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Unstable Build #172 (Aug 1, 2020 1:37:25 AM)

  1. [DWARFYAML] Rename checkListEntryOperands() to checkOperandCount(). NFC. (details)
  2. Order of libraries and source files in the f18 frontend (details)
  3. [SCEV] Add additional tests. (details)
  4. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Use clamp modifier for [us]addsat/[us]subsat (details)
  5. [MLIR][Shape] Lower `shape.const_shape` to `tensor_from_elements` (details)
  6. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Merge identical select cases (details)
  7. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Mark GlobalISel classes as final (details)
  8. GlobalISel: Translate llvm.convert.{to|from}.fp16 intrinsics (details)
  9. [OldPM] Print out a bit more when passes lie about changing IR (details)
  10. [FunctionAttrs] Rename functionattrs -> function-attrs (details)
  11. [NewPM][Sancov] Pin RUN lines with -sancov to legacy PM (details)
  12. [FIX] Resolve test failure in polly/test/ScopInfo/memcpy-raw-source.ll (details)
  13. [CompilerRT] Don't pass global compile test flags in non-standalone build (details)
  14. [Darwin] Fix OS version checks inside simulators (details)
  15. [ARM][MVE] Teach MVEGatherScatterLowering to merge successive getelementpointers (details)
  16. [ELF] --reproduce should include lto sample profile (details)
  17. [Darwin] Cleanup code via improved GetMacosAlignedVersion() (details)
  18. [ASTImporter] Add Visitor for TypedefNameDecl's (details)
  19. [lld-macho] Support -filelist (details)
  20. [lld-macho] Fix segment filesize calculation (details)
  21. NFC: Add whitespace changing revisions to .git-blame-ignore-revs (details)
  22. [mlir][Vector] Drop declarative transforms (details)
  23. [JumpThreading] Add tests that have a cast of freeze and vice versa (details)
  24. [libTooling] Add a `between` range-selector combinator. (details)
  25. [X86] Merge disp8 and cdisp8 handling into a single helper function to reduce some code. (details)
  26. [X86] Simplify some code in emitMemModRMByte. NFCI (details)
  27. [lld-macho] Fix no-filelist test on Windows (details)
  28. [libc][obvious] Move ErrnoSetterMatcher to test/ErrnoSetterMetcher.h. (details)
  29. [lldb] Change the definition of ANSI_UNFAINT (details)
  30. [LLD] [MinGW] Implement the --no-seh flag (details)
  31. [JumpThreading] Add a basic support for freeze instruction (details)
  32. Revert "Switch to using -debug-info-kind=constructor as default (from =limited)" (details)
  33. [MLIR] Vector store to load forwarding (details)
  34. [AMDGPU] Spill CSR VGPR which is reserved for SGPR spills (details)
  35. [X86][XOP] Shuffle v16i8 using VPPERM(X,Y) instead of OR(PSHUFB(X),PSHUFB(Y)) (details)
  36. [CostModel][X86] Add abs intrinsics cost model tests (details)
  37. [DAG] isSplatValue - add support for TRUNCATE/SIGN_EXTEND/ZERO_EXTEND (details)
  38. [CostModel][X86] Add smax/smin/umin/umax intrinsics cost model tests (details)
  39. [scudo][standalone] mallopt runtime configuration options (details)
  40. [libc][NFC] Zero out padding bits in the uint form of x86 FPBits<long double>. (details)
  41. [NFC][XCOFF] Use getFunctionEntryPointSymbol from TLOF to simplify logic (details)
  42. [InstSimplify] add tests for icmp with partial undef constant; NFC (details)
  43. [InstCombine] avoid crashing on vector constant expression (PR46872) (details)
  44. [mlir][GPUToSPIRV] Add a test pass to set workgroup size for kernel (details)
  45. [X86] Merge the two 'Emit the normal disp32 encoding' cases in SIB byte handling in emitMemModRMByte. NFCI (details)
  46. [libc++] Clean up tests for "optional" C11 features (details)
  47. [libc++] Provide std::aligned_alloc and std::timespec_get on Apple platforms (details)
  48. [InstSimplify] allow undefs in icmp with vector constant folds (details)
  49. [PowerPC] Mark allocator_oom_test.cpp unsupported on PowerPC (details)
  50. [openacc] Add missing newline at end of file (details)
  51. [NewGVN] Add test cases for remaining known issues. (details)
  52. [MLIR][Linalg] Fixed obsolete examples in the MLIR Linalg Dialect doc (details)
  53. [llvm][NFC] refactor setBlockFrequency for clarity. (details)
  54. [lld][linkerscript] Fix handling of DEFINED. (details)
  55. Reland [Coverage] Add comment to skipped regions (details)
  56. PR46377: Fix dependence calculation for function types and typedef (details)
  57. Revert D83834 "Add test utility 'extract'" (details)
  58. Revert "[gn build] (manually) merge d054c7ee2e9" (details)
  59. [X86] Remove disabled miscompiling X86CondBrFolding pass (details)
  60. AMDGPU: Check for other defs when folding conditions into s_andn2_b64 (details)
  61. [NFC] Sema: use checkArgCount instead of custom checking (details)
  62. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add SReg_96 to SGPRRegBank (details)
  63. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some missing tests for extract selection (details)
  64. GlobalISel: Add typeIsNot LegalityPredicate (details)
