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Build Log

  1. [libc++] Add a benchmark for std::map operations (details)
  2. [MachineBasicBlock] Fix a typo in function copySuccessor (details)
  3. NFC: Add whitespace change to .git-blame-ignore-revs (details)
  4. [X86][AVX] lowerShuffleWithSHUFPS - handle missed canonicalization cases. (details)
  5. [lldb] Add -l/--language option to script command (details)
  6. [VectorCombine] Don't vectorize scalar load under asan/hwasan/memtag/tsan (details)
  7. Revert "[DebugInfo] Remove dots from getFilenameByIndex return value" (details)
  8. Revert "[DSE] Switch to MemorySSA-backed DSE by default." (details)
  9. [MemoryBuffer] Revert unintended MemoryBuffer change from D86996 (details)
  10. Fix bot failure after ccb4124a4172 (details)
  11. [OPENMP]Add support for allocate vars in untied tasks. (details)
  12. [LoopAccessAnalysis][NewPM] Fix tests to work under NPM (details)
  13. [DependenceAnalysis][NewPM] Fix tests to work under NPM (details)
  14. [RegionInfo][NewPM] Fix RegionInfo tests to work under NPM (details)
  15. [NewPM][opt] Fix -globals-aa not being recognized as alias analysis in NPM (details)
  16. [PostDominators][NewPM] Fix tests to work under NPM (details)
  17. [libc++] Add missing friend keyword (details)
  18. [X86] Use Align in reduceMaskedLoadToScalarLoad/reduceMaskedStoreToScalarStore. Correct pointer info. (details)
  19. [Bugpoint][NewPM] Pin bugpoint to legacy PM (details)
  20. [ConstraintElimination] Add constraint elimination pass. (details)
  21. [gn build] Port 3d42d549554 (details)
  22. Fix .debug_aranges parsing. (details)
  23. [DemandedBits][NewPM] Pin some tests to legacy PM (details)
  24. [Dominators][NewPM] Pin tests with -analyze to legacy PM (details)
  25. [libc++] Fix broken test for std::any and allocators (details)
  26. [ASTMatchers] extract public matchers from const-analysis into own patch (details)
  27. [CodeGen][typeid] Emit typeinfo directly if type is known at compile-time (details)
  28. [PowerPC] Implement __int128 vector divide operations (details)
  29. [AArch64][SVE] Add lowering for llvm fsqrt (details)
  30. [clang] Add a command line flag for the Machine Function Splitter. (details)
  31. InferAddressSpaces: Fix assert with unreachable code (details)
  32. [TableGen] Fix invalid comparison function `SizeOrder` in `getMatchingSubClassWithSubRegs` (details)
  33. Implement __isOSVersionAtLeast for Android (details)
  34. [libc] remove useless headers (details)
  35. [SLPVectorizer][SVE] Skip scalable-vector instructions before vectorizeSimpleInstructions. (details)
  36. [libc] use stddef instead of string header (details)
  37. Sema: add support for `__attribute__((__swift_bridged_typedef__))` (details)
  38. [libc] Remove special case for 8 and 16 bytes (details)
  39. [mlir] Rename 'setInsertionPointAfter' to avoid ambiguity (details)
  40. [OPENMP]Fix codegen for is_device_ptr component, captured by reference. (details)
  41. [OpenMP] Additional Information for Libomptarget Mappings (details)
  42. [TSAN] Handle musttail call properly in EscapeEnumerator (and TSAN) (details)
  43. [AMDGPU] Unify intrinsic ret/nortn interface (details)
  44. GlobalISel: Add combines for G_TRUNC (details)
  45. [SourceManager] Explicitly check for potential iterator underflow (details)
  46. [ThinLTO] add post-thinlto-merge option to -lto-embed-bitcode (details)
  47. [GISel] Add new GISel combiners for G_MUL (details)
  48. [BFI] Make BFI information available through loop passes inside LoopStandardAnalysisResults (details)
