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  1. [lldb] Code cleanup: FormattersContainer.h: Use range-based for loops. (detail)
  2. [TargetLowering] SimplifyDemandedBits - add EXTRACT_SUBVECTOR support. (detail)
  3. [Diagnostics] Added silence note for -Wsizeof-array-div; suggest extra (detail)
  4. Add debug check for null pointers passed to <string_view> (detail)
  5. compiler-rt/builtins: Make check-builtins run tests on macOS. (detail)
  6. lld-link: Make formatting more self-consistent. (detail)
  7. [CodeEmitter] Support instruction widths > 64 bits (detail)
  8. [CodeEmitter] Improve testing for APInt encoding (detail)
  9. [ARM] Simplify and update vmla test. NFC (detail)
  10. [SLP] limit vectorization of Constant subclasses (PR33958) (detail)
  11. [ARM] Masked loads and stores (detail)
  12. [DebugInfo] Don't dereference a dyn_cast<PDBSymbolData> result. NFCI. (detail)
  13. [OpenMP] Fix OMPClauseReader::readClause() uninitialized variable (detail)
  14. InterleavedLoadCombine - merge isa<> and dyn_cast<> duplicates. NFCI. (detail)
  15. [LoadStoreVectorizer] vectorizeLoadChain - ensure we find a valid Type (detail)
  16. [GlobalISel] findGISelOptimalMemOpLowering - remove dead initalization. (detail)
  17. [PowerPC][NFC] Add a testcase for fdiv expansion. (detail)
  18. [InstCombine] add icmp tests with extra uses; NFC (detail)
  19. [InstCombine] remove unneeded one-use checks for icmp fold (detail)
  20. Commit missing part of "Split many_tls_keys.cpp into two tests" (detail)
  21. [Attributor] Heap-To-Stack Conversion (detail)
  22. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix VALU s16 fneg (detail)
  23. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select s32->s16 G_[US]ITOFP (detail)
  24. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select S16->S32 fptoint (detail)
  25. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Set type on vgpr live in special arguments (detail)
  26. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize s1 source G_[SU]ITOFP (detail)
  27. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: RegBankSelect for kill (detail)
  28. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select SMRD loads for more types (detail)
  29. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove illegal select tests (detail)
  30. [ELF] Map the ELF header at imageBase (detail)
  31. [ELF][X86] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on (detail)
  32. [SystemZ]  Merge the SystemZExpandPseudo pass into SystemZPostRewrite. (detail)
  33. [AArch64] Some more FP16 FMA pattern matching (detail)
  34. gn build: Merge r371959 (detail)
  35. [test] Add -z separate-code to fix tests that ae sensitive to exact (detail)
  36. [clang-tidy] performance-inefficient-vector-operation: Support proto (detail)
  37. [ELF][ARM] Implement --fix-cortex-a8 to fix erratum 657417 (detail)
  38. gn build: Merge r371965 (detail)
  39. [SVE][Inline-Asm] Add constraints for SVE predicate registers (detail)
  40. Fix the rst doc, unbreak buildbot. (detail)
  41. Change signature of __builtin_rotateright64 back to unsigned (detail)
  42. [ELF][ARM] Fix -Werror buildbots NFC. (detail)
  43. [clangd] Fix a crash when renaming operator. (detail)
  44. Added return statement to fix compile and build warning: (detail)
  45. [SLPVectorizer] Don't dereference a dyn_cast result. NFCI. (detail)
  46. [SLPVectorizer] Assert that we find a LastInst to silence analyzer null (detail)
  47. [VPlanSLP] Don't dereference a cast_or_null<VPInstruction> result. NFCI. (detail)
  48. Implement semantic selections. (detail)
  49. gn build: Merge r371976 (detail)
  50. [InstCombine] fix comments to match code; NFC (detail)
  51. [InstCombine] add icmp tests with extra uses; NFC (detail)
  52. [clangd] Bump vscode-clangd v0.0.17 (detail)
  53. [InstCombine] remove unneeded one-use checks for icmp fold (detail)
  54. [ARM] Fold VCMP into VPT (detail)
  55. [docs][llvm-size] Write llvm-size documentation (detail)
  56. [docs][llvm-strings] Write llvm-strings documentation (detail)
  57. Move some definitions from Sema to Basic to fix shared libs build (detail)
  58. [clangd][vscode] update the development doc. (detail)
  59. [InstCombine] add/move tests for icmp with add operand; NFC (detail)
  60. [X86][NFC] Add a `use-aa` feature. (detail)
