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  1. [clang-scan-deps] remove dots and dots dots from the reported file (detail)
  2. [LICM/AST] Check if the AliasAny set is removed from the tracker. (detail)
  3. [MS] Warn when shadowing template parameters under -fms-compatibility (detail)
  4. Use host's executable suffix for clang when cross-compiling compiler-rt (detail)
  5. llvm-reduce: Remove unused plugin support/requirements (detail)
  6. [analyzer] Don't run the analyzer for -analyzer-list-enabled-checkers (detail)
  7. Split many_tls_keys.cpp into two tests (detail)
  8. Add getauxval() compat for NetBSD (detail)
  9. NFC, add missing cl::cat option category to clang-scan-deps options to (detail)
  10. [analyzer][NFC] Fix inconsistent references to checkers as "checks" (detail)
  11. AMDGPU: Fix bug in r371671 on some builds. (detail)
  12. Precommit tests for D67514 (detail)
  13. [libc++] Mark issue 2587 resolved by issue 2567 (detail)
  14. llvm-reduce: For now, mark these tests as requiring a shell (detail)
  15. [CFG] Add dumps for CFGElement and CFGElementRef (detail)
  16. [Clang][CodeGen] support alias attribute w/ gnu_inline (detail)
  17. Improve code generation for thread_local variables: (detail)
  18. [SCEV] Support SCEVUMinExpr in getRangeRef. (detail)
  19. [LV] Update test case after r371768. (detail)
  20. [X86] Move negateFMAOpcode helper earlier to help future patch. NFCI. (detail)
  21. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Simplify loop in visitSelect back to how it was (detail)
  22. Fix llvm-reduce tests so that they don't assume the source code is (detail)
  23. [ClangTidy] Adjust the name getCheckName to getCheckerName due to API (detail)
  24. [ConstantFolding] Expand folding of some library functions (detail)
  25. [DAGCombiner][X86] Pass the CmpOpVT to reduceSelectOfFPConstantLoads so (detail)
  26. [SCEV] Add smin support to getRangeRef (detail)
  27. Remove a duplicate test (detail)
  28. [COFF] Fix to not add archive name to buffer identifiers when they come (detail)
  29. [PowerPC] Remove the SPE4RC register class and instead add f32 to the (detail)
  30. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Support sibling calls with outgoing arguments (detail)
  31. [analyzer] Fix the 'analyzer-enabled-checkers.c' test on non-linux (detail)
  32. [Docs] Adds page for reference docs (detail)
  33. [NFC] Fix file header filename to be Range.h (detail)
  34. [NFC] Sort source files in Utility/CMakeLists.txt (detail)
  35. Add -Wpoison-system-directories warning (detail)
  36. [SDAG] Update generic code to conservatively check for isAtomic in (detail)
  37. [libclang] Expose abort()-ing LLVM fatal error handler (detail)
  38. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Support tail calling with swiftself parameters (detail)
  39. Rename nonvolatile_load/store to simple_load/store [NFC] (detail)
  40. [Test] Restructure check lines to show differences between modes more (detail)
  41. AMDGPU: Inline constant when materalizing FI with add on gfx9 (detail)
  42. LiveIntervals: Remove assertion (detail)
  43. AMDGPU: Add immarg to llvm.amdgcn.init.exec.from.input (detail)
  44. [libclang] Fix UninstallAbortingLLVMFatalErrorHandler test (detail)
  45. The setUp/tearDown methods I added mssed up the test function; reorder. (detail)
  46. [Target] Move InferiorCall to Process (detail)
  47. DAG/GlobalISel: Correct type profile of bitcount ops (detail)
  48. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_CTPOP (detail)
  49. Revert r371785. (detail)
  50. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize G_FMAD (detail)
  51. [ScopBuilder] Skip getting leader when merging statements to close (detail)
  52. Temporarily revert r371640 "LiveIntervals: Split live intervals on (detail)
  53. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize G_FFLOOR (detail)
  54. [ELF] Delete a redundant assignment to SectionBase::assigned. NFC (detail)
  55. For PR17164: split -fno-lax-vector-conversion into three different (detail)
  56. [RISCV] Support stack offset exceed 32-bit for RV64 (detail)
  57. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select 16-bit VALU bit ops (detail)
  58. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegBankSelect for amdgcn.else (detail)
  59. Revert "[RISCV] Support stack offset exceed 32-bit for RV64" (detail)
  60. [RISCV] Support stack offset exceed 32-bit for RV64 (detail)
  61. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize s32->s16 G_SITOFP/G_UITOFP (detail)
  62. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix assert on multi-return side effect intrinsics (detail)
  63. Revert "For PR17164: split -fno-lax-vector-conversion into three (detail)
  64. Remove reliance on lax vector conversions from altivec.h and its test. (detail)

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