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  1. [LLDB] On Windows, force error message formatting to English (detail)
  2. [lldb] NFC: refactor CompileUnit::ResolveSymbolContext (detail)
  3. [IVDescriptors] Skip FOR where we have multiple sink points for now. (detail)
  4. [mips] Check that features required by built-ins are enabled (detail)
  5. [ORC][JITLink] Add support for weak references, and improve handling of (detail)
  6. [LegacyPassManager] Simplify PMStack pop (detail)
  7. [Clang] Bypass distro detection on non-Linux hosts (detail)
  8. [LegacyPassManager] Simplify FunctionPass::assignPassManager (detail)
  9. [OpenMP] build offload plugins before testing them (detail)

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