  61. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove another illegal select test (detail)
  62. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegBankSelect for G_FRINT and G_FCEIL (detail)
  63. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix some broken run lines (detail)
  64. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fail select of G_INSERT non-32-bit source (detail)
  65. [NFC] remove unused functions (detail)
  66. [SystemZ]  Call erase() on the right MBB in (detail)
  67. [LV] Add ARM MVE tail-folding tests (detail)
  68. [libFuzzer] Remove unused version of FuzzedDataProvider.h. (detail)
  69. [ExecutionEngine] Don't dereference a dyn_cast result. NFCI. (detail)
  70. [ARM] Add patterns for CTLZ on MVE (detail)
  71. [ARM] Lower CTTZ on MVE (detail)
  72. [ARM] Add patterns for bitreverse intrinsic on MVE (detail)
  73. [ARM] Add patterns for BSWAP intrinsic on MVE (detail)
  74. [InstCombine] move tests for icmp+add; NFC (detail)
  75. [InstCombine] remove unneeded one-use checks for icmp fold (detail)
  76. [clangd] Simplify semantic highlighting visitor (detail)
  77. [SimplifyCFG] FoldTwoEntryPHINode(): consider *total* speculation cost, (detail)
  78. [OPENMP]Fix parsing/sema for function templates with declare simd. (detail)
  79. [ARM] A predicate cast of a predicate cast is a predicate cast (detail)
  80. [X86][AVX] matchShuffleWithSHUFPD - add support for zeroable operands (detail)
  81. [Clang][Codegen] Relax available-externally-suppress.c test (detail)
  82. [Clang][Codegen] Disable arm_acle.c test. (detail)
  83. Implement std::condition_variable via pthread_cond_clockwait() where (detail)
  84. [lldb][NFC] Make ApplyObjcCastHack less scary (detail)
  85. [lldb] Remove SetCount/ClearCount from Flags (detail)
  86. [ARM][Codegen] Autogenerate arm-cgp-casts.ll test. (detail)
  87. [PGO] Use linkonce_odr linkage for __profd_ variables in comdat groups (detail)
  88. [LTO][Legacy] Add new C inferface to query libcall functions (detail)
  89. [lld] Update lld driver to use new LTO APIs to handle libcall symbols (detail)
  90. [Coverage] Assert that filenames in a TU are unique, NFC (detail)
  91. [Coverage] Speed up file-based queries for coverage info, NFC (detail)
  92. do not emit -Wunused-macros warnings in -frewrite-includes mode (detail)
  93. Open fstream files in O_CLOEXEC mode when possible. (detail)
  94. [NFC] Move dumping into GDBRemotePacket (detail)
  95. [PowerPC] Cust lower fpext v2f32 to v2f64 from extract_subvector v4f32 (detail)
  96. [Docs] Adds Getting Started/Tutorials, Reference to LLVM docs homepage (detail)
  97. [Docs] Bug fix for docs homepage (detail)
  98. [NFC] Test commit access (detail)
  99. Revert "Implement std::condition_variable via pthread_cond_clockwait() (detail)
  100. [lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines (detail)
  101. Add a director, along with README.txt and LICENSE.txt, for libc. (detail)
  102. [clang-tidy] add checks to bugprone-posix-return (detail)
  103. [compiler-rt][crt]  make test case nontrivial in (detail)
  104. [Modules][Objective-C] Use complete decl from module when diagnosing (detail)
  105. [OPENMP]Fix the test, NFC. (detail)
  106. [test] Clean up previous raw profile before merging into it (detail)
  107. [Remarks] Allow remarks::Format::YAML to take a string table (detail)
  108. [PowerPC] Cust lower fpext v2f32 to v2f64 from extract_subvector v4f32 (detail)
  109. Fix warning: lambda capture 'temp_file_path' is not used (detail)
  110. [Reproducer] Implement dumping packets. (detail)
  111. Fix swig python package path (detail)
  112. Add libc to path mappings in git-llvm. (detail)
  113. llvm-reduce: Make tests shell-independent by passing the interpreter on (detail)
  114. [GlobalISel] Partially revert r371901. (detail)
  115. Revert r372035: "[lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines" (detail)
  116. [test] Fail gracefully if the regex doesn't match (detail)
  117. llvm-reduce: Remove some string copies (detail)
  118. llvm-reduce: Clean out previous test temp/output dir, since it was a dir (detail)
  119. [OPENMP] Fix the test, NFC (detail)
  120. [libFuzzer] Always print DSO map on Fuchsia libFuzzer launch (detail)
  121. Revert "[lldb][NFC] Make ApplyObjcCastHack less scary" (detail)

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