  65. GlobalISel: Don't assert on operations with no type indices (details)
  66. [globalisel][cse] Merge debug locations when CSE'ing (details)
  67. [docs] [lit] Add a more helpful description for's -s flag. (details)
  68. [SROA][Mem2Reg] Use efficient droppable use API (after D83976) (details)
  69. [MLIR] Add unit test for tblgen Op build methods (details)
  70. [DominatorTree] Simplify ChildrenGetter. (details)
  71. PR46637: Fix handling of placeholder types in trailing-return-types. (details)
  72. On Windows build, making the /bigobj flag global , instead of passing it per file. (details)
  73. [OpenMP][NFC] Consolidate `to` and `from` clause modifiers (details)
  74. [OpenMP] Implement TR8 `present` motion modifier in Clang (1/2) (details)
  75. [OpenMP] Implement TR8 `present` motion modifier in runtime (2/2) (details)
  76. [FileCheck] Extend -dump-input with substitutions (details)
  77. [FileCheck] Report captured variables (details)
  78. [lldb] Remove unused option '--platform-path' for 'target create' (details)
  79. [libc] Add scaffolding for ctype and implementation of isalpha (details)
  80. [libc] [Obvious] Delete ctype.h, since ctype.h.def is used. (details)
  81. [scudo][standalone] Add new mallopt options. (details)
  82. [libc][NFC] Move tablegen indexer class into a util library of its own. (details)
  83. [flang][NFC] Extract name resolution for OpenACC & OpenMP into new file (details)
  84. [libc][obvious] Add the new ctype.h target to the list of x86_64 headers. (details)
  85. [clangd] Use elog instead of llvm::errs, log instead of llvm::outs (details)
  86. AMDGPU: Serialize MFI spill fields (details)
  87. AMDGPU: Fix verifier error on spilling partially defined SGPRs (details)
  88. [libc][obvious] Add license headers to APIIndexer.[cpp|h]. (details)
  89. [NFC][OpenMP] Renamed all variable and function names in `target` to conform with LLVM code standard (details)
  90. AMDGPU: Don't assume there is only one terminator copy (details)
  91. AMDGPU: Handle a few missing cases in getAddrModeArguments (details)
  92. Revert "[OpenMP] Implement TR8 `present` motion modifier in runtime (2/2)" (details)
  93. Revert "[OpenMP] Implement TR8 `present` motion modifier in Clang (1/2)" (details)
  94. [OpenMP] Replaced mutex lock/unlock in `target` with `std::lock_guard` (details)
  95. AMDGPU: Don't assume call targets are registers (details)
  96. [WebAssembly] Implement truncating vector stores (details)
  97. [openmp][openacc][NFC] Add wrapper for records in DirectiveEmitter (details)
  98. AMDGPU: Don't assert in canInsertSelect (details)
  99. [X86] Add FeatureCMPXCHG8B and FeatureSlowUAMem16 to 'lakemont' in (details)
  100. [WebAssembly] Remove intrinsics for SIMD widening ops (details)
  101. [NFC] Add getArgumentTypes() to Region (details)
  102. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix selecting llvm.amdgcn.s.getreg (details)
  103. AMDGPU: Optimize copies to exec with other insts after exec def (details)
  104. [PowerPC] Add Def CR1 for MTFSFI_rec and MTFSF_rec (details)
  105. [ADT][BitVector][NFC] Merge find_first_in() / find_first_unset_in() (details)
  106. [analyzer] FuchsiaHandleChecker: Suppress a non-deterministic test failure. (details)
  107. [llvm-readelf][test] Improve wording in the comments. NFC. (details)
  108. [NFC] Edit the comment in User::replaceUsesOfWith (details)
  109. [NFC] Edit the comment for the return type of await_suspend (details)
  110. [Hexagon] Correct the order of operands when lowering funnel shift-left (details)
  111. [ThinLTO] [test] cache.ll: Prevent Spotlight indexing of the output dir (details)
  112. [Clang-tools-extra] Mark override a function which overrides a virtual one (details)
  113. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Support of volatile/nontemporal memory access in load/store (details)
  114. [MLIR][SPIRV] Added storage class constraint on global variable (details)
  115. Test including rpc/xdr.h requires sunrpc (details)
  116. [InstCombine] Add tests for select(freeze(undef)); NFC (details)
  117. [clang] Fix ConceptSpecializationExpr::getEndLoc() (details)
  118. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Branch weights support for BranchConditional conversion (details)
  119. [clangd] Fix clangd-indexeer builds after D84697 (details)
  120. [DWARFYAML] Replace uint*_t with yaml::Hex* in the 'debug_aranges' entry. (details)
  121. [DWARFYAML][test] Make the check lines stricter. NFC. (details)
  122. [MLIR][Shape] Allow `shape.add` to operate on indices (details)
  123. [X86][SSE] getV4X86ShuffleImm8 - canonicalize broadcast masks (details)
  124. [MLIR][Shape] Add conversion for missing ops to standard (details)
  125. [MLIR][Shape] Remove type conversion from lowering to standard (details)
  126. [libunwind] Provide a way to set '_LIBUNWIND_IS_BAREMETAL' through cmake. (details)
  127. [llvm-readobj] - Move out the common code from printRelocations() methods. (details)
  128. [TTI] Add default cost expansion for abs/smax/smin/umax/umin intrinsics (details)
