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  1. [X86][SSE] Add support for <64 x i1> bool reduction (detail)
  2. [X86] Add test case for PR32546 (detail)
  3. [X86][SSE] Fix out of range shift introduced in D67070/rL371328 (detail)
  4. [ARM] Remove declaration of unimplemented function. NFC. (detail)
  5. [NFC] Make the describeLoadedValue() hook return machine operand objects (detail)
  6. [DebugInfo][X86] Describe call site values for zero-valued imms (detail)
  7. Do not intercept malloc_usable_size on NetBSD (detail)
  8. Enable leak-detection for NetBSD/amd64 in test/asan (detail)
  9. [ASan] Only run dlopen-mixed-c-cxx.c with static runtime (detail)
  10. Stop marking 5 ASan tests as failing on NetBSD/i386 (detail)
  11. Enable LSan tests for NetBSD/i386 (detail)
  12. [NFC][InstSimplify] Some tests for dropping null check after (detail)
  13. [InstCombine] fold extract+insert into identity shuffle (detail)
  14. Move prop-sink branch to monorepo. (detail)
  15. [X86] Teach materializeVectorConstant to not call (detail)
  16. [DAGCombiner][X86][ARM] Teach visitMULO to fold multiplies with 0 to 0 (detail)
  17. [X86] Use DAG.getConstant instead of getZeroVector in combinePMULDQ. (detail)
  18. [X86] X86DAGToDAGISel::combineIncDecVector(): call getSplatBuildVector() (detail)
  19. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp with srem operand; NFC (detail)
  20. [InstSimplify] simplifyUnsignedRangeCheck(): if we know that X != 0, (detail)
  21. [X86] Remove call to getZeroVector from materializeVectorConstant. Add (detail)
  22. [X86] Add a hack to combineVSelectWithAllOnesOrZeros to turn selects (detail)
  23. [InstCombine][NFC] Some tests for usub overflow+nonzero check (detail)
  24. [X86][SSE] SimplifyDemandedVectorEltsForTargetNode - add faux shuffle (detail)

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