  49. [llvm][cmake] Change LLVM_INTEGRATED_CRT_ALLOC to a path instead of a boolean (details)
  50. GlobalISel: Fix a failing combiner test (details)
  51. [CGSCC][NewPM] Fix adding mutually recursive new functions (details)
  52. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Refactor + improve CMN, ADDS, and ADD emit functions (details)
  53. [LICM] Make Loop ICM profile aware again (details)
  54. SVML support for log10, sqrt (details)
  55. [LowerSwitch][NewPM] Port lowerswitch to NPM (details)
  56. [NewPM] Port strip* passes to NPM (details)
  57. [Hexagon] Replace incorrect pattern for vpackl HWI32 -> HVi8 (details)
  58. [PDB] Drop LF_PRECOMP from debugTypes earlier (details)
  59. Fix test after D86156. (details)
  60. [X86] Always use 16-bit displacement in 16-bit mode when there is no base or index register. (details)
  61. [NewPM] Fix 2003-02-19-LoopInfoNestingBug.ll under NPM (details)
  62. [NewPM][SCEV] Fix constant-fold-gep.ll under NPM (details)
  63. [NewPM] Fix opt-hot-cold-split.ll under NPM (details)
  64. Fully qualify some more namespace in MLIR ODS to be more friendly to dialects not defined under the mlir namespace (NFC) (details)
  65. [InstCombine] Add tests for statepoint simplification (details)
  66. [Test] Add signed version of a test (details)
  67. [clang-tidy] Fix crash in modernize-use-noexcept on uninstantiated throw class (details)
  68. [lldb] Reword CompilerType docstring to not say "generic type" (details)
  69. [MLIR][NFC] Value print update for block arguments (details)
  70. libclc: Add a __builtin to let SPIRV targets select between SW and HW FMA (details)
  71. [ThinLTO] Relax thinlto_embed_bitcode.ll check (details)
  72. [X86] Add test case for non-power of 2 scatter. NFC (details)
  73. [X86] Don't scalarize gather/scatters with non-power of 2 element counts. Widen instead. (details)
  74. [MemorySSA] Set MustDominate to true for PhiTranslation. (details)
  75. [llvm-rc] Allow omitting components from VERSIONINFO versions (details)
  76. [llvm-rc] Update a comment. NFC. (details)
  77. [llvm-rc] Lowercase the option definitions. NFC. (details)
  78. [obj2yaml] Add support for dumping the .debug_addr(v5) section. (details)
  79. [MemorySSA] Report unoptimized as None, not MayAlias. (details)
  80. [Test] Some more potential range check elimination opportunities (details)
  81. [flang] Fix docs build (details)
  82. [Test] Add positive range checks tests in addition to negative (details)
  83. Revert "[Asan] Fix false leak report" (details)
  84. Revert "[Asan] Accept __lsan_ignore_object for redzone pointer" (details)
  85. [ARM][MachineOutliner] Add calls handling. (details)
  86. [clangd] Don't use zlib when it's unavailable. (details)
  87. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Combine a VCMP and VPST into a VPT (details)
  88. Follow up rG635b87511ec3: forgot to add/commit the new test file. NFC. (details)
  89. [DebugInfo][flang] DISubrange support for fortran assumed size array (details)
  90. [llvm-readobj][test] - Address a forgotten review comment for D86923. (details)
  91. [clangd] Implement hot index reloading for clangd-index-server (details)
  92. [Support] Add GlobPattern::isTrivialMatchAll() (details)
  93. [LLD][ELF] Optimize linker script filename glob pattern matching NFC (details)
  94. [llvm-readobj][test] - Improve section-symbols.test (details)
  95. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Fix tests after ef0b9f3 (details)
  96. [clang-tidy] Improve documentation on Clangd integration (details)
  97. [DAG] Remover getOperand() call. NFCI. (details)

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