  129. [CMAKE] Fix 'clean' target not working (details)
  130. [LoopSimplifyCFG] Delete landing pads in dead exit blocks (details)
  131. [NewGVN] Require asserts for crashing tests. (details)
  132. [mlir] LLVMType: make getUnderlyingType private (details)
  133. [CodeGen] Remove calls to getVectorNumElements in DAGTypeLegalizer::SplitVecOp_EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR (details)
  134. [SVE] Add checks for no warnings in CodeGen/AArch64/sve-sext-zext.ll (details)
  135. [libc] [obvious] Fix typo in binary header. (details)
  136. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select (details)
  137. AMDGPU: Make saturating add/sub legal for DAG path (details)
  138. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Refactor special argument management (details)
  139. [ARM] Optimize immediate selection (details)
  140. [SVE][CodeGen] Add simple integer add tests for SVE tuple types (details)
  141. [Analysis] TTI: Add CastContextHint for getCastInstrCost (details)
  142. [ARM] Tune getCastInstrCost for extending masked loads and truncating masked stores (details)
  143. [mlir][Standard] Allow unranked memrefs as operands to dim and rank (details)
  144. [TTI] Move abs/smax/smin/umax/umin cost expansion to ICA getIntrinsicInstrCost variant (details)
  145. [ELF][test] Add test coverage of `__real_` to wrap-plt.s (details)
  146. [Driver][ARM] Disable unsupported features when nofp arch extension is used (details)
  147. [CostModel][X86] Add SSE costs for ABS intrinsics (details)
  148. [Driver][ARM] Fix testcase that should only run on ARM (details)
  149. [ConstantFolding] update test checks FP min/max intrinsics (details)
  150. Forward extent tensors through shape.broadcast. (details)
  151. [clang][NFC] Pass the ASTContext to CXXRecordDecl::setCaptures (details)
  152. [clang][NFC] clang-format fix after eb10b065f2a870b425dcc2040b9955e0eee464b4 (details)
  153. [MLIR][Shape] Limit shape to standard lowerings to their supported types (details)
  154. [SCEVExpander] Add option to preserve LCSSA directly. (details)
  155. [InstSimplify] add tests for expandCommutativeBinOp; NFC (details)
  156. [flang] Fix bug with intrinsic in type declaration stmt (details)
  157. [OpenCL] Add global_device and global_host address spaces (details)
  158. [clang-tidy] Fix RedundantStringCStrCheck with r values (details)
  159. [mlir][Linalg] Conv1D, Conv2D and Conv3D added as named ops (details)
  160. [MLIR][Shape] Limit shape to SCF lowering patterns to their supported types (details)
  161. [CostModel][X86] Add SSE costs for SMAX/SMIN/UMAX/UMIN intrinsics (details)
  162. [NFC][PPC][AIX] Add test coverage for _Complex return values (details)
  163. [ConstantFolding] add tests for integer min/max intrinsics; NFC (details)
  164. [ConstantFolding] fold integer min/max intrinsics (details)
  165. [DWARFYAML] Make the field names consistent with the DWARF spec. NFC. (details)
  166. [clang-tidy] Fix module options being registered with different priorities (details)
  167. [MachineCopyPropagation] BackwardPropagatableCopy: add check for hasOverlappingMultipleDef (details)
  168. [OpenMP][Docs] Update Clang Support docs after D75591 (details)
  169. [OpenMP] Allow traits for the OpenMP context selector `isa` (details)
  170. [NewPM][PassInstrument] Add a new kind of before-pass callback that only get called if the pass is not skipped (details)
  171. [NewPM][PassInstrument] Make PrintIR and TimePasses to use before-pass-run callback (details)
  172. [SVE] Don't consider scalable vector types in SLPVectorizerPass::vectorizeChainsInBlock (details)
  173. [clang-tidy] Handled insertion only fixits when determining conflicts. (details)
  174. AMDGPU: Account for the size of LDS globals used through constant (details)
  175. [MachineVerifier] Handle the PHI node for verifyLiveVariables() (details)
  176. [InstSimplify] fold integer min/max intrinsic with same args (details)
  177. [InstSimplify] allow partial undef constants for vector min/max folds (details)
  178. [NewPM][Attributor] Pin tests with -attributor to legacy PM (details)
  179. [OpenMP] Implement TR8 `present` motion modifier in Clang (1/2) (details)
  180. [OpenMP] Implement TR8 `present` motion modifier in runtime (2/2) (details)
  181. [Statepoint] When using the tied def lowering, unconditionally use vregs [almost NFC] (details)
  182. [PowerPC] Set v1i128 to expand for SETCC to avoid crash (details)
  183. [SimplifyCFG][LoopRotate] SimplifyCFG: disable common instruction hoisting by default, enable late in pipeline (details)
  184. [DAG][AMDGPU][X86] Add SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits handling for SIGN/ZERO_EXTEND + SIGN/ZERO_EXTEND_VECTOR_INREG (details)
  185. [InstSimplify] try constant folding intrinsics before general simplifications (details)
  186. [DFSan][NewPM] Port DataFlowSanitizer to NewPM (details)
  187. [LV] Add abs/smin/smax/umin/umax intrinsics to isTriviallyVectorizable (details)
  188. [X86] Add custom lowering for llvm.roundeven with sse4.1. (details)
