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  1. [NFCI] Always initialize const members of AttributeCommonInfo

    Some compilers require that const fields of an object must be explicitly
    initialized by the constructor. I ran into this issue building with
    clang 3.8 on Ubuntu 16.04. (detail)
    by xiaobai
  2. MachineScheduler: Fix missing dependency with multiple subreg defs

    If an instruction had multiple subregister defs, and one of them was
    undef, this would improperly conclude all other lanes are
    killed. There could still be other defs of those read-undef lanes in
    other operands. This would improperly remove register uses from
    CurrentVRegUses, so the visitation of later operands would not find
    the necessary register dependency. This would also mean this would
    fail or not depending on how different subregister def operands were

    On an undef subregister def, scan the instruction for other
    subregister defs and avoid killing those.

    This possibly should be deferring removing anything from
    CurrentVRegUses until the entire instruction has been processed
    instead. (detail)
    by arsenm
  3. [Consumed] Treat by-value class arguments as consuming by default, like rvalue refs.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by comex
  4. Fix for stringized function-macro args continued across lines

    In case of certain #define'd macros, there's a space just before line continuation
    that the minimized-source lexer was missing to include, resulting in invalid stringize.

    Patch by: kousikk (Kousik Kumar)

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by arphaman
  5. Model converted constant expressions as full-expressions.

    This is groundwork for C++20's P0784R7, where non-trivial destructors
    can be constexpr, so we need ExprWithCleanups markers in constant

    No functionality change intended. (detail)
    by rsmith
  6. [AArch64] Fix formatting (NFC) (detail)
    by evandro
  7. [CUDA][HIP] Re-apply part of r372318.

    - r372318 causes violation of `use-of-uninitialized-value` detected by
      MemorySanitizer. Once `Viable` field is set to false, `FailureKind`
      needs setting as well as it will be checked during destruction if
      `Viable` is not true.
    - Revert the part trying to skip `std::vector` erasing. (detail)
    by hliao

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