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  1. Remove redundant linaro slaves from (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [TargetRegisterInfo] Remove SVT argument from getCommonSubClass. (detail)
  2. Fix interaction between r371813 and r371814. (detail)
  3. For PR17164: split -fno-lax-vector-conversion into three different (detail)
  4. [AArch64] MachineCombiner FMA matching. NFC. (detail)
  5. [BasicBlockUtils] Add optional BBName argument, in line with (detail)
  6. [Clang][ASTImporter] Added visibility check for FunctionTemplateDecl. (detail)
  7. [compiler-rt] Add ubsan interface header. (detail)
  8. [lldb][NFC] Make ArgEntry::quote private and provide a getter (detail)
  9. Revert "Fix test failures after r371640" (detail)
  10. [Polly] Fix lib/Transform/ScheduleOptimizer.cpp compilation on Solaris (detail)
  11. [llvm-objdump] Fix llvm-objdump --all-headers output order (detail)
  12. [ARM] Add support for MVE vmaxv and vminv (detail)
  13. [lib/ObjectYAML] - Change interface to return `bool` instead of `int`. (detail)
  14. [Alignment] Introduce llvm::Align to MCSection (detail)
  15. Fix a perl warning: Scalar value @ArgParts[0] better written as (detail)
  16. [AArch64] More @llvm.fma.f16 tests (detail)
  17. [Clang Interpreter] Initial patch for the constexpr interpreter (detail)
  18. [lldb][NFC] Simplify Args::ReplaceArgumentAtIndex (detail)
  19. [ARM] Add earlyclobber for cross beat MVE instructions (detail)
  20. [ASTImporter] Add development internals docs (detail)
  21. [X86] negateFMAOpcode - extend to support FMADDSUB/FMSUBADD and output (detail)
  22. [lldb][NFC] Remove ArgEntry::ref member (detail)
  23. [Orc] Address the remaining move-capture FIXMEs (detail)
  24. [Orc] Roll back ThreadPool to std::function (detail)
  25. [llvm-size] Fix spelling errors (Berkely -> Berkeley) (detail)
  26. [ADT] Make DenseMap use allocate_buffer (detail)
  27. gn build: (manually) merge r371787 (detail)
  28. gn build: Merge r371822 (detail)
  29. gn build: (manually) merge r371834 (detail)
  30. Revert "gn build: (manually) merge r371834" (detail)
  31. gn build: (manually) merge r371834, take 2 (detail)
  32. lld-link: Add a flag /lldignoreenv that makes lld-link ignore env vars. (detail)
  33. Fix depfile name construction (detail)
  34. clang-format: Add support for formatting (some) lambdas with explicit (detail)
  35. [docs][llvm-objcopy][llvm-strip] Improve --strip-unneeded description (detail)
  36. [ADT] Remove a workaround for old versions of clang (detail)
  37. [PowerPC][NFC] Move codegen tests to PowerPC from MIR/PowerPC (detail)
  38. gn build: pacify "gn format" after 371102 (detail)
  39. [Sema][Typo Correction] Fix potential infite loop on ambiguity checks (detail)
  40. Fix a few spellos in docs. (detail)
  41. [X86] Use incDecVectorConstant to simplify the min/max code in (detail)
  42. [docs][llvm-readelf][llvm-readobj] Improve --stack-sizes documentation (detail)
  43. Fix build in C++20 (detail)
  44. Only initialize the streams cout/wcout/cerr/wcerr etc once, rather than (detail)

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