  189. [PGO] Remove insignificant function hash values from some tests. (details)
  190. [Scudo][CMake] Add -fno-lto to Scudo libraries (details)
  191. [lldb] Improve platform handling in CreateTargetInternal (details)
  192. [WebAssembly] Fix getBottom for loops (details)
  193. [gn build] Port 276f9e8cfaf (details)
  194. GloblaISel: Remove unreachable condition (details)
  195. [MLIR][NFC] Move Shape::WitnessType Declaration. (details)
  196. AMDGPU: Relax restriction on folding immediates into physregs (details)
  197. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select XRO addressing mode with wide immediates (details)
  198. Add more debug code for (getting desperate, not being able to reproduce it for a few months, but the users are seeing it) (details)
  199. GlobalISel: Implement lower for G_EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT (details)
  200. [libc++][pstl] Remove c++98 from UNSUPPORTED annotations (details)
  201. [libc++] Remove c++98 from the possible Standards of the test suite (details)
  202. Revert "[SCEVExpander] Add option to preserve LCSSA directly." (details)
  203. [lldb/test] Put hardware breakpoint tests together, NFC (details)
  204. [compiler-rt][Darwin] Disable EXC_GUARD exceptions (details)
  205. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Handle llvm.amdgcn.reloc.constant (details)
  206. [lldb] Skip overlapping hardware and external breakpoints when writing memory (details)
  207. [lldb] Make process plugins check whether a hardware breakpoint is required (details)
  208. [lldb] Don't use hardware index to determine whether a breakpoint site is hardware (details)
  209. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Selection support for vector DUP[X]lane instructions. (details)
  210. [Statepoint] Consolidate relocation type tracking [NFC] (details)
  211. [GlobalISel] Add G_INTRINSIC_LRINT and translate from llvm.lrint (details)
  212. [lldb/BreakpointSite] Handle all ways of control flow (details)
  213. [DFSan] Add efficient fast16labels instrumentation mode. (details)
  214. [PowerPC] Add options to control paired vector memops support (details)
  215. PR46859: Fix crash if declaring a template in a DeclScope with no DeclContext. (details)
  216. [lldb/Breakpoint] Rename StoppointLocation to StoppointSite and drop its relationship with BreakpointLocation (details)
  217. GlobalISel: Fix insert point in CSEMIRBuilder unit test (details)
  218. [libc++] Re-enable tests for C11 math macros in <float.h> and <cfloat> (details)
  219. [AMDGPU] prefer non-mfma in post-RA schedule (details)
  220. [AMDGPU] Fixed formatting in GCNHazardRecognizer.cpp. NFC. (details)
  221. PR46231: Promote diagnostic for 'template<...>;' from ExtWarn to Error. (details)
  222. Reland "[SCEVExpander] Add option to preserve LCSSA directly." (details)
  223. [Tests] Split a file for ease of update (details)
  224. [X86][AVX] isHorizontalBinOp - relax no-lane-crossing limit for AVX1-only targets. (details)
  225. [PowerPC] Support for R_PPC64_REL24_NOTOC calls where the caller has no TOC and the callee is not DSO local (details)
  226. [ELF][test] Fix ppc64-reloc-pcrel34-overflow.s (details)
  227. Fix invalid attempted explicit instantiation, which Clang now rejects. (details)
  228. [mlir] fix error handling in rocm runtime wrapper (details)
  229. [ConstantRange] Add API for intrinsics (NFC) (details)
  230. [OpenMP] Fix D83281 issue on windows by allowing `dso_local` in CHECK (details)
  231. [mlir] [VectorOps] [integration_test] Sparse matrix times vector (jagged SAXPY version) (details)
  232. [lldb] remove somewhat dangerous 'd'(etach) and 'k'(ill) shortcuts (details)
  233. [lldb] change shortcut for 'step out' from 'o' to 'f' (details)
  234. [lldb] implement 'up' and 'down' shortcuts in lldb gui (details)
  235. [Statepoint] Enable cross block relocates w/vreg lowering (details)
  236. [libc] Adds fuzz test for strstr and alphabetizes string fuzz CMakeList. (details)
  237. [OpenMP] Fix D83281 issue on windows by allowing `dso_local` in CHECK [2/1] (details)
  238. [NewPM][opt] Revert to legacy PM when any codegen passes are specified (details)
  239. [PGO] Include the mem ops into the function hash. (details)
  240. build: always add support for assembly targets on Darwin (details)
  241. [InstSimplify] fold min/max with opposite of limit value (details)
  242. [InstSimplify] fold min/max intrinsic with undef operand (details)
  243. [opt][NewPM] Fix typo (details)
  244. [X86] Remove unused argument from HandleAVX512Operand in the assembly parser. (details)
  245. [LLDB] Add checks for ValueObjectSP in Cocoa summary providers (details)
  246. Revert "[PGO] Include the mem ops into the function hash." (details)
  247. [darwin] build and link with a separate compiler-rt builtins library (details)
  248. [lldb] Fix llvm-lit in standalone builds (details)
  249. Revert "build: always add support for assembly targets on Darwin" (details)
  250. [DFSan] Remove dfsan_use_fast16labels from abilist. (details)
