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  1. [Gardening] Remove more dead code from IOHandler (detail)
  2. Added Tool as Dependency to tests & fixed warnings (detail)
  3. Upstream a few small Apple changes to debugserver - arm64_32, Catalyst (detail)
  4. [yaml2obj] Move core yaml2obj code into lib and include for use in unit (detail)
  5. Fixes failing test cases on Windows for rL368119 (detail)
  6. Append an executable suffix to the toolchain tool paths on Windows (detail)
  7. Reverts commit r368117, r368115 and r368112 (detail)
  8. [X86] Limit vpermil2pd/vpermil2ps immediates to 4 bits in the assembly (detail)
  9. [MachineCSE][NFC] Use 'profitable' rather than 'beneficial' to name (detail)
  10. Detect HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H in lldb (detail)
  11. [X86] Use isInt<8> to simplify some code. NFC (detail)
  12. [X86] Allow any 8-bit immediate to be used with bt/btc/btr/bts memory (detail)
  13. [RISCV] Remove duplicated logic when determining the target ABI (detail)
  14. Force check prof branch_weights consistency in (detail)
  15. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Revert after read/write (detail)
  16. Re-submit r367649: Improve raw_ostream so that you can "write" colors (detail)
  17. Remove inclusion of a private gmock header from a test (detail)
  18. [unittests] Mark private gmock headers with IWYU pragmas. NFC (detail)
  19. [clangd] Added a TextMate theme parser to the vscode extension. (detail)
  20. [llvm-readelf] --notes: move 'Data size' column left by 1 (detail)
  21. [ELF.h] - Check the case when e_shstrndx=SHN_XINDEX, but the (detail)
  22. [obj2yaml] - MIPS: move and improve testing of the e_flags (detail)
  23. [InstCombine] Recommit: Shift amount reassociation: shl-trunc-shl (detail)
  24. [ELF][X86] Add --no-show-raw-insn and -soname to some i386 tests (detail)
  25. [lldb][NFC] Fix typo in 368066 (detail)
  26. Simplify error message output. NFC. (detail)
  27. Handle /align option. (detail)
  28. [ARM] Generate MVE VHADDs/VHSUBs (detail)
  29. gsl::Owner/gsl::Pointer: Add implicit annotations for some std types (detail)
  30. [lldb][CMake] Fix one more detail in r368066 (detail)
  31. Replace llvm::MutexGuard/UniqueLock with their standard equivalents (detail)
  32. [lldb][NFC] Remove commented out code in (detail)
  33. [lldb][CMake] Workaround debugserver code-signing issue in generated (detail)
  34. [clang] Fix mismatched args constructing AddressSpaceAttr. (detail)
  35. [ELF] Fix splitting messages for duplicate symbols. (detail)
  36. A more robust way of testing debug_line parser near the end of module (detail)
  37. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - call (detail)
  38. Remove support for 32-bit offsets in utility classes (5/5) (detail)
  39. Replace non-recursive sys::Mutex users with std::mutex (detail)
  40. [Support] Base SmartMutex on std::recursive_mutex (detail)
  41. ObjectFileELF: Remove NT_*** constants (detail)
  42. [Mips] Instruction `sc` now accepts symbol as an argument (detail)
  43. [mips] Use isMicroMips() function to check enabled feature flag. NFC (detail)
  44. [mips] Make a couple of class methods plain static functions. NFC (detail)
  45. [ASTImporter] Do not import FunctionTemplateDecl in record twice. (detail)
  46. [AArch64][WinCFI] Do not pair callee-save instructions in (detail)
  47. [X86] EltsFromConsecutiveLoads - early out for non-byte sized memory (detail)
  48. GlobalISel: factor common code from translateCall and translateInvoke. (detail)
  49. [RISCV][NFC] Document RISC-V-specific assembly constraints (detail)
  50. ProcessElfCore: Remove linux and freebsd NT_*** constants (detail)
  51. Try to fix windows build bots after r368153. (detail)
  52. [OPENMP]Add standard macro value _OPENMP for OpenMP 5.0. (detail)
  53. [EarlyCSE] Add support for unary FNeg to EarlyCSE (detail)
  54. [OPENMP]Set default version to OpenMP 4.5. (detail)
  55. Remove LLVM mutexes from clang in favor of std::mutex (detail)
  56. [UpdateTestChecks] Update tests option (detail)
  57. [InstCombine] Propagate fast math flags through selects (detail)
  58. [InstCombine] Add a TODO comment (detail)
  59. Use forceinline. Necessary for nvcc to inline small functions within the (detail)
  60. gn build: Merge r368119 (detail)
  61. gn build: Merge r368158 (detail)
  62. [ARM] Expand CTPOP intrinsic for MVE (detail)
  63. [ExecutionContext] Return the target/process byte order. (detail)
  64. [Driver] Expand the executable path in the target create output (detail)

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