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  1. [X86][SSE] Combine combineLogicBlendIntoConditionalNegate for VSELECT (detail)
  2. [MC] Drop an unused rule about absolute temporary symbols (detail)
  3. [MC] Merge MCSymbol::getSectionPtr into getSection and simplify (detail)
  4. Fix oversight in AST traversal helper (detail)
  5. Allow using traverse() with bindings (detail)
  6. [MC] Delete MCSection::{rbegin,rend} (detail)
  7. [Gnu toolchain] Look at standard GCC paths for libstdcxx by default (detail)
  8. Add missing test (detail)
  9. [MC][ARM] Delete MCSection::HasData and move SHF_ARM_PURECODE logic to (detail)
  10. Clang-format previous commit (detail)
  11. [Coroutines] Remove corresponding phi values when apply (detail)
  12. [NFC] Modify the format: Drop the else since we alerady returned in the (detail)
  13. [X86] Improve v2i64->v2f32 and v4i64->v4f32 uint_to_fp on avx and avx2 (detail)
  14. [MC] Delete MCFragment::isDummy. NFC (detail)
  15. [DAGCombine] Don't check the legality of type when combine the (detail)
  16. [MC] Reorder MCFragment members to decrease padding (detail)
  17. [MC] Reorder members of MCFragment's subclasses to decrease padding (detail)

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