  251. [llvm][NFC] TensorSpec abstraction for ML evaluator (details)
  252. GlobalISel: Handle llvm.roundeven (details)
  253. [Darwin][compiler-rt] kern.osproductversion unavailable pre macOS 10.13 (details)
  254. [profile] Add InstrProfilingInternal.c.o to Darwin kext builtins (details)
  255. [JumpThreading] Fold br(freeze(undef)) (details)
  256. PR46729: Reject explicit and partial specializations with C linkage. (details)
  257. [lldb] Move finish_swig logic into a function in the binding dir (details)
  258. GlobalISel: Handle assorted no-op intrinsics (details)
  259. GlobalISel: Use result of find rather than rechecking map (details)
  260. [AMDGPU] DWARF proposal changes for expression context (details)
  261. [PowerPC] Fix RM operands for some instructions (details)
  262. [llvm-readobj] NFC. Add -help description of --hex-dump and (details)
  263. NFC. Fix comments (details)
  264. For some tests targeting SystemZ, -march=z13 ---> -mcpu=z13 (details)
  265. [DebugInfo] Fix to ctor homing to ignore classes with trivial ctors. (details)
  266. [X86] Teach the assembler parser to handle a '*' between segment register and base/index/displacement part of an address (details)
  267. [AMDGPU] DWARF proposal changes (details)
  268. [AMDGPU] Fix DWARF extensions User Guide table of contents (details)
  269. [Analyzer] Use of BugType in DereferenceChecker (NFC). (details)
  270. [NFC] Remove unused variable (details)
  271. [Support] Class to facilitate file locking (details)
  272. [X86] Don't pass some many parameters to ParseMemOperand by reference. (details)
  273. [X86] Pass the OperandVector to ParseMemOperand instead of returning the operand. NFCI (details)
  274. [clangd] Fix an assertion failure in TargetFinder's heuristic resolution of dependent type. (details)
  275. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion patterns for GLSL ops (details)
  276. [Concepts] Fix a deserialization crash. (details)
  277. [SVE][CodeGen] At -O0 fallback to DAG ISel when translating alloca with scalable types (details)
  278. [Analyzer] Remove inclusion of uniqueing decl from diagnostic profile. (details)
  279. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion for inverse sqrt and tanh (details)
  280. [PHIElimination] Fix the killed flag for LowerPHINode() (details)
  281. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion of GLSL ops to LLVM intrinsics (details)
  282. [compiler-rt][cmake] Simplify COMPILER_RT_HAS_VERSION_SCRIPT tests (details)
  283. [IPConstProp] Regenerate check lines. (details)
  284. [flang] Fix multi-config generator builds. (details)
  285. [clang-tidy] Use StringMap for ClangTidyOptions::OptionsMap (details)
  286. [DAGCombiner] Fold sext_inreg of a masked load into a sign extended masked load (details)
  287. [DWARFYAML] Make the 'AddressSize', 'SegmentSelectorSize' fields optional. (details)
  288. [DWARFYAML] Make the 'Length' field of the address range table optional. (details)
  289. [clangd] findNearbyIdentifier(): fix the word search in the token stream. (details)
  290. [NFC] Failed cases for some patterns defined in DAGCombiner.cpp (details)
  291. [lldb] Don't use static locals for return value storage in some *AsCString functions (details)
  292. [AArch64] Add machine-combiner tests with instruction level FMFs. (details)
  293. [clangd] Implement Relations request for remote index (details)
  294. [X86][SSE] combineExtractWithShuffle - extend extract(truncate(x),0) for any source vector size (details)
  295. VectorUtils.h - reduce unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  296. [IPConstProp] Remove and move tests to SCCP. (details)
  297. [MLIR][Shape] Limit `shape.rank` lowering to its extent tensor variant (details)
  298. Revert "[IPConstProp] Remove and move tests to SCCP." (details)
  299. [flang] Expose specific to generic intrinsic name mapping (details)
  300. [mlir] Allow index as element type of memref (details)
  301. [MLIR] Introduce inter-procedural memref layout normalization (details)
  302. [MLIR] Don't pass separate LowerToLLVMOptions when we already pass a LLVMTypeConverter which contains those options already. (details)
  303. [mlir][shape] Use memref of index in shape lowering (details)
  304. [libc++] Add XFAIL for <float.h> and <cfloat> tests on older Clangs (details)
  305. [LoopVectorizer] Don't create unused block masks for reductions. NFC (details)
  306. [ConstantFolding] add tests for abs intrinsic; NFC (details)
  307. [XCOFF][AIX] Enable -ffunction-sections (details)
  308. [OPENMP]Fix PR46824: Global declare target pointer cannot be accessed in target region. (details)
  309. [flang] Create HostAssoc symbols for uplevel references (details)
  310. Speculative GCC 5 build fix (details)
  311. [PowerPC][AIX] Move the testcase to proper dir (details)
  312. Attributor.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFCI. (details)
  313. AMDGPU: Convert some tests to use new buffer intrinsics (details)
  314. [AArch64] Fix operand definitions of XPACI/XPACD (details)
