vector multiplication. (details)
  235. [mlir][Linalg] Introduce canonicalization to remove dead LinalgOps (details)
  236. [SVE] Lower scalable vector mul operations. (details)
  237. [X86][SSE] Expose all memory offsets in expand load tests (details)
  238. PDBExtras.h - remove unnecessary raw_ostream forward declaration. NFCI. (details)
  239. [X86] getX86MaskVec - replace mask limit from NumElts < 8 with NumElts <= 4 (details)
  240. Fix include sorting order. NFC (details)
  241. Revert "[ELF] Allow sections after a non-SHF_ALLOC section to be covered by PT_LOAD" (details)
  242. BitstreamRemarkParser.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  243. [ABI][NFC] Fix the confusion of ByVal and ByRef argument names (details)
  244. [GlobalISel][InlineAsm] Fix matching input constraint to physreg (details)
  245. [LLDB] Skip test_launch_simple from on Arm/AArch64 Linux (details)
  246. [lldb][AArch64] Correct compile options for Neon corefile (details)
  247. [obj2yaml] Test dumping an empty .debug_aranges section. (details)
  248. [DWARFYAML][debug_info] Make the 'Values' field optional. (details)
  249. [DOCS] Add more detail to stack protector documentation (details)
  250. [mlir][Vector] NFC - Use matchAndRewrite in ContractionOp lowering patterns (details)
  251. Revert "PDBExtras.h - remove unnecessary raw_ostream forward declaration. NFCI." (details)
  252. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix assert on copy to vcc (details)
  253. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Make s16 phi legal (details)
  254. [flang] Add options to control IMPLICIT NONE (details)
  255. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Implement LLT version of allowsMisalignedMemoryAccesses (details)
  256. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Stop using G_EXTRACT in argument lowering (details)
  257. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix trying to widen <3 x s1> boolean ops (details)
  258. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Implement expansion for rsq.clamp (details)
  259. [XCOFF][AIX] Put each jump table in an independent section if -ffunction-sections is specified (details)
  260. AMDGPU: Fix code duplication between the selectors (details)
  261. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Move frame index selection to patterns (details)
  262. [PatternMatch] allow intrinsic form of min/max with existing matchers (details)
  263. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Try to promote to use packed saturating add/sub (details)
  264. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle llvm.amdgcn.ds.{fadd|fmin|fmax} (details)
  265. [ELF] Allow sections after a non-SHF_ALLOC section to be covered by PT_LOAD (details)
  266. PDBExtras.h - remove unnecessary raw_ostream forward declaration. NFCI. (details)
  267. [InstCombine] Add tests for mul(sub(x,y),negpow2) -> mul(sub(y,x),pow2) fold (details)
  268. [lldb][NFC] Document and encapsulate OriginMap in ASTContextMetadata (details)
  269. [OpenMP] Fix ref count dec for implicit map of partial data (details)
  270. [llvm][MLInliner] Don't log 'mandatory' events (details)
  271. [InstCombine] Add tests for mul(add(x,c),negpow2) -> mul(sub(-c,x),pow2) fold (details)
  272. [OPENMP]Redesign of OMPExecutableDirective/OMPDeclarativeDirective representation. (details)
  273. [OPENMP]Fix for Windows buildbots, NFC. (details)
  274. GlobalISel: Define InvalidRegBankID enum value (details)
  275. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Start trying to handle AGPR bank (details)
  276. AMDGPU: Fix spilling of 96-bit AGPRs (details)
  277. [NFC]{MLInliner] Point out the tests' model dependencies (details)
  278. [SLP][X86] Regenerate sdiv test noticed in D83779. NFC. (details)
  279. AArch64/GlobalISel: Fix verifier error after selecting returnaddress (details)
  280. Remove unused variable "saved_opts". (details)
  281. AMDGPU: Define raw/struct variants of buffer atomic fadd (details)
  282. [NewPM] Pin -assumption-cache-tracker tests to legacy PM (details)
  283. [lldb/testsuite] Change get_debugserver_exe to support Rosetta (details)
  284. [HIP] Ignore invalid ar linker options (details)
  285. [NewPM][LoopUnswitch] Pin loop-unswitch to legacy PM or use simple-loop-unswitch (details)
  286. GlobalISel: Implement fewerElementsVector for G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  287. [AMDGPU][CostModel] Add f16, f64 and contract cases to fused costs estimation. (details)
  288. [clangd] Fix crash in bugprone-bad-signal-to-kill-thread clang-tidy check. (details)
