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  1. [AMDGPU] Unnecessary -amdgpu-scalarize-global-loads=false flag removed from min/max lit tests.

    Reviewers: arsenm

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by alex-t
  2. [Float2Int] avoid crashing on unreachable code (PR38502)

    In the example from:
    ...we hit infinite looping/crashing because we have non-standard IR -
    an instruction operand is used before defined.
    This and other unusual constructs are allowed in unreachable blocks,
    so avoid the problem by using DominatorTree to step around landmines.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by spatel
  3. Reapply r372285 "GlobalISel: Don't materialize immarg arguments to intrinsics"

    This reverts r372314, reapplying r372285 and the commits which depend
    on it (r372286-r372293, and r372296-r372297)

    This was missing one switch to getTargetConstant in an untested case. (detail)
    by arsenm
  4. [MCA] Improved cost computation for loop carried dependencies in the bottleneck analysis.

    This patch introduces a cut-off threshold for dependency edge frequences with
    the goal of simplifying the critical sequence computation.  This patch also
    removes the cost normalization for loop carried dependencies.  We didn't really
    need to artificially amplify the cost of loop-carried dependencies since it is
    already computed as the integral over time of the delay (in cycle).

    In the absence of backend stalls there is no need for computing a critical
    sequence. With this patch we early exit from the critical sequence computation
    if no bottleneck was reported during the simulation. (detail)
    by adibiagio
  5. Make appendCallNB lambda mutable

    Lambdas are by deafult const so that they produce the same output every time they are run. This lambda needs to set the value on a captured promise which is a mutating operation, so it must be mutable. (detail)
    by cbieneman
  6. X86: Add missing test for vshli SimplifyDemandedBitsForTargetNode

    This would have caught this regression which triggered the revert of
    r372285: (detail)
    by arsenm
  7. Revert r372325 - Reverting r372323 because it broke color tests on Linux.

    This corrects the testing issues. (detail)
    by aaronballman
  8. [DAG][X86] Convert isNegatibleForFree/GetNegatedExpression to a target hook (PR42863)

    This patch converts the DAGCombine isNegatibleForFree/GetNegatedExpression into overridable TLI hooks and includes a demonstration X86 implementation.

    The intention is to let us extend existing FNEG combines to work more generally with negatible float ops, allowing it work with target specific combines and opcodes (e.g. X86's FMA variants).

    Unlike the SimplifyDemandedBits, we can't just handle target nodes through a Target callback, we need to do this as an override to allow targets to handle generic opcodes as well. This does mean that the target implementations has to duplicate some checks (recursion depth etc.).

    I've only begun to replace X86's FNEG handling here, handling FMADDSUB/FMSUBADD negation and some low impact codegen changes (some FMA negatation propagation). We can build on this in future patches.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by rksimon
  9. [DAGCombiner] Add node to the worklist in topological order in scalarizeExtractedVectorLoad

    Summary: As per title.

    Reviewers: craig.topper, efriedma, RKSimon, lebedev.ri

    Subscribers: llvm-commits

    Tags: #llvm

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by deadalnix
  10. [docs] Break long (>80) line. NFC (detail)
    by fpetrogalli
  11. Reverting r372323 because it broke color tests on Linux. (detail)
    by aaronballman
  12. [Float2Int] auto-generate complete test checks; NFC (detail)
    by spatel
  13. Remove an unsafe member variable that wasn't needed; NFC.

    People use the AST dumping interface while debugging, so it's not safe to assume that a declaration will be dumped before a constant expression is dumped. This means the Context member may not get set properly and problems would happen. Rather than rely on the interface that requires the ASTContext, call the generic dump() interface instead; this allows us to remove the Context member variable. (detail)
    by aaronballman
  14. [OpenCL] Add version handling and add vector ld/st builtins

    Allow setting a MinVersion, stating from which OpenCL version a
    builtin function is available, and a MaxVersion, stating from which
    OpenCL version a builtin function should not be available anymore.

    Guard some definitions of the "work-item" builtin functions according
    to the OpenCL versions from which they are available.

    Add the "vector data load and store" builtin functions (e.g.
    vload/vstore), whose signatures differ before and after OpenCL 2.0 in
    the pointer argument address spaces.

    Patch by Pierre Gondois and Sven van Haastregt.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by svenvh
  15. [TableGen] Support encoding per-HwMode

    Much like ValueTypeByHwMode/RegInfoByHwMode, this patch allows targets
    to modify an instruction's encoding based on HwMode. When the
    EncodingInfos field is non-empty the Inst and Size fields of the Instruction
    are ignored and taken from EncodingInfos instead.

    As part of this promote getHwMode() from TargetSubtargetInfo to MCSubtargetInfo.

    This is NFC for all existing targets - new code is generated only if targets
    use EncodingByHwMode. (detail)
    by jamesm
  16. Clean out unused diagnostics. NFC. (detail)
    by d0k
  17. [CUDA][HIP] Fix typo in `BestViableFunction`

    - Should consider viable ones only when checking SameSide candidates.
    - Replace erasing with clearing viable flag to reduce data
    - Add one and revise another one as the diagnostic message are more
      relevant compared to previous one.

    Reviewers: tra

    Subscribers: cfe-commits, yaxunl

    Tags: #clang

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by hliao
  18. [clang-tidy] Fix bugprone-argument-comment-check to correctly ignore implicit constructors.

    After revision 370919, this check incorrectly flags certain cases of implicit
    constructors. Specifically, if an argument is annotated with an
    argument-comment and the argument expression triggers an implicit constructor,
    then the argument comment is associated with argument of the implicit

    However, this only happens when the constructor has more than one argument.
    This revision fixes the check for implicit constructors and adds a regression
    test for this case.

    Note: r370919 didn't cause this bug, it simply uncovered it by fixing another
    bug that was masking the behavior.

    Reviewers: gribozavr

    Subscribers: xazax.hun, cfe-commits

    Tags: #clang

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by ymandel
  19. [DAG] Add SelectionDAG::MaxRecursionDepth constant

    As commented on D67557 we have a lot of uses of depth checks all using magic numbers.

    This patch adds the SelectionDAG::MaxRecursionDepth constant and moves over some general cases to use this explicitly.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by rksimon

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