  315. [AIX] Temporarily disable IncrementalProcessingTest partially (details)
  316. Revert "[OPENMP]Fix PR46824: Global declare target pointer cannot be accessed in target region." (details)
  317. [clangd] NFC: Spell out types in index callback arguments (details)
  318. [OPENMP]Fix PR46824: Global declare target pointer cannot be accessed in target region. (details)
  319. [OpenMP][IRBuilder] Support allocas in nested parallel regions (details)
  320. [OpenMP][FIX] Consistently use OpenMPIRBuilder if requested (details)
  321. [X86] Parse and ignore .arch directives (details)
  322. Align store conditional address (details)
  323. [lldb] Add SBCommandInterpreterRunOptions to LLDB.h (details)
  324. [clang-tidy] Fix ODR violation in unittests. (details)
  325. [libc++] Use generator expression in Linker script generation (details)
  326. [tsan] Fix the open and open64 interceptors to have correct declarations (variadic functions) (details)
  327. [AMDGPU/MemOpsCluster] Clean-up fixme's around mem ops clustering logic (details)
  328. [OpenMP][Docs] Mark `present` motion modifier as done (details)
  329. [PGO] Include the mem ops into the function hash. (details)
  330. [tsan] Fixup for 1260a155: Move variadic-open.cpp test into Darwin/ directory (details)
  331. [libc] Implements isdigit and isalnum. Adds a utility header to inline (details)
  332. [lldb][NFC][test] Fix comment referring to FileCheck instead of yaml2obj (details)
  333. [MLIR][OpenMP] Fix OpenMPIRBuilder usage after D82470 (details)
  334. [WebAssembly] Fix GCC 5 build. (details)
  335. [NewPM][PassInstrument] Add PrintPass callback to StandardInstrumentations (details)
  336. LoopUnroll.cpp - pass std::vector by const reference to needToInsertPhisForLCSSA helper. NFCI. (details)
  337. [lldb][test] Move registers-target-xml-reading target to the correct test location. (details)
  338. [lldb] Add copy ctor/assignment operator to SBCommandInterpreterRunOptions (details)
  339. [AMDGPU] Do not use undef on indirect source (details)
  340. [WebAssembly] Fixed 64-bit indices in br_table (details)
  341. Fix computeHostNumPhysicalCores() for Linux on POWER and Linux on Z (details)
  342. [InstCombine] update test checks; NFC (details)
  343. [mlir] NFC: Expose `getElementPtrType` and `getSizes` methods of AllocOpLowering. (details)
  344. [LAA] Avoid adding pointers to the checks if they are not needed. (details)
  345. [lldb/Test] Use self.assertIn in TestGdbRemoteTargetXmlPacket (details)
  346. [SCCP] Remove dead switch cases based on range information (details)
  347. [ELF] Add --dependency-file option (details)
  348. [flang] Fix an assert on duplicate initializations (details)
  349. [CMake][Fuchsia] Include additional tools in the toolchain (details)
  350. [CVP] Add tests for min/max/abs intrinsic comparisons (NFC) (details)
  351. [ConstantRange][CVP] Compute min/max/abs intrinsic ranges (details)
  352. [LLD] [Mingw] Don't export symbols from profile generate (details)
  353. [compiler-rt] [profile] fix profile generate for mingw x86_64 (details)
  354. [lldb/Docs] Add lldb-arm-ubuntu to the list of bots (details)
  355. [ConstantRange] Support abs with poison flag (details)
  356. [lldb/Docs] Remove stale bot on GreenDragon and add reproducer one (details)
  357. [SelectionDAG] Fix lowering of vector geps (details)
  358. [ConstantRange][CVP] Make use of abs poison flag (details)
  359. [lld-macho] Support __dso_handle for C++ (details)
  360. [lld-macho] Implement -headerpad (details)
  361. [lld-macho] Make __LINKEDIT sections contiguous (details)
  362. AMDGPU: Put inexpensive ops first in AMDGPUAnnotateUniformValues::visitLoadInst (details)
  363. [lld-macho] Add comment for literal argument (details)
  364. PR46908: Emit undef destroying_delete_t as an aggregate RValue. (details)
  365. [clang-tidy][NFC] Use StringMap for ClangTidyCheckFactories::FacoryMap (details)
  366. [mlir][spirv] Add support for converting memref of vector to SPIR-V (details)
  367. AMDGPU: Fix liveness errors when copying AGPR tuples (details)
  368. [MLIR][NFC] Add SymbolUse::UseRange::empty() (details)
  369. [COFF] Port CallGraphSort to COFF from ELF (details)
  370. [JITLink] Allow JITLinkContext::notifyResolved to return an Error. (details)
  371. [llvm-jitlink] Add -harness option to llvm-jitlink. (details)
  372. [gn build] Port 763671f387f (details)
  373. [clang codegen][AArch64] Use llvm.aarch64.neon.fcvtzs/u where it's necessary (details)
  374. [libc] Add a tool called WrapperGen. (details)
  375. [doc] Describe the header guard style (details)
  376. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add legalization & selection support for G_INTRINSIC_LRINT. (details)
  377. [LegalizeTypes][SVE] Support widen/split legalization for SPLAT_VECTOR (details)
  378. [debugserver/Apple Silicon] Handoff connections when attaching to translated processes (details)
  379. [profile] Remove dependence on getpagesize from InstrProfilingBuffer.c.o (details)
  380. [ValueTracking] Add basic computeKnownBits support for llvm.abs intrinsic (details)
