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  1. [lldb] Set LLDB_ENABLE_PYTHON to ON (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [NewPassManager] Rename AM to OuterAM in the OuterAnalysisManagerProxy (detail)
  2. [SelectionDAG] Simplify SelectionDAGBuilder::visitInlineAsm (detail)
  3. [llvm-ranlib] Update expected error message check for Windows (detail)
  4. [DebugInfo][NFC] Use function_ref consistently in debug line parsing (detail)
  5. Fix some corner cases missed by D71955 (detail)
  6. Check for aarch64 when not using .init_arrays (detail)
  7. [mlir][spirv] Allow specifying availability on enum attribute cases (detail)
  8. Handle init statements in readability-else-after-return (detail)
  9. Fix trivial typos in comments; NFC (detail)
  10. Make mangled_names.test and work with Python 2. (detail)
  11. [mlir][Linalg] Extend generic ops to allow tensors (detail)
  12. [ELF][Hexagon][test] Use llvm-readobj to check relocations. NFC (detail)
  13. [mlir][spirv] Update SPIR-V enums and ops with availability spec (detail)
  14. [X86] Remove FP0-6 operands from call instructions in FPStackifier pass. (detail)
  15. build: reduce CMake handling for zlib (detail)
  16. Reland "[gn build] (manually) merge 68a235d07f9e70" (detail)
  17. X86: remove unused variable (detail)
  18. [PowerPC] Only legalize FNEARBYINT with unsafe fp math (detail)
  19. Polly: Fix a tag type mismatch (struct/class) (detail)
  20. [mlir] Remove redudant default cases (detail)
  21. [X86] Move STRICT_ ISD nodes into the new section of X86ISelLowering.h (detail)
  22. [mlir] Add parenthesis to avoid -Wparentheses (detail)
  23. [mlir] Revert default case that was needed (detail)
  24. [InstCombine] add tests for vector icmp with undef constant elements; (detail)
  25. [mlir] Only generate default for uncovered cases (detail)
  26. build: disable zlib by default on Windows (detail)
  27. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Regenerate check lines (detail)
  28. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Correct MMO sizes in some tests (detail)
  29. [lldb/CMake] Use PYTHON_LIBRARIES instead of PYTHON_LIBRARY (detail)
  30. [OPENMP] Restore allowing of braced initializers in the declare (detail)
  31. [SystemZ]  Create brcl 0,0 instead of brcl 0,3 in EmitNop for 6 bytes. (detail)
  32. [lldb/CMake] Fix variable naming in FindLibEdit (detail)
  33. [lldb/CMake] Print whether an optional dependency was enabled. (detail)
  34. [OPENMP50]Codegen for lastprivate conditional list items. (detail)
  35. DAG: Use TargetConstant for FENCE operands (detail)
  36. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove manual G_FENCE selection (detail)
  37. Change dbg-*-tag-offset tests to use llvm-dwarfdump. (detail)
  38. Add C source to two debug info tests. (detail)
  39. [mlir] Rewrite the internal representation of OpResult to be optimized (detail)
  40. Fix llvm-symbolizer tests on Windows, one more time. (detail)
  41. [lli] Add a filter to avoid importing the process's main symbol. (detail)
  42. [PDB] Print the most redundant type record indices with /summary (detail)
  43. [PowerPC][AIX] Enable sret arguments. (detail)
  44. [CMake] clang-scan-deps in Fuchsia distribution (detail)
  45. [lldb/Command] Add --force option for `watchpoint delete` command (detail)
  46. [lldb/Python] Remove unused support file (NFC) (detail)
  47. [lldb/Python] Remove unused imports (NFC) (detail)
  48. Revert "[lldb/Command] Add --force option for `watchpoint delete` (detail)
  49. [X86] Optimization of inserting vxi1 sub vector into vXi1 vector (detail)
  50. Run update_llc_test_checks against SPE tests. (detail)
  51. [PowerPC]: Fix predicate handling with SPE (detail)
  52. [compiler-rt] [netbsd] Switch to syscall for ThreadSelfTlsTcb() (detail)
  53. Revert "[Attributor] AAValueConstantRange: Value range analysis using (detail)
  54. [mlir] NFC: Fix broken links in docs (detail)
  55. [X86] Enable strict FP by default and remove option (detail)
  56. [DAGCombine] Initialize the default operation action for (detail)
  57. [X86] Re-enable lowerUINT_TO_FP_vXi32 under fast-math by using an FSUB (detail)
  58. [llvm-size] print a blank line between archieve members when using sysv (detail)