  289. [lldb] Use target.GetLaunchInfo() instead of creating an empty one. (details)
  290. [mlir][SPIR-V] Fix wrongly placed Rationale section. (details)
  291. Add freeze keyword to IR emacs mode (details)
  292. Fix CFI issues in <future> (details)
  293. [SLP] Fix order of `insertelement`/`insertvalue` seed operands (details)
  294. [libc] Add tolower, toupper implementation. (details)
  295. Correctly detect legacy iOS simulator Mach-O objectfiles (details)
  296. [VectorCombine] add tests for load+insert; NFC (details)
  297. clang: Use byref for aggregate kernel arguments (details)
  298. [LLDB] Skip test_launch_simple from when remote (details)
  299. [InstSimplify] avoid crashing by trying to rem-by-zero (details)
  300. Add missing override to Makefile (details)
  301. [NFC] Rename BBSectionsPrepare -> BasicBlockSections. (details)
  302. BPF: add a SimplifyCFG IR pass during generic Scalar/IPO optimization (details)
  303. [X86] Make getX86TargetCPU return std::string instead of const char *. Remove call to MakeArgString. NFCI (details)
  304. [X86] Optimize out a few extra strlen calls in getX86TargetCPU. NFCI (details)
  305. [LegalTypes] Move VSELECT node creation out of WidenVSELECTAndMask and push to 2 of the 3 callers. (details)
  306. Add -Wtautological-value-range-compare warning. (details)
  307. Unify the code that updates the ArchSpec after finding a fat binary (details)
  308. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for  x s/EXACT (-1 << y)  pattern (details)
  309. [NFC][InstCombine] Better tests for  x s/EXACT (1 << y)  pattern (details)
  310. [InstCombine] Generalize  sdiv exact X, 1<<C  -->  ashr exact X, C  fold to handle non-splat vectors (details)
  311. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: add a comment about negating exact arithmentic shift (details)
  312. [InstCombine] Fold  sdiv exact X, -1<<C  -->  -(ashr exact X, C) (details)
  313. [NFC][InstCombine] Add some more tests for negation sinking into mul (details)
  314. [InstCombine] Generalize  %x * (-1<<C)  -->  (-%x) * (1<<C)  fold (details)
  315. [InstCombine] Fold  (x + C1) * (-1<<C2)  -->  (-C1 - x) * (1<<C2) (details)
  316. [flang][msvc] Do not use gcc/clang command line options for msvc. (details)
  317. [msan] Support %ms in scanf. (details)
  318. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Enable s_{and|or}n2_{b32|b64} patterns (details)
  319. [AMDGPU] Correct missing sram-ecc target feature for gfx906 (details)
  320. BPF: fix build failure (details)
  321. [ELF] Change tombstone values to (.debug_ranges/.debug_loc) 1 and (other .debug_*) 0 (details)
  322. [NewPM][GuardWidening] Fix loop guard widening tests under NPM (details)
  323. [gn build] mac: use frameworks instead of libs where appropriate (details)
  324. GlobalISel: Implement lower for G_INSERT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  325. Factor out common code from the iPhone/AppleTV/WatchOS simulator platform plugins. (NFC) (details)
  326. [GlobalISel] Fix computing known bits for loads with range metadata (details)
  327. PR30738: Implement two-phase name lookup for fold-expressions. (details)
  328. [VE] Optimize trunc related instructions (details)
  329. fix doc typo to cycle bots (details)
  330. [clangd] Semantic highlighting for dependent template name in template argument (details)
  331. [NewPM] Add callback for skipped passes (details)
  332. [LTO,NFC] Skip generateParamAccessSummary when empty (details)
  333. Disable clang-tidy test that started failing after clang commit ed5a18f. (details)
  334. Reinstate check that we don't crash. (details)
  335. [StackSafety] Skip ambiguous lifetime analysis (details)
  336. [polly] Unbreak buildbot. (details)
  337. [LLParser,NFC] Simplify forward GV refs update (details)
  338. [StackSafety,NFC] Use CHECK-EMPTY in tests (details)
  339. [StackSafety,NFC] Add debug counters (details)
  340. [StackSafety,NFC] Sort llvm-lto2 resolutions in tests (details)
  341. [StackSafety,NFC] Add more tests (details)
  342. [Attributor] Check violation of returned position nonnull and noundef attribute in AAUndefinedBehavior (details)
  343. [flang] Improve message for assignment to subprogram (details)
  344. [StackSafety,NFC] Fix tests in debug (details)
  345. [AArch64][NFC] require aarch64 support for hwasan test (details)
  346. [Polly] Support linking ScopPassManager against LLVM dylib (details)
  347. [Scheduling] Create the missing dependency edges for store cluster (details)