  381. [Attributor] Add time trace support. (details)
  382. [X86] Separate CPU Feature lists in between architecture features and tuning features (details)
  383. [X86] Fix for ballooning compile times due to Load Value Injection (LVI) mitigations (details)
  384. [NFC][AMDGPU] Improve fused fmul+fadd tests. (details)
  385. [OpenMP] Refactored the function `target` (details)
  386. [NFC] Move findAllocaForValue into ValueTracking.h (details)
  387. [OpenMP] Refactored the function `targetDataEnd` (details)
  388. [ValueTracking] Remove AllocaForValue parameter (details)
  389. [flang] Fixes for RESHAPE() (details)
  390. [NewPM] Don't print 'Invalidating all non-preserved analyses' (details)
  391. [tbaa] Rename type-based-aa -> tbaa (details)
  392. [X86] Pass the OperandVector by reference to ParseIntelOperand and ParseRoundingMode. NFCI (details)
  393. [test] Fix thinlto-distributed-newpm.ll (details)
  394. Make a test case more flexible on Windows wrt the number of backslashes. (details)
  395. [NFC] GetUnderlyingObject -> getUnderlyingObject (details)
  396. debguserver's type sniffer to only treat .app things that end in .app (details)
  397. Fix a crash when the sample profile uses md5 and -sample-profile-merge-inlinee (details)
  398. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Drop make.implicit metadata in case of non-trivial unswitching (details)
  399. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Preserve make.implicit in non-trivial unswitch if legal (details)
  400. [X86] Remove x86_sse42_crc32_64_64 from X86TTIImpl::simplifyDemandedUseBitsIntrinsic (details)
  401. [JITLink] Use correct Addressable constructor. (details)
  402. [JumpThreading] Add a test for D84944 ; NFC (details)
  403. [MC] Support infix operator ! (details)
  404. [JumpThreading] Let SimplifyPartiallyRedundantLoad look into freeze (details)
  405. [Driver] Render -e for Gnu.cpp (details)
  406. [Driver] Exclude options::LinkerInput for GCC linking (details)
  407. [PowerPC] Retrieve the offset from load/store if it stores to stack slots (details)
  408. Revert "[ELF] Add --dependency-file option" (details)
  409. [flang] Fix CMPLX folding with complex arguments (details)
  410. [analyzer] Fix out-of-tree only clang build by not relaying on private header (details)
  411. [mlir] Add TFFramework dialect to DialectSymbolRegistry. (details)
  412. [NFC] Remove unused GetUnderlyingObject paramenter (details)
  413. [clangd] Propagate remote index errors via Expected (details)
  414. [clang][Syntax] syntax::Arena doesnt own TokenBuffer (details)
  415. [OpenMP] Use weak attribute in interface only for static library (details)
  416. [mlir][Linalg] Conv {1,2,3}D ops defined with TC syntax (details)
  417. [Sanitizers] Fix lint failure with Python 3.6 (details)
  418. [clangd] Fix remote index build on macOS (details)
  419. [DWARFYAML] Add emitDebug[GNU]Pub[names/types] functions. NFC. (details)
  420. [DWARFYAML] Add helper function getDWARFEmitterByName(). NFC. (details)
  421. [DWARFYAML] Make the debug_aranges entry optional. (details)
  422. [clang-tidy] Fix build problem after commit 45a720a864320bbbeb596a (details)
  423. [clangd] Be more explicit on testing the optional DefLoc in LocatedSymbol. (details)
  424. DR2303: Prefer 'nearer' base classes during template deduction. (details)
  425. [MLIR,OpenMP][NFCI] Removed loop for accessing regions of ParallelOp (details)
  426. [gn build] (manually) merge 63d3aeb529 (details)
  427. [MLIR][Shape] Allow unsafe `shape.broadcast` (details)
  428. Support addrspacecast initializers with isNoopAddrSpaceCast (details)
  429. [flang] Make interactive behaviour more obvious (details)
  430. [flang] Add details to --help screen on default behaviour (details)
  431. [flang] Add -h as a synonym for help (details)
  432. [mlir][spirv] Relax restriction on pointer type for CooperativeMatrix load/store (details)
  433. [libc++] Fix eager generator expression in DefineLinkerScript (details)
  434. Add flang to to it gets source tarballs in releases (details)
  435. Hide some internal symbols. NFC. (details)
  436. [DWARFYAML][debug_aranges] Use yaml::Hex64 rather than uint64_t as length. NFC. (details)
  437. [PowerPC] Implement low-order Vector Modulus Builtins, and add Vector Multiply/Divide/Modulus Builtins Tests (details)
  438. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Refactor Slice and writeUniversalBinary (details)
  439. [gn build] Port df69492cdfa (details)
  440. [AutoFDO] Avoid merging inlinee samples multiple times (details)
  441. [PGO][test] Add test to check memops changes function hash (details)
  442. [X86][SSE] Cleanup bitwise reduction check prefixes. NFC (details)
  443. Disable getauxval for Go (details)
  444. [GISel] Add combiners for G_INTTOPTR and G_PTRTOINT (details)
  445. [SCEVExpander] Name temporary instructions for LCSSA insertion (NFC). (details)
  446. [PowerPC] Add Vector String Isolate instruction definitions and MC Tests (details)
  447. [Support][CommandLine] Delete unused llvm::cl::ParseEnvrironmentOptions (details)
