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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [lldb] Increase the build timeout for the sanitized bot (detail)
  2. Enable remote host configuration to run the target tests for Windows to (detail)
  3. [VE] Staging buildbot (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [mlir][spirv] Add lowering for std cmp ops. (detail)
  2. AMDGPU: Annotate EXTRACT_SUBREGs with source register classes (detail)
  3. Revert "[mlir][spirv] Add lowering for std.fpext, std.fptrunc, (detail)
  4. [mlir][spirv] Add lowering for std.fpext, std.fptrunc, std.sitofp. (detail)
  5. [RISCV] Fix evalutePCRelLo for symbols at the end of a fragment (detail)
  6. [X86] Adding fp128 support for strict fcmp (detail)
  7. [lldb/Test] Try to appease the Windows bot (detail)
  8. [lldb/CMake] Only auto-enable Python when SWIG is found (detail)
  9. [NFC][Test] Add the option -enable-no-signed-zeros-fp-math for test (detail)
  10. [libc] Add a convenience CMake rule to add testsuites. (detail)
  11. [clangd] Add xref for macros to FileIndex. (detail)
  12. [libcxx][test] Fix span tests. (detail)
  13. [lldb][NFC] Remove redundant ClangASTContext constructor that takes (detail)
  14. AArch64: add missing Apple CPU names and use them by default. (detail)
  15. Revert "[InstCombine] fold zext of masked bit set/clear" (detail)
  16. [llvm-symbolizer]Fix printing of malformed address values not passed via (detail)
  17. [lldb] Remove default llvm::Triple argument from ClangASTContext (detail)
  18. [NFC][ARM] Update tests (detail)
  19. [Dsymutil][Debuginfo][NFC] Reland: Refactor dsymutil to separate DWARF (detail)
  20. [gn build] (manually) merge 1cf11a4c67a15 (detail)
  21. Disallow an empty string literal in an asm label (detail)
  22. [ARM][MVE] Enable masked gathers from vector of pointers (detail)
  23. [gn build] Port 346f6b54bd1 (detail)
  24. Fixing a formatting nit; NFC (detail)
  25. [NFC] Move InPQueue into arguments of releaseNode (detail)
  26. [Intrinsic] Add fixed point division intrinsics. (detail)
  27. [clang-tidy] Disable match on `if constexpr` statements in template (detail)
  28. [ARM,MVE] Intrinsics for partial-overwrite imm shifts. (detail)
  29. [ARM,MVE] Intrinsics for variable shift instructions. (detail)
  30. [JumpThreading] Thread jumps through two basic blocks (detail)
  31. [OPENMP]Allow comma in combiner expression. (detail)
  32. [DAGCombiner] clean up extract-of-concat fold; NFC (detail)
  33. [InstCombine] Adding testcase for Z / (1.0 / Y) => (Y * Z); NFC (detail)
  34. [SelectionDAG] Use llvm::Optional<APInt> for FoldValue. (detail)
  35. [amdgpu] Remove unused header. NFC. (detail)
  36. [lldb/CMake] Use LLDB's autodetection logic for libxml2 (detail)

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