  348. [PowerPC] Support constrained fp operation for setcc (details)
  349. [PowerPC] Implement Vector Extract Low/High Order Builtins in LLVM/Clang (details)
  350. [LLDB] Mark test_launch_simple as a no-debug-info test (details)
  351. [SVE][CodeGen] Fix bug with store of unpacked FP scalable vectors (details)
  352. [NFC] Add the stats for load/store cluster (details)
  353. [clangd] Highlight structured bindings at local scope as LocalVariable (details)
  354. [Test] Add one more test on IndVars that was failing on one of older builds (details)
  355. Revert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib" (details)
  356. [clang, test, Darwin] Fix tests expecting Darwin target (details)
  357. [Attributor] AAPotentialValues Interface (details)
  358. [SyntaxTree][NFC] remove redundant namespace-specifiers (details)
  359. [DebugInfo] Clean up DIEUnit. NFC. (details)
  360. [DebugInfo] Remove DwarfUnit::getDwarfVersion(). NFC. (details)
  361. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Fix the missing type when rebuilding RecoveryExpr in TreeTransform. (details)
  362. [VE] Remove obsoleted getVEAsmModeForCPU function (details)
  363. [VE] Change to expand multiply related instructions (details)
  364. [NFC] Replace hasName in loop for hasAnyName (details)
  365. [clangd] Include the underlying decls in go-to-definition. (details)
  366. [AArch64] Disable waitid.cpp test for AArch64 (details)
  367. [Test] Added test showing missing range check elimination opportunity in IndVars (details)
  368. [mlir][Vector] Add 2-D vector contract lowering to ReduceOp (details)
  369. [NFC][Test] Format the test with script (details)
  370. [SLP][X86] Add abs/smax/smin/umax/umin intrinsic vectorization tests (details)
  371. Remove unreachable return (PR47026) (details)
  372. [Sema][BFloat] Forbid arithmetic on vectors of bfloat. (details)
  373. Remove unreachable return (PR47028) (details)
  374. [SLP][X86] Add smax intrinsic reduction tests (details)
  375. Remove duplicate/unreachable break (PR47029) (details)
  376. Remove unreachable break. NFC (details)
  377. [DAG] GetDemandedBits - remove custom AND handling. (details)
  378. [mlir] take LLVMContext in MLIR-to-LLVM-IR translation (details)
  379. [mlir] do not require LLVMDialect in conversion from LLVM IR (details)
  380. [mlir] Remove llvm::LLVMContext and llvm::Module from mlir::LLVMDialectImpl (details)
  381. BEGIN_PUBLIC (details)
  382. [macho2yaml] Remove unused functions. NFC. (details)
  383. [Sema] Add casting check for fixed to fixed point conversions (details)
  384. [clangd] Fix a typo, NFC. (details)
  385. [LangRef] Minor fixes to intrinsic headers and descriptions. NFC. (details)
  386. [Intrinsic] Add sshl.sat/ushl.sat, saturated shift intrinsics. (details)
  387. [Fixed Point] Add fixed-point shift operations and consteval. (details)
  388. [NFC][GVN] Fix "avaliable" typos (details)
  389. [PowerPC] Add compatibility check for PPC PLT stubs (details)
  390. [OPENMP]Simplify representation for atomic, critical, master and section (details)
  391. [PowerPC][PCRelative] Set TLS unsupported with PC relative memops (details)
  392. Revisit Dialect registration: require and store a TypeID on dialects (details)
  393. [PowerPC] Add Vector Extract/Expand/Count with Mask, Move to VSR Mask Instruction Definitions and MC Tests (details)
  394. [ARM] Extra reduction plus tailpredication tests. NFC (details)
  395. [mlir] [VectorOps] Improve lowering of extract_strided_slice (and friends like shape_cast) (details)
  396. [NFC] Add utility to sum/merge stats files (details)
  397. [flang] Remove extra CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in Lower and Optimizer (details)
  398. [analyzer] pr47030: MoveChecker: Unforget a comma in the suppression list. (details)
  399. Make clang HIP headers compatible with C++98 (details)
  400. Revert "Reland D64327 [MC][ELF] Allow STT_SECTION referencing SHF_MERGE on REL targets" (details)
  401. [NewPM] Only verify loop for nonskipped user loop pass (details)
  402. [NewPM][CodeGen] Introduce machine pass and machine pass manager (details)
  403. [lld-macho] Ensure .tbss sections are also considered as ZeroFilled (details)
  404. [lld-macho] Support static linking of thread-locals (details)
  405. [lld-macho] Add .tbd support for frameworks (details)
  406. [SyntaxTree] Use simplified grammar rule for `NestedNameSpecifier` grammar nodes (details)
  407. [Clang] Add note for bad conversion when expression is pointer to forward-declared type (details)
  408. [lldb] Store the Apple SDK in dotest's configuration. (details)