  448. [ThinLTO] Compile time improvement to propagateAttributes (details)
  449. [lldb/Test] Reduce code duplication by importing subprocess globally (details)
  450. [Flang] Checks for constraint C7110-C7115. (details)
  451. [ValueTracking] Add ComputeNumSignBits support for llvm.abs intrinsic (details)
  452. [OpenMP][docs] Update loop tiling status. (details)
  453. [libunwind] Add -Wno-suggest-override to CMakeLists.txt. (details)
  454. [libc] Add islower and isupper implementation. (details)
  455. RuntimeDyldELF: report_fatal_error instead of asserting for unimplemented relocations (PR46816) (details)
  456. [ConstantFolding] fold abs intrinsic (details)
  457. Revert "[flang] Fix multi-config generator builds." (details)
  458. [flang]Verify C7107, C7108, C7109 from - Clause 7 constraint checks for f18. (details)
  459. [Support] Fix computeHostNumPhysicalCores() to respect affinity (details)
  460. [libc++] Avoid including <Block.h> from <functional> (details)
  461. [flang][NFC] Verify C781 from - Clause 7 constraint checks for f18. (details)
  462. [flang][OpenMP] Added initial support for lowering OpenMP  parallel construct (details)
  463. [Loop Peeling] Separate the Loop Peeling Utilities from the Loop Unrolling Utilities (details)
  464. [gn build] Port b7cfa6ca928 (details)
  465. [libc] Adds strrchr implementation. (details)
  466. [compiler-rt][Darwin] Fix GetOSMajorKernelOffset() on watchOS (details)
  467. Rename basic block sections options to be consistent. (details)
  468. [libc] [obvious] Add rest of strrchr test. (details)
  469. New test for basic block sections options. (details)
  470. Fix a test typo which caused a breakage. (details)
  471. [clang] Use the location of the void parameters when complaining that only a single void parameter should be present. (details)
  472. [lldb] force full gui redraw on Ctrl+L (details)
  473. [lldb] report an error if a CLI option lacks an argument (details)
  474. [MLIR][NFC] Add FuncOp::getArgumentTypes() (details)
  475. [mlir][PassIncGen] Refactor how pass registration is generated (details)
  476. [mlir] Add shape.with_shape op (details)
  477. Convert to early exit (NFC) (details)
  478. Updated the -I option description. (details)
  479. [InstSimplify] add tests for abs intrinsic; NFC (details)
  480. [OpenMP] Fixed the issue that target memory deallocation might be called when they're being used (details)
  481. [ValueTracking] Improve llvm.abs handling in computeKnownBits. (details)
  482. Upgrade MC to v0.9. (details)
  483. Support experimental v extension v0.9. (details)
  484. [compiler-rt][Darwin] Fix linker errors for check-asan (details)
  485. [libc] [obvious] Fix strchr and strrchr tests so that constness is (details)
  486. [libc] [obvious] In strrchr, remove cast to unsigned char before (details)
  487. [X86] Simplify vpternlog immediate selection. (details)
  488. Don't crash if we deserialize a pack expansion type whose pattern (details)
  489. [AArch64][SVE] Allow vector of pointers as legal type for masked load/store. (details)
  490. [clang-tidy][NFC] Added convienence methods for getting optional options (details)
  491. [VE] Change calling convention to follow ABI (details)
  492. PowerPC: Fix SPE extloadf32 handling. (details)
  493. PowerPC: Don't lower SELECT_CC to PPCISD::FSEL on SPE (details)
  494. [X86] Use TargetLowering::getRegClassFor to simplify some code in tryVPTESTM. NFCI (details)
  495. [SCEV] don't query getSCEV() for incomplete phis (details)
  496. [X86] Refactor the broadcast and load folding in tryVPTESTM to reduce some code. (details)
  497. [clang-tidy] readability-identifier-naming checks configs for included files (details)
  498. [MachineVerifier] Refactor calcRegsPassed. NFC (details)
  499. [clang-tidy][NFC] Small refactor (details)
  500. [X86][AVX] Extend v2f64 BROADCAST(LOAD) -> BROADCAST_LOAD to v2i64/v4f32/v4i32 (details)
  501. [InstSimplify] add abs test with assume; NFC (details)
  502. [InstSimplify] simplify abs if operand is known non-negative (details)
  503. [mlir][Vector] Simplify code a bit. NFCI. (details)
  504. [ARM] Distribute post-inc for Thumb2 sign/zero extending loads/stores (details)
  505. [Attributor][NFC] Update description for the dependency graph (details)
  1. Fixed typo. (details)
  2. Initial deployment of windows buildbot (details)
  3. mlir-nvidia removing outdated DLLVM_ENABLE_CXX1Y (details)
  4. updated container version, fixed volume mounts (details)
  5. registered 32bit msdia140.dll as well (details)
  6. moved buildbot working dir to volume (details)
  7. Set up Vulkan compute in mlir-nvidia docker (details)
  8. mlir-nvidia - parallel deployments to prod and staging (details)
  9. buildbot-mlir-nvidia updated container version (details)
  10. added cmake flag for Vulkan (details)
  11. Refactored getSingleBranchSchedulers, since now we use LLVMBuildFactory for all of the builders. (details)
  12. Got rid of legacy schedulers. (details)

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