1. Don't assume that __cxa_current_exception_type exists. (details)
Commit 81cc5d1c7d3f7292e82e8611fcd4a2889278a218 by jingham
Don't assume that __cxa_current_exception_type exists.
Normally you shouldn't be able to have a process with an ItaniumABI
plugin that doesn't have this symbol.  But if the loader crashes before
loading libc++abi.dylib (on MacOS), then the symbol might not be
present.  So we should check before accessing the pointer.
There isn't a good way to write a test for this, but the change is
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Plugins/LanguageRuntime/CPlusPlus/ItaniumABI/ItaniumABILanguageRuntime.cpp