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  1. [RS4GC] Simplify attribute handling code NFC

    Avoids use of AttributeList::getNumSlots, making it easier to change the
    underlying implementation. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by rnk
  2. [Codegen] Disable Polly's codegen verification by default

    As has been reported in the previous commit, codegen verification can result in
    quadratic compile time increases for large functions with many scops. This is
    certainly not something we would like to have in the Polly default
    configuration. Hence, we disable codegen verification by default -- also to see
    if this resolves some of the compilation timeouts we currently see on the AOSP
    buildbots. We still leave this feature in Polly as it has shown _very_ useful
    for debugging. In fact, we may want to have a discussion if we can bring this
    feature back in a way that does not impact compilation time so much.

    Thanks to Eli Friedman <> for reporting this issue and
    for providing the test case in the previous commit (where I forgot to
    acknowledge him). (detail/ViewSVN)
    by grosser
  3. [CodeGen] Skip verify if -polly-codegen-verify is set to false

    Before this change, we always tried to verify the function and printed
    verification errors, but just did not abort in case -polly-codegen-verify=false
    was set and verification failed. As verification can become very cosly -- for
    large functions with many scops we may verify the very same function very often
    -- this can affect compile time very negatively. Hence, we respect the
    -polly-codegen-verify flag with this check, ensuring that no verification is run
    if -polly-codegen-verify=false.

    This reduces code generation time from 26 seconds to 4 seconds on the test
    case below with -polly-codegen-verify=false:

      struct X { int x; };
      void a();
      #define SIG (int x, X **y, X **z)
      typedef void (*fn)SIG;
      #define FN { for (int i = 0; i < x; ++i) { (*y)[i].x += (*z)[i].x; } a(); }
      #define FN5 FN FN FN FN FN
      #define FN25 FN5 FN5 FN5 FN5
      #define FN125 FN25 FN25 FN25 FN25 FN25
      #define FN250 FN125 FN125
      #define FN1250 FN250 FN250 FN250 FN250 FN250
      void x SIG { FN1250 } (detail/ViewSVN)
    by grosser

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