1. [dexter] Remove lit check for python 3 (details)
  2. [dexter] Fix feature tests on Windows (details)
Commit 7035ea6e3e4371fff223a3a8f660ec149a954876 by rnk
[dexter] Remove lit check for python 3
This is checking the version of Python used to run lit, which is not
necessarily the same as the version used to run the dexter tests.  If
the tests are run via the build/bin/llvm-lit[.py] helper script, then
that is likely to pick up whatever version of Python is on PATH.
Conventionally, this will find Python 2. CMake already checks that
Python 3 is in use and puts the path to it in the lit site config, so
this check is redundant, and Python 3 will ultimately be used to run
Reviewers: jmorse
Differential Revision:
The file was modifieddebuginfo-tests/dexter/feature_tests/lit.local.cfg
Commit 63f49465c3268e59ce2dc02345da187393adabd7 by rnk
[dexter] Fix feature tests on Windows
First, add LLD as a dependency on Windows. The windows batch scripts
pass -fuse-ld=lld, so they need it.
Second, decode builder stdout/stderr even if the command fails.
Otherwise it gets printed as b'line 1\n\rline 2\n\r'.
Last, make the batch script one line less noisy. We might want to try to
do more here, though. It would be nice if we could get as close to
possible as lit, where you can literally copy & paste the failing
command to re-run it.
With the two changes above, now the feature tests that use clang++.bat
pass for me. The clang-cl_vs2015 ones still fail, and I'll fix them
Reviewers: jmorse
Differential Revision:
The file was modifieddebuginfo-tests/CMakeLists.txt
The file was modifieddebuginfo-tests/dexter/dex/builder/
The file was modifieddebuginfo-tests/dexter/dex/builder/scripts/windows/clang.bat