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  1. [libc++] Move the linker script generation step to CMake (detail)
  2. Trust the arange accelerator tables in dSYMs (detail)
  3. [OpenMP] Enable thread affinity on FreeBSD (detail)
  4. Fix crash or wrong code bug if a lifetime-extended temporary contains a (detail)
  5. [libc++] Workaround old versions of CMake that don't understand (detail)
  6. Revert Trust the arange accelerator tables in dSYMs (detail)
  7. DebugInfo: Move LLE enum handling to .def to match RLE handling (detail)
  8. [dsymutil] Improve verbose output (NFC) (detail)
  9. [IA] Add tests for a few other edge cases (detail)
  10. [sanitizer] Fix crypt.cpp on Android again (detail)
  11. [IRGen] Emit lifetime markers for temporary struct allocas (detail)
  12. [clang-scan-deps] Improve string/character literal skipping (detail)
  13. [Docs] Fixes broken sphinx build - undefined label (detail)
  14. gn build: unbreak libcxx build after r374116 by restoring (detail)
  15. Factor out some duplication. NFC. (detail)
  16. [cxx_status] Note that Clang has supported std::source_location since (detail)
  17. Explicitly set entry point arch when it's thumb [Second Try] (detail)
  18. [c++20] Implement most of P1152R4. (detail)
  19. [c++20] P1152R4: warn on any simple-assignment to a volatile lvalue (detail)
  20. Optimize operator=(const basic_string&) for tail call. (detail)
  21. [TypeSize] Fix module builds (cassert) (detail)
  22. [dsymutil] Fix handling of common symbols in multiple object files. (detail)
  23. [lld] Don't create hints-section if Hint/Name Table is empty (detail)
  24. Use lld-link instead of llvm-dlltool to create an implib (detail)
  25. [llvm-exegesis][NFC] Remove unecessary `using llvm::` directives. (detail)

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