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  1. [Attributor][NFC] run clang-format on Attributor.cpp (detail)
  2. IR: Cleanup after test to silence ASAN builds (detail)
  3. Use switch instead of series of comparisons (detail)
  4. [yaml2obj][tests] Replace 8-byte `od` conversion with 1-byte conversion (detail)
  5. Fixup r367321 "Ask confirmation when `git llvm push` will push multiple (detail)
  6. Revert accidental change to __member_pointer_traits_imp. (detail)
  7. [JITLink] Fix error message formatting. (detail)
  8. [JITLink] Add support for MachO/x86-64 UNSIGNED relocs with length=2. (detail)
  9. [WebAssembly] Fix allocsize attribute in sjlj lowering (detail)
  10. [x86] change free truncate hook to handle only simple types (PR42880) (detail)
  11. [JITLink] Fix an overly-wide read in the MachO/x86-64 test case. (detail)
  12. [DAGCombiner] Prevent the combine added in r367710 from creating illegal (detail)
  13. [Transforms] Do not drop !preserve.access.index metadata (detail)
  14. Suppress -Wctad-maybe-unsupported on types w/o deduction guides. (detail)

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