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  1. Remove error in additional '(' that was placed in previous patch. (detail)

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  1. [RISCV] Add riscv{32,64} to ALL_CRT_SUPPORTED_ARCH list (detail)
  2. [GWP-ASan] Respect compiler-rt's -fno-lto (detail)
  3. [Sema] Suppress -Wchar-subscripts if the index is a literal char (detail)
  4. [OPENMP][DOCS] Update OpenMP status (NFC) (detail)
  5. [openmp] [test] Skip one more test that kills NetBSD buildbot (detail)
  6. comment shiftamountthreshold (detail)
  7. [lldb] Comment typo fix (detail)
  8. Using crtp to refactor the xcoff section header (detail)
  9. AsmWriterOperand - fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (detail)
  10. X86CondBrFolding - remove non-existent fixBranchProb function. NFC. (detail)
  11. ManagedStringPool - pre-increment iterator. NFC. (detail)
  12. PostRAScheduler - fix uninitialized variable warning. NFCI. (detail)
  13. TypeRecord - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  14. MachineMemOperand::getBaseAlignment() - fix "shift of i32 then extended (detail)
  15. X86FrameLowering - fix bool to unsigned cast static analyzer warnings. (detail)
  16. [InstCombine] canonicalize shift+logic+shift to reduce dependency chain (detail)
  17. [XCOFF] Move explicit instantions after member function definitions to (detail)
  18. [llvm-ar] Support verbose mode for operation 'x' (detail)
  19. [XCOFF] Fix link errors from explicit template instantiation (detail)
  20. Revert "[XCOFF] Fix link errors from explicit template instantiation" (detail)
  21. [XCOFF] Add back extern template declarations (detail)
  22. [RISCV] Fix up tests on Windows after new usage of sys::path::append (detail)
  23. [AsmWritter] Fixed "null check after dereferencing" warning (detail)
  24. Fix warning about unused std::unique result, erase shifted elements (detail)
  25. canFoldMergeOpcode returns a bool result not an unsigned. NFCI. (detail)
  26. ImutAVLTree::validateTree - fix null dereference typo warning. NFCI. (detail)
  27. FDRRecords - fix uninitialized variable warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  28. Revert "[Sema] Suppress -Wchar-subscripts if the index is a literal (detail)
  29. Improve regular expressions (detail)
  30. Wrong debug info generated at -O2 (-O0 is correct) (detail)

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