  59. [clangd] Replace shortenNamespace with getQualification (detail)
  60. [X86] Reorder X86any* PatFrags to put the strict node first so that (detail)
  61. [ARM][NFC] Move tail predication checks (detail)
  62. [lldb][NFC] Document TypeSystem and related Compiler* classes (detail)
  63. [lldb][NFC] Remove forward declaration for non-existent type (detail)
  64. [NFC][DAGCombine][X86][AArch64] Tests for 'A - (A & (B - 1))' pattern (detail)
  65. [DAGCombine][X86][AArch64] 'A - (A & (B - 1))' -> 'A & (0 - B)' fold (detail)
  66. [test][llvm-dwarfdump] Add missing checks for table dumping (detail)
  67. [test][llvm-dwarfdump] Normalise contents and checks for line tables (detail)
  68. [test][llvm-dwarfdump] Use --implicit-check-not to simplify test checks (detail)
  69. [Syntax] Build spanning SimpleDecalration for classes, structs, etc (detail)
  70. [OpenCL] Add link to C++ for OpenCL documentation (detail)
  71. [DebugInfo] Remove redundant checks for past-the-end of prologue (detail)
  72. [test][ELF] Use CHECK-NEXT to properly verify error messages (detail)
  73. [mlir][spirv] Fix shader ABI attribute prefix and add verification (detail)
  74. [TargetLowering] Remove comments referring to TLOF (detail)
  75. Fix typo "psuedo" in comments (detail)
  76. [InstCombine] replace undef elements in vector constant when doing icmp (detail)
  77. Fix for a dangling point bug in DeadStoreElimination pass (detail)
  78. Fix typo in compiler extension testing (detail)
  79. Fix compiler extension testing (detail)
  80. Use llvm_canonicalize_cmake_booleans where intended (detail)
  81. [ARM][NFC] Update MIR test (detail)
  82. [NFC][DAGCombine] Clarify comment for 'A - (A & (B - 1))' fold (detail)
  83. [NFC][DAGCombine][X86] Tests for 'A - (A & C)' pattern (PR44448) (detail)
  84. [DAGCombine][X86][Thumb2/LowOverheadLoops] `A - (A & C)` -> `A & (~C)` (detail)
  85. [NFC][DAGCombine][X86] '~(X - 1)' pattern tests (detail)
  86. [DAGCombiner] `~(add X, -1)` -> `neg X` fold (detail)
  87. [NFC][X86] Add BMI runlines to align-down.ll test (detail)
  88. [NFC][X86][AArch64] Add 'A - (A & B)' pattern tests (PR44448) (detail)
  89. [DAGCombiner][X86][AArch64] Generalize `A-(A&B)`->`A&(~B)` fold (detail)
  90. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix off by one in operand index (detail)
  91. [Diagnostic] Fixed add ftabstop to -Wmisleading-indentation (detail)
  92. [Attributor][FIX] Return CHANGED once a pessimistic fixpoint is reached. (detail)
  93. [Attributor][FIX] Do not derive nonnull and dereferenceable w/o access (detail)
  94. [Attributor][FIX] Don't crash on ptr2int/int2ptr instructions (detail)
  95. [Attributor][NFC] Unify the way we delete dead functions (detail)
  96. [Attributor][FIX] Allow dead users of rewritten function (detail)
  97. [OpenMP] diagnose zero-length array section in the depend clause (detail)
  98. [clang-format/java] format multiple qualified annotations on one (detail)
  99. [OPENMP]Fix crash on error message for declare reduction. (detail)
  100. [clangd] targetDecl() returns only NamedDecls. (detail)
  101. [AArch64][test] Merge arm64-$i.ll Linux tests into $i.ll (detail)
  102. [NFC][InstCombine] '(X & (- Y)) - X' pattern tests (PR44448) (detail)
  103. [NFC][InstCombine] '(X & (- Y)) - X' -> '- (X & (Y - 1))' fold (PR44448) (detail)
  104. [DWARF] Don't assume optional always has a value. (detail)
  105. [mlir][Vector] NFC - Add documentation for the VectorOps dialect. (detail)
  106. [mlir][linalg] Lower linalg to affine loops (detail)
  107. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate and2.ll checklines (detail)
  108. [NFC][InstCombine] '(Op1 & С) - Op1' pattern tests (PR44427) (detail)
  109. [NFC][InstCombine] '(Op1 & С) - Op1' -> '-(Op1 & ~C)' fold (PR44427) (detail)
  110. Remove outdated svn/git information from hacking page (detail)
  111. Move tail call disabling code to target independent code (detail)
  112. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Hotfix GenericLoopNestBuilder compilation error (detail)
  113. [clang-tidy] implement utility-function to add 'const' to variables (detail)
  114. [X86] Improve for v2i32->v2f64 uint_to_fp (detail)
  115. [gn build] Port cf48101200e (detail)
