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  1. [ADT] Remove a workaround for old versions of clang (detail)
  2. [PowerPC][NFC] Move codegen tests to PowerPC from MIR/PowerPC (detail)
  3. gn build: pacify "gn format" after 371102 (detail)
  4. [Sema][Typo Correction] Fix potential infite loop on ambiguity checks (detail)
  5. Fix a few spellos in docs. (detail)
  6. [X86] Use incDecVectorConstant to simplify the min/max code in (detail)
  7. [docs][llvm-readelf][llvm-readobj] Improve --stack-sizes documentation (detail)
  8. Fix build in C++20 (detail)
  9. Only initialize the streams cout/wcout/cerr/wcerr etc once, rather than (detail)
  10. [yaml2obj/ObjectYAML] - Cleanup the error reporting API, add custom (detail)
  11. [lldb] - Update unit tests after lib/ObjectYAML change. (detail)
  12. Recommit r370502: Make `vector` unconditionally move elements when (detail)
  13. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add support for sibcalling callees with varargs (detail)
  14. [Remarks][NFC] Use StringLiteral for magic numbers (detail)
  15. [Remarks][NFC] Forward declare ParsedStringTable (detail)
  16. [CMake] Separate the detection Darwin platforms architectures for the (detail)
  17. Fix bug in `darwin_test_archs()` when the cache variable is set but (detail)
  18. Revert for: [AMDGPU]: PHI Elimination hooks added for custom COPY (detail)
  19. Fix failing negative compilation test for some versions of Clang (detail)
  20. [NFCI]Create CommonAttributeInfo Type as base type of *Attr and (detail)
  21. Fix build error in 371875 (detail)
  22. [NFC][InstSimplify] Add some more tests for D67498/D67502 (detail)
  23. Reland r371785: Add -Wpoison-system-directories warning (detail)
  24. [SLP] add test for vectorization of constant expressions; NFC (detail)
  25. Fix various test failures with GCC (detail)
  26. Update XFAIL list for new GCC versions (detail)
  27. Fix error in ProcessLauncherWindows.cpp (detail)
  28. AArch64: fix EXPENSIVE_CHECKS for arm64_32. (detail)
  29. Fix pretty printer test with GCC (detail)
  30. [Reproducer] Include the this pointer in the API log. (detail)
  31. Mark [[nodiscard]] test as unsupported with GCC 5 (detail)
  32. [aarch64] move custom isel of extract_vector_elt to td file - NFC (detail)
  33. [FPEnv] Document that constrained FP intrinsics cannot be mixed with (detail)
  34. [Docs] Bug fix for reference to nonexistent document (detail)
  35. [Support] Add overload writeFileAtomically(std::function Writer) (detail)
  36. [OPENMP5.0]Add basic support for declare variant directive. (detail)
  37. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Tail call memory intrinsics (detail)
  38. Fix C++03 build failures due to >> (detail)
  39. [llvm-opt-report] Improve error handling (detail)
  40. Fix test to use %t for newly created files. (detail)
  41. Add dependency from Orc to Passes (detail)
  42. [test] Print the log output on failure. (detail)
  43. [NFC][libLTO] Rearrange declaration in lto.h (detail)
  44. [GlobalISel] Fix insertion point of new instructions to be after PHIs. (detail)
  45. [LLDB] Add missing breaks for switch statement (detail)
  46. [clang-scan-deps] Fix for headers having the same name as a directory (detail)
  47. Make test check position independent as they sometimes come out (detail)
  48. [test] Update TestAPILog to pass on Windows. (detail)
  49. [WebAssembly] Narrowing and widening SIMD ops (detail)
  50. [Reproducer] Move GDB Remote Packet into Utility. (NFC) (detail)
  51. [Reproducer] Add reproducer dump command. (detail)
  52. Bugpoint: Remove some unnecessary c_str conversions on the journey to (detail)
  53. [llvm-objcopy] Add support for response files in llvm-strip and (detail)
  54. [llvm-ar] Uncapitalize error messages and delete full stop (detail)
  55. [llvm-objcopy] Default --output-target to --input-target when (detail)
  56. [llvm-objcopy] Ignore -B --binary-architecture= (detail)
  57. [Attributor][Fix] Use right type to replace expressions (detail)
  58. [ScheduleDAGMILive] Fix typo in comment. (detail)
  59. [Driver] Improve Clang::getDependencyFileName and its tests after (detail)
  60. [Driver] Fix multiple bugs related to dependency file options: -M -MM (detail)
  61. [clang-scan-deps] Add -M to work around -MT issue after r371918 (detail)

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