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  1. [Profile] Include a few asserts in coverage mapping test (details)
  2. [InstCombine] add helper for x/pow(); NFC (details)
  3. [InstCombine] fold fdiv with powi divisor (PR49147) (details)
  4. Revert "[Profile] Include a few asserts in coverage mapping test" (details)
  5. [MC][ARM] make Thumb function also if type attribute is set (details)
  6. [builtins] Define fmax and scalbn inline (details)
  7. Reland "[Driver][Windows] Support per-target runtimes dir layout for profile instr generate" (details)
  8. Revert "[builtins] Define fmax and scalbn inline" (details)
  9. [profile] Fix buffer overrun when parsing %c in filename string (details)
  10. Allow !shape.size type operands in "shape.from_extents" op. (details)
  11. [CUDA][HIP] Support accessing static device variable in host code for -fgpu-rdc (details)
  12. [RISCV] Use a ComplexPattern for zexti32 to match sexti32. (details)

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