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  1. Fix regression due to by adding option ffp-contract=off to RUN line (detail)
  2. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Handle 64byte EltSIze in getRegSplitParts (detail)
  3. [Statepoint] Remove redundant clear of call target on register (detail)
  4. Reapply "[OpenMP][IRBuilder] Perform finalization (incl. outlining) late" (detail)
  5. [BPF] explicit warning of not supporting dynamic stack allocation (detail)
  6. [X86] Add test RUN lines to show cases where we use 512-bit vcmppd/ps with garbage upper bits for 128/256-bit strict_fsetcc (detail)
  7. Revert "Replace std::foo with std::foo_t in LLVM." (detail)
  8. Explicitly state the output file. (detail)
  9. [ELF][test] Change -o %t to -o /dev/null if the output is not needed (detail)
  10. [OpenMP][FIX] Collect blocks to be outlined after finalization (detail)

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