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  1. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove illegal select tests (detail)
  2. [ELF] Map the ELF header at imageBase (detail)
  3. [ELF][X86] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on (detail)
  4. [SystemZ]  Merge the SystemZExpandPseudo pass into SystemZPostRewrite. (detail)
  5. [AArch64] Some more FP16 FMA pattern matching (detail)
  6. gn build: Merge r371959 (detail)
  7. [test] Add -z separate-code to fix tests that ae sensitive to exact (detail)
  8. [clang-tidy] performance-inefficient-vector-operation: Support proto (detail)
  9. [ELF][ARM] Implement --fix-cortex-a8 to fix erratum 657417 (detail)
  10. gn build: Merge r371965 (detail)
  11. [SVE][Inline-Asm] Add constraints for SVE predicate registers (detail)
  12. Fix the rst doc, unbreak buildbot. (detail)
  13. Change signature of __builtin_rotateright64 back to unsigned (detail)
  14. [ELF][ARM] Fix -Werror buildbots NFC. (detail)
  15. [clangd] Fix a crash when renaming operator. (detail)
  16. Added return statement to fix compile and build warning: (detail)
  17. [SLPVectorizer] Don't dereference a dyn_cast result. NFCI. (detail)
  18. [SLPVectorizer] Assert that we find a LastInst to silence analyzer null (detail)
  19. [VPlanSLP] Don't dereference a cast_or_null<VPInstruction> result. NFCI. (detail)
  20. Implement semantic selections. (detail)
  21. gn build: Merge r371976 (detail)

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