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  1. [lldb/DWARF] Fix DW_AT_addr_base & DW_AT_low_pc interaction (detail)
  2. [FPEnv][SelectionDAG] Relax chain requirements (detail)
  3. [lldb][NFC] Move [SU]Int64ValueIsValidForByteSize to RegisterValue (detail)
  4. [clangd] Fix gcc warning about extra ";" [NFC] (detail)
  5. [AArch64][SVE] Implement integer compare intrinsics (detail)
  6. [X86] Regenerate test to fix build bot failures (detail)
  7. [DebugInfo][CGP] Update dbg.values when sinking address computations (detail)
  8. [clangd] Try to fix CompileCommandsTests on windows. NFC (detail)
  9. [llvm-readobj] - Implement --dependent-libraries flag. (detail)
  10. [AArch64][SVE2] Implement while comparison intrinsics (detail)
  11. [LV] Record GEP widening decisions in recipe (NFCI) (detail)
  12. [llvm-readobj][llvm-readelf] - Refactor parsing of the SHT_GNU_versym (detail)
  13. [clangd] Store index::SymbolKind in HoverInfo (detail)
  14. [clangd] Switch Hover.All to structured tests (detail)
  15. Fix for PR44000. Optimization record for bytecode input missing. Review (detail)
  16. Attempt to fix a debuginfo test that wasn't as generic as I thought (detail)
  17. Fix building shared libraries broken by 8e48e8e3e32. (detail)
  18. gn build: Unbreak mac build after 4066591 (detail)

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