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  1. [llvm-readobj] Replace arch-specific ObjDumper methods by the single (details)
  2. [llvm-readobj][mips] Implement GNU-style printing of .MIPS.abiflags (details)
  3. [llvm-readobj][mips] Inline `printMipsPLTGOT` method (details)
  4. [lldb] [cmake] Support linking against clang-cpp dylib (details)
  5. [llvm-readobj] Remove redundant semicolon. NFC (details)
  6. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX10] Corrected definition of FLAT GLOBAL/SCRATCH (details)
  7. [llvm-ar][test] Clarified comment (details)
  8. ARM-Darwin: keep the frame register reserved even if not updated. (details)
  9. [clangd] update the package-lock.json. (details)
  10. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX10] Enabled decoding of 'null' operand (details)
  11. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFCI. (details)
  12. Fix uninitialized variable warnings in directory_entry default (details)
  13. [NFCI] Improve the -Wbool-operation's warning message (details)
  14. [clang] Prevent false positives in arm-mfpu-none codegen test. (details)
  15. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX10][WS32] Corrected decoding of dst operand for (details)
  16. [clang-format] [PR42417] clang-format inserts a space after '->' for (details)
  17. [clang-rename] Fix a crash when renaming a class without definition. (details)
  18. Further improve -Wbool-operation bitwise negation message (details)
  19. [clang-format] [PR43531] clang-format damages "alternative (details)
  20. [clang-format] C++11 braced lists should respect the SpacesInParentheses (details)
  21. CGBlocks - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference warnings. (details)
  22. SemaDeclAttr - silence static analyzer getAs<> null dereference (details)
  23. [scudo][standalone] Make malloc_info return a minimal XML (details)
  24. [NFC] [FileCheck] Reapply fix init of objects in unit tests (details)
  25. [OPENMP50]Suppport for multiple vendors in the same vendor context (details)
  26. [lldb-server/android] Show more processes and package name when (details)
  27. [utils] Fix incompatibility of bisect[-skip-count] with Python 3 (details)
  28. [process info] Remove assert in DoGetGroupName (details)
  29. [FPEnv] Strict FP tests should use the requisite function attributes. (details)
  30. [ModuloSchedule] Do not remap terminators (details)
  31. [Automaton] Fix invalid iterator reference (details)
  32. Add few docs and implementation of strcpy and strcat. (details)
  33. [X86] Add DAG combine to form saturating VTRUNCUS/VTRUNCS from VTRUNC (details)
  34. [X86] Remove isel patterns for mask vpcmpgt/vpcmpeq. Switch vpcmp to (details)
  35. [libc++] Move more CMake flags to per-target definitions (details)
  36. Componentize lldb/scripts to use with LLVM_DISTRIBUTION_COMPONENTS (details)
  37. [CMake] Clang: Don't use object libraries with Xcode (details)
  38. [libc++abi] Link against libSystem on Apple platforms (details)
  39. Add missing null pointer check in -ftime-trace code (details)
  40. [libc++] Make the modules-related flags PUBLIC instead of PRIVATE (details)
  41. [Sema] Split out -Wformat-type-confusion from -Wformat-pedantic (details)
  42. [lldb] Fix crash on SBCommandReturnObject & assignment (details)
  43. [Host] Don't discard return value from RunShellCommand (details)
  44. [MachO] Reformat before making changes to this file (NFC) (details)
  45. [MachO] Add early returns to save some indentation. (details)
  46. [JITLink] Silence GCC warnings. NFC. (details)
  47. [test] Remove another two unnecessary uses of REQUIRES: target-windows. (details)
  48. [LLD] [COFF] Always demangle the __imp_ prefix to __declspec(dllimport) (details)
  49. [ScheduleDAG] When a node is cloned, add an edge between the nodes. (details)
  50. [Host] Return status directly from RunShellCommand (details)
  51. [NFC] Add { } to silence compiler warning [-Wmissing-braces]. (details)
  52. [clang] [cmake] Use add_clang_tool() to install all tools (details)
  53. [clang-tools-extra] [cmake] Link against libclang-cpp whenever possible (details)
  54. [lldb] [testsuite] Mark TestSBCommandReturnObject as failing on Windows (details)
  55. [InstCombine] add tests for fneg disguised as fmul; NFC (details)
  56. Expand on the qfProcessInfo documentation, add examples from (details)
  57. [MachineOutliner] Disable outlining from noreturn functions (details)
  58. [clang] fix a typo from r372531 (details)
  59. Use named constant to indicate all lanes, to handle 32 and 64 wide (details)
  60. [lit] Use better name for "test in parallel" concept (details)
  61. [debugserver] Don't link against Cocoa, it's not needed. (details)
  62. Add an off-by-default option to enable testing for gdb pretty printers. (details)
  63. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for right-shift shift amount reassociation (w/ (details)
  64. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for bit test via highest sign-bit extract (w/ (details)
  65. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate icmp-shr-lt-gt.ll test (details)
  66. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate shift.ll test (details)
  67. [InstCombine] Right-shift shift amount reassociation with truncation (details)
  68. [InstCombine] Fold 'icmp eq/ne (?trunc (lshr/ashr %x, bitwidth(x)-1)), (details)
  69. [MachO] Move nlist parsing into helper function (NFC) (details)
  70. [test] Run TestLaunchWithShellExpand with /bin/sh on POSIX. (details)
  71. Revert [CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement pass to (details)
  72. [libomptarget][nfc] Update remaining uint32 to use lanemask_t (details)
  73. Invalidate assumption cache before outlining. (details)
  74. [libc++] Localize common build flags into a single CMake function (details)
  75. [libc++] Guard cxx_experimental settings behind (details)
  76. [MachO] Reduce indentation further in ParseSymtab (NFC) (details)
  77. Add a unittest to verify for assumption cache (details)
  78. [RISCV] Added missing ImmLeaf predicates (details)
  79. [Test] Add a test case fo a missed oppurtunity in implicit null checking (details)
  80. Fix a *nasty* miscompile in experimental unordered atomic lowering (details)
  81. Expose ProvidePositionalOption as a public API (details)
  82. [Diagnostics] Use Expr::isKnownToHaveBooleanValue() to check bitwise (details)
  83. [NFCI] Slightly improve warning message (details)
  84. Do not install lit-cpuid (details)
  85. [UnitTests] Try and pacify gcc-5 (details)
  86. [clang-format] SpacesInSquareBrackets should affect lambdas with (details)

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