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  1. ClangBuilder code cleaning. NFC. (detail)
  2. Added support for is_legacy_mode to ABITestsuitBuilder. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [LLDB] Use the llvm microsoft demangler instead of the windows dbghelp (detail)
  2. [IndVars] Fix a miscompile in off-by-default loop predication (detail)
  3. [clangd] Add the missing dependency on `clangLex`. (detail)
  4. Remove a stale comment, noted in post commit review for rL375038 (detail)
  5. [Symbolize] Use the local MSVC C++ demangler instead of relying on (detail)
  6. GlobalISel: Implement lower for G_SADDO/G_SSUBO (detail)
  7. [AArch64] Fix offset calculation (detail)
  8. [dsymutil] Print warning/error for unknown/missing arguments. (detail)
  9. Update ReleaseNotes: expand the section on enabling MemorySSA (detail)
  10. [lit] Small refactoring and cleanups in (detail)
  11. [lit] Remove return value from print_summary function (detail)
  12. [lit] Skip creation of tmp dir if we don't actually run any tests (detail)
  13. [lit] Print warning if we fail to delete temp directory (detail)
  14. [Utils] Cleanup similar cases to MergeBlockIntoPredecessor. (detail)
  15. [support] GlobPattern: add support for `\` and `[!...]`, and allow `]` (detail)
  16. Revert [support] GlobPattern: add support for `\` and `[!...]`, and (detail)
  17. [NFC] Fix unused var in release builds (detail)
  18. [lit] Factor out separate methods for parallel and serial execution (detail)
  19. [lit] Do not create semaphores when we do not need them (detail)
  20. [lit] Remove unnecessary usage of lit.Run (detail)
  21. [gicombiner] Hoist pure C++ combine into the tablegen definition (detail)
  22. [lit] Fix another test case that r374652 missed (detail)
  23. [Reproducer] Capture the debugger's working directory (detail)
  24. [Reproducer] Add LoadBuffer<> helper (NFC) (detail)
  25. [Reproducer] Support dumping the reproducer CWD (detail)
  26. Revert "make ConstString allocate memory in non-tiny chunks" (detail)
  27. [Concepts] ConceptSpecializationExprs mangling (detail)
  28. [Reproducer] Set the working directory in the VFS (detail)
  29. [lit] Improve lit.Run class (detail)
  30. [GISel][CombinerHelper] Add concat_vectors(build_vector, build_vector) (detail)
  31. [gicombiner] Add the run-time rule disable option (detail)
  32. [CMake] Make it possible to set the RPATH in add_lldb_exectable. (detail)
  33. Revert Tag CFI-generated data structures with "#pragma clang section" (detail)
  34. Fix unused variable in r375066 (detail)
  35. Correct placement of #ifndef NDEBUG in r375067 (detail)
  36. SBCommandReturnObject: change LLDB_RECORD_METHOD(..., FILE *, ...) to (detail)
  37. delete SWIG typemaps for FILE* (detail)
  38. Include sanitize blacklist and other extra deps as part of scan-deps (detail)
  39. Move LiveRangeCalc header to publicily available position. NFC (detail)
  40. Clang-formatting of some files in LiveRangeCalc header (LiveRangeCalc.h) (detail)
  41. [lld][WebAssembly] Fix for weak references to data symbols in archives (detail)
  42. Revert "Include sanitize blacklist and other extra deps as part of (detail)
  43. [lld][WebAssebmly] Preserve custom import attributes with LTO (detail)

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