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  1. [mips] Do not include offset into `%got` expression for global symbols (detail)
  2. [mips] Reduce number of instructions used for loading a global symbol's (detail)
  3. libcxx: Make print contents only in --dryrun mode (detail)
  4. clang-format: Disable across-block include reordering. (detail)
  5. [analyzer] Avoid unnecessary enum range check on LValueToRValue casts (detail)
  6. [llvm-objcopy] Strip debug sections when running with --strip-unneeded. (detail)
  7. [ELF] Mention contents of reproduce archive and add help description. (detail)
  8. [clang-tidy] Possibility of displaying duplicate warnings (detail)
  9. [libc++] Improve Python 3 compatibility for (detail)
  10. [MustExec] Add a generic "must-be-executed-context" explorer (detail)
  11. [ThinLTO] Fix handling of weak interposable symbols (detail)
  12. [Attributor][NFCI] Try to avoid potential non-deterministic behavior (detail)
  13. [Attributor] FIX: Treat new attributes as changed ones (detail)
  14. [SLP] fix formatting; NFC (detail)
  15. [Attributor][NFCI] Avoid lookups when resolving returned values (detail)
  16. [Attributor][Fix] Deal with "growing" dereferenceability (detail)
  17. [Reassoc] Small fix to support unary FNeg in NegateValue(...) (detail)
  18. [NFC] Move some variable declarations into their 'if' conditions. (detail)
  19. Fix target for new X86 test (detail)
  20. [OPENMP5.0]Add support for device_type clause in declare target (detail)
  21. [SLP] use range-for loops, fix formatting; NFC (detail)
  22. Fixed a typo. (detail)
  23. [DebugInfo] Remove invalidated locations during LiveDebugValues (detail)
  24. [OpenCL] Renamed value of std flag in C++ mode. (detail)
  25. [SelectionDAG][X86] Enable iX SimplifyDemandedBits to vXi1 (detail)
  26. Debug Info: Support for DW_AT_export_symbols for anonymous structs (detail)
  27. Allow Compiler.h to be included in C files and fix fallthrough warnings (detail)
  28. Fix clang-tidy warning in clang-tidy (detail)
  29. [Attributor] Deal with shrinking dereferenceability in a loop (detail)
  30. [Attributor] Manifest constant return values (detail)
  31. [BasicAA] Use dereferenceability to reason about aliasing (detail)
  32. [AMDGPU] Automatically generate various tests. NFC (detail)
  33. Windows: explicitly cast constants to `DWORD` (detail)
  34. [InstCombine] icmp eq/ne (gep inbounds P, Idx..), null -> icmp eq/ne P, (detail)
  35. Revert r369233. (detail)
  36. [Sema] Don't warn on printf('%hd', [char]) (PR41467) (detail)
  37. [X86] Mark VPDPWSSD and VPDPWSSDS as commutable. Add stack folding (detail)
  38. [X86] Automatically generate load-local-v3i1.ll . NFC (detail)
  39. RegScavenger: Use Register (detail)
  40. Fix a bug in just submitted rL369789 (detail)
  41. [OPENMP][NVPTX]Use __syncwarp() to reconverge the threads. (detail)
  42. [PowerPC] Expand v1i128 smin (detail)
  43. [SampleFDO] Add ExtBinary format to support extension of binary profile. (detail)
  44. Fix some warnings introduced by r369798. (detail)
  45. [libc++] Fix typo in documentation for LIBCXX_HERMETIC_STATIC_LIBRARY (detail)
  46. [OPENMP5]Use nonmonotonic modifier by default for non-static and (detail)
  47. [X86] Move a transform out of combineConcatVectorOps so we don't (detail)
  48. Do a sweep of symbol internalization. NFC. (detail)
  49. [Attributor] Manifest alignment in load and store instructions (detail)
  50. [GlobalISel] Legalizer: Retry combining illegal artifacts as long as (detail)
  51. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Import XRO load/store patterns instead of custom (detail)
  52. [ORC] Fix an incorrect comment. (detail)
  53. [ORC] Fix a FIXME: Propagate errors to dependencies. (detail)
  54. [ORC] Remove query dependencies when symbols are resolved. (detail)
  55. [LLVM][NFC] remove unused fields (detail)
  56. [clang-doc] Bump BitcodeWriter max line number to 32U (detail)
  57. [x86] add tests for bt/test; NFC (detail)
  58. Move a break into the correct place. NFCI. (detail)
  59. Upstream support for macCatalyst Mach-O binaries. (detail)
  60. hwasan: Fix use of uninitialized memory. (detail)
  61. [AMDGPU] w/a for gfx908 mfma SrcC literal HW bug (detail)
  62. [LifetimeAnalysis] Make it possible to disable the new warnings (detail)
  63. [AMDGPU] w/a for gfx908 mfma SrcC literal HW bug (detail)
  64. [AMDGPU] Check for immediate SrcC in mfma in AsmParser (detail)
  65. Fix a test to test what the name suggest. (detail)
  66. Skip tail call frame tests when dwarf_version < 4 (detail)
  67. [libclang][index][NFC] Fix test for skipping already parsed function (detail)
  68. Fix stack_trace_compressor builds for Clang < 6.0 (detail)
  69. [LLVM][NFC] Removing unused functions (detail)
  70. [GWP-ASan] Split options_parser and backtrace_sanitizer_common. (detail)
  71. hwasan: Align n_namesz and n_descsz to 4 when reading notes. (detail)
  72. [NFC] Fix comments and formatting. (detail)
  73. [ELF] Align the first section of a PT_LOAD even if its type is (detail)
  74. PR40674: fix assertion failure if a structured binding declaration has a (detail)
  75. NFC: Rename some sanitizer related lifetime checks (detail)
  76. NFC: Rename lifetime-asan.ll -> lifetime-sanitizer.ll (detail)
  77. Re-enable DependencyScannerTest on windows with the right fixes (detail)
  78. [GlobalISel] Introduce a G_DYN_STACKALLOC opcode to represent dynamic (detail)
  79. PR42513: Enter the proper DeclContext before substituting into an (detail)
  80. Remove unnecessary REQUIRES from a test. (detail)
  81. [LoopFusion] Fix -Wunused-function in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off build (detail)
  82. [X86] Add an assert to mark more code that needs to be removed when the (detail)
  83. [ELF] Make member function Writer<ELFT>::removeEmptyPTLoad non-member. (detail)
  84. [InstCombine][NFC] reuse-constant-from-select-in-icmp.ll - revisit tests (detail)
  85. [InstCombine] Try to reuse constant from select in leading comparison (detail)
  86. [InstCombine] matchThreeWayIntCompare(): commutativity awareness (detail)
  87. [Constant] Add 'isElementWiseEqual()' method (detail)
  88. [Testing] Unbreak r369830 (detail)
  89. [ELF] Simplify with less_second. NFC (detail)

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