  116. [x86] add test for miscompile in XformToShuffleWithZero(); NFC (detail)
  117. [LegalizeVectorOps] Pass the post-UpdateNodeOperands version of Op to (detail)
  118. [DAGCombiner] fix miscompile in translating (X & undef) to shuffle (detail)
  119. [mlir][spirv] Fix ADDITIONAL_HEADER_DIRS for SPIR-V libraries (detail)
  120. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Hotfix GenericLoopNestBuilder compilation error on (detail)
  121. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Post-commit format fix (detail)
  122. [mlir] Enhance classof() checks in StructsGen (detail)
  123. AMDGPU: Only allow regs for s_movrel_{b32|b64} (detail)
  124. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add new utils file (detail)
  125. AMDGPU: Add gfx9 run lines to a testcase (detail)
  126. [SystemZ]  Don't allow CL option -mpacked-stack with -mbackchain. (detail)
  127. [gn build] Port 9861a8538c0 (detail)
  128. [NFC][ORC] Fix typos and whitespaces in comments (detail)
  129. [clang-tidy] fix broken linking for AddConstTest with adding clangSema (detail)
  130. [clang-tidy] quickfix: add -fno-delayed-template-parsing as default (detail)
  131. [amdgpu] Skip non-instruction values in CF user tracing. (detail)
  132. [bindings/go] Add Subprogram method (detail)
  133. GlobalISel: Add type argument to getRegBankFromRegClass (detail)
  134. [mlir] Fix indexed_accessor_range to properly forward the derived class. (detail)
  135. [mlir] Compilation fix: use LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED following (detail)
  136. [clang-tidy] fix linkage with clangSema for FixitHintUtils, undo (detail)
  137. [lldb/Docs] Include how to generate the man page (detail)
  138. [globalisel] Fix another mismatch between %d and the RuleID type (detail)
  139. [PowerPC][LoopVectorize] Add tests for fp128 and fp16 (detail)
  140. [lldb/Docs] Include the man page on the website (detail)
  141. [lldb/Utility] YAML validation should be orthogonal to packet semantics. (detail)
  142. [AMDGPU] Revert scheduling to reduce spilling (detail)
  143. [fuchsia] Enable Clang Static Analyzer (detail)
  144. Add missing mlir-headers target and add tablegen'd deps to it. (detail)
  145. [gicombiner] Add GIMatchTree and use it for the code generation (detail)
  146. [gn build] Port 64f1bb5cd2c (detail)
  147. [Diagnostic] Add test for previous (detail)
  148. [gicombiner] Correct 64f1bb5cd2c to account for MSVC's %p format (detail)
  149. [UserExpression] Clean up `return` after `else`. (detail)
  150. [Remarks] Warn if a remark file is not found when processing static (detail)
  151. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (detail)
  152. [lldb/Command] Add --force option for `watchpoint delete` command (detail)
  153. Revert "[gicombiner] Add GIMatchTree and use it for the code generation" (detail)
  154. [gn build] Port 5d304d68dd5 (detail)
  155. [OpenMP] NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments (detail)
  156. [X86] Update MaxIndex test in x86-cmov-converter.ll to return the index (detail)
  157. [LLD] [COFF] Don't error out on duplicate absolute symbols with the same (detail)
  158. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - call (detail)
  159. [Transforms][GlobalSRA] huge array causes long compilation time and huge (detail)
  160. [NFC][InstCombine] 'subtract of one hands of select' pattern tests (detail)
  161. [InstCombine] Sink sub into hands of select if one hand becomes zero (detail)
  162. [NFC][InstCombine] 'subtract from one hands of select' pattern tests (detail)
  163. [InstCombine] Sink sub into hands of select if one hand becomes zero. (detail)
  164. [NFCI][InstCombine] Refactor 'sink negation into select if that folds (detail)
  165. [AMDGPU] need to insert wait between the scalar load and vector store to (detail)
  166. NFC: Fix trivial typos in comments (detail)
  167. Re-apply "[Examples] Add IRTransformations directory to examples." (detail)
  168. [cmake] Remove install from add_llvm_example_library. (detail)
  169. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Implement applyMappingImpl less incorrectly (detail)
  170. [Pass Registration] XFAIL load_extension.ll test on macOS. (detail)

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