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  1. [NFC] Test commit, deleting some whitespace (detail)
  2. [IntrinsicEmitter] Add overloaded types for SVE intrinsics (Subdivide2 & (detail)
  3. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused include in TestLineEntry.cpp (detail)
  4. Revert r372366 "Use getTargetConstant for BLENDI, and add a test to (detail)
  5. [AMDGPU] Use std::make_tuple to make some toolchains happy again (detail)
  6. Move decl completion out of the ASTImporterDelegate and document it (detail)
  7. [StaticAnalyzer] Use llvm::StringLiteral instead of StringRef in few (detail)
  8. [SystemZ]  Add SystemZ as supporting target in help text for -mfentry. (detail)
  9. [clang-tidy] Fix relative path in header-filter. (detail)
  10. [FastISel] Fix insertion of unconditional branches during FastISel (detail)
  11. [Alignment][NFC] migrate DataLayout internal struct to llvm::Align (detail)
  12. [RISCV] Fix static analysis issues (detail)
  13. [Testing] Python 3 requires `print` to use parens (detail)
  14. [SLPVectorizer] add tests for bogus reductions; NFC (detail)
  15. [CUDA][HIP] Fix hostness of defaulted constructor Clang does not respect (detail)
  16. Use llvm::StringLiteral instead of StringRef in few places (detail)
  17. [TextAPI] Arch&Platform to Target (detail)
  18. gn build: Merge r372396 (detail)
  19. Add a missing space in a MIR parser error message (detail)
  20. [docs] Remove training whitespaces. NFC (detail)
  21. [ELF] Error if the linked-to section of a SHF_LINK_ORDER section is (detail)
  22. [ARM] Fix CTTZ not generating correct instructions MVE (detail)
  23. [InstCombine] Tests for (a+b)<=a && (a+b)!=0 fold (PR43259) (detail)
  24. [MVT] Add v256i1 to MachineValueType (detail)
  25. Remove assert from MachineLoop::getLoopPredecessor() (detail)
  26. Unwind: prevent unw_get_proc_info from returning stale data (detail)
  27. [aarch64] add def-pats for dot product (detail)
  28. [SelectionDAG][Mips][Sparc] Don't allow SimplifyDemandedBits to constant (detail)
  29. [libTooling] Add `ifBound`, `elseBranch` RangeSelector combinators. (detail)
  30. Doxygenify comments. (detail)
  31. [MTE] Handle MTE instructions in AArch64LoadStoreOptimizer. (detail)
  32. [NFC][InstCombine] Fixup newly-added tests (detail)
  33. Reland '[analyzer][MallocChecker][NFC] Document and reorganize some (detail)
  34. [www] Turn 'Clang 9' boxes green in C++ status pages now Clang 9 is (detail)
  35. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFCI. (detail)
  36. [NFC][PowerPC] Refactor classifyGlobalReference (detail)
  37. Fix -Wdocumentation warning. NFCI. (detail)
  38. Fix a documentation error (detail)
  39. [Mips] Remove immarg test for intrinsics that no longer have an immarg (detail)
  40. Can't pass .dSYM directory to llvm-objdump -dsym= (and error message is (detail)
  41. Ensure AtomicExpr goes through SEMA checking after TreeTransform (detail)
  42. [docs] Update structure-aware-fuzzing link. (detail)
  43. [lldb] Process formatters in reverse-chronological order (detail)
  44. Revert "[MachinePipeliner] Improve the TargetInstrInfo API (detail)
  45. [NFC][PowerPC] Consolidate testing of common linkage symbols (detail)

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