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  1. [lldb][CMake] Fix build for the case of custom libedit installation (detail)
  2. [lldb/SWIG] Guard Python type map in SWIG interface by SWIGPYTHON (detail)
  3. [PowerPC] Refactor FinishCall. [NFC] (detail)
  4. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VMULL[BT]Q_(INT|POLY) intrinsics. (detail)
  5. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VQADDQ, VHADDQ, VRHADDQ, VQSUBQ, VHSUBQ, (detail)
  6. [clangd] Delete default arguments while moving functions out-of-line (detail)
  7. [clangd] Delete ctor initializers while moving functions out-of-line (detail)
  8. [lldb] Clean up accidentally passing (detail)
  9. Reland 198fbcb8, "Driver: Don't look for libc++ headers in the install (detail)
  10. scudo: Add a basic malloc/free benchmark. (detail)
  11. Magic number checker shouldn't warn on user defined string literals (detail)
  12. [clangd] also filter out another possible diag from MS ASM syntax (detail)
  13. The field ‘totalFrames’ which is total number of frames available, is (detail)
  14. [PowerPC][NFC] Rename ANDI(S)o8 to ANDI(S)8o (detail)
  15. [InstCombine] add tests for shuffle with insertelement operand; NFC (detail)
  16. Fix clang -Wcovered-switch-default after (detail)
  17. [clang][IFS] Allow 2 output files when using -o and -c with clang IFS (detail)
  18. [c++20] Fix incorrect assumptions in checks for comparison category (detail)
  19. [Attr] Move ParsedTargetAttr out of the TargetAttr class (detail)
  20. [PGO][PGSO] Instrument the code gen / target passes. (detail)

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