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  1. Temporarily revert "Changes to improve CodeView debug info type record (detail)
  2. Change /build to /build* in top-level .gitignore. (detail)
  3. Fix flaky test caused by PR42868 (detail)
  4. Fix an unused variable warning. (detail)
  5. [NFC][CodeGen] Modify the type element of TailCalls to simplify the (detail)
  6. [PowerPC][Peephole] Check if `extsw`'s second operand is a virtual (detail)
  7. Handle casts changing pointer size in the vectorizer (detail)
  8. [Loop Peeling] Do not close further unroll/peel if profile based peeling (detail)
  9. [clang-format] Fix a bug that doesn't break braces before unions for (detail)
  10. Improve raw_ostream so that you can "write" colors using operator<< (detail)
  11. Add a comment for --vs-diagnostics. (detail)
  12. Add an assert() to catch possible regexp errors. (detail)
  13. compiler-rt: Rename .cc file in test/xray to .cpp (detail)
  14. compiler-rt: Rename .cc file in test/msan to .cpp (detail)
  15. [LV] Avoid building interleaved group in presence of WAW dependency (detail)
  16. [LLVM][Alignment] Update documentation (detail)
  17. compiler-rt: Rename .cc file in test/tsan to .cpp (detail)
  18. [PGO] Fix bolt failures from r367628 (detail)
  19. Revert r367649: Improve raw_ostream so that you can "write" colors using (detail)
  20. Moves the newly added test interleaved-accesses-waw-dependency.ll to X86 (detail)
  21. [NFC][ARM][ParallelDSP] Remove ValueList (detail)
  22. Don't try emitting dllexported explicitly defaulted non-trivial ctors (detail)
  23. [AliasAnalysis] Initialize a member variable that may be used by unit (detail)
  24. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused imports in python tests (detail)
  25. SymbolVendor: Introduce Module::GetSymbolFile (detail)
  26. [NFC][ARM[ParallelDSP] Rename/remove/change types (detail)
  27. [LV] Fix test failure in a Release build. (detail)
  28. [clangd] Add new helpers to make tweak tests scale better. Convert most (detail)
  29. [Loop Peeling] Introduce an option for profile based peeling disabling. (detail)

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