  409. [AMDGPU] Fix not rescheduling without clustering (details)
  410. [NFC] Use value initializer for OVERLAPPED (details)
  411. [gn build] Port 911565d1085 (details)
  412. [PPC] Rename bool-ret-to-int -> ppc-bool-ret-to-int (details)
  413. [mlir] Introduce AffineMinSCF folding as a pattern (details)
  414. Reduce dropTriviallyDeadConstantArrays cumulative time percentage from 17% to 4% (details)
  415. [mlir][SCF] Add utility to outline the then and else branches of an scf.IfOp (details)
  416. Revert "[NewPM][CodeGen] Introduce machine pass and machine pass manager" (details)
  417. [gn build] Port 320eab2d558 (details)
  418. [flang][NFC] Reformat files with current clang-format (details)
  419. [mlir][spirv] Add correct handling of Kernel and Addresses capabilities (details)
  420. [MLIR] Add getSizeInBits() for tensor of complex (details)
  421. Revert "[MSAN] Instrument libatomic load/store calls" (details)
  422. [llvm-install-name-tool] Adds docs for llvm-install-name-tool (details)
  423. [lldb] Only check for --apple-sdk argument on Darwin (details)
  424. [flang] Descriptor-based I/O data item transfers (details)
  425. [libc] Add strcpsn and strpbrk implementation. (details)
  426. [flang] Support DATA statement initialization of numeric with Hollerith/CHARACTER (details)
  427. [FileCheck] Add docs for --allow-empty (details)
  428. lldbutil: add a retry mechanism for the ios simulator (details)
  429. GlobalISel: Handle zext(sext x) in artifact combiner (details)
  430. [ELF]: --icf: don't fold sections referencing sections with LCDA after D84610 (details)
  431. [mlir] Refactor StorageUniquer to require registration of possible storage types (details)
  432. [mlir] Add a utility class, ThreadLocalCache, for storing non static thread local objects. (details)
  433. [mlir][Types] Remove the subclass data from Type (details)
  434. [mlir] Remove the need to define `kindof` on attribute and type classes. (details)
  435. [mlir][Attribute] Remove usages of Attribute::getKind (details)
  436. [mlir][Type] Remove usages of Type::getKind (details)
  437. [flang] Update FirOpsDialect constructor to pass its TypeID (details)
  438. Add symlinks for `libtool` and `install_name_tool` (details)
  439. [OpenMP] Split OpenMP/target_map_codegen test [NFC] (details)
  440. [OpenMP,MLIR] Translation of parallel operation: num_threads, if clauses 3/n (details)
  441. [StackSafety,NFC] Add Stats counters (details)
  442. Revert "[StackSafety] Skip ambiguous lifetime analysis" (details)
  443. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Add constant CPU_SUBTYPE_ARM64_V8 (details)
  444. [Clang] implement -fno-eliminate-unused-debug-types (details)
  445. Factor out reference-counting code from PlatformApple* (details)
  446. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Add support for -filelist option (details)
  447. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Add support for -D and -U options (details)
  448. Add a setting to force stepping to always run all threads. (details)
  449. [NFC][MLInliner] Refactor logging implementation (details)
  450. fix windows build for D80242 (details)
  451. [NewPM] Print 'Skipping pass' as pass instrumentation (details)
  452. [lldb] Assert the process has exited before we gets its output. (details)
  453. [mlir] Centralize handling of memref element types. (details)
  454. [OpenMP 5.0] Fix PR-45212: Shouldn't error out while using overloaded operator for map clause (details)
  455. Revert "fix windows build for D80242" (details)
  456. Revert "[Clang] implement -fno-eliminate-unused-debug-types" (details)
  457. Create Reduction Tree Pass (details)
  458. [sanitizer] Fix comment (NFC) (details)
  459. [NFC][StackSafety] Fix statistics (details)
  460. AMDGPU: Avoid explicitly listing all the memory nodes (details)
  461. [flang] Handle DATA initialization of EQUIVALENCE'd objects (details)
  462. Reland "Revert "[NewPM][CodeGen] Introduce machine pass and machine pass manager"" (details)
  463. [gn build] Port f5b5ccf2a68 (details)
  464. [X86] Don't produce bad x86andp nodes for i1 vectors (details)
  465. PR47025, PR47043: Diagnose unexpanded parameter packs in concept (details)
  466. [MLIR] Add tiling validity check to loop tiling pass (details)
  467. [ELF] Support .cfi_signal_frame (details)
  1. Use more efficient "e2" machine types (details)
  2. updated Windows container version (details)
  3. Added automatic cluster config and  deployment (details)

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