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  1. [CVP] Deduce no-wrap on `mul` (detail)
  2. [NFC][InstCombine] Fixup comments (detail)
  3. Use Align for TFL::TransientStackAlignment (detail)
  4. [LLD] [COFF] Fix use of uninitialized memory since SVN r375390 (detail)
  5. [ARM] Add and adjust saturation tests for upcoming qadd changes. NFC (detail)
  6. [ARM] Lower sadd_sat to qadd8 and qadd16 (detail)
  7. [MemCpyOpt] Fixing Incorrect Code Motion while Handling Aggregate Type (detail)
  8. [obj2yaml] - Stop triggering UB when dumping corrupted strings. (detail)
  9. [obj2yaml] - Fix a comment. NFC. (detail)
  10. Fix llvm signal tests build. (detail)
  11. [Alignment][NFC] TargetCallingConv::setOrigAlign and (detail)
  12. [llvm/Object] - Make ELFObjectFile::getRelocatedSection return (detail)
  13. Simplify usage of setFPAttrs. (detail)
  14. [Alignment][NFC] TargetCallingConv::setByValAlign (detail)
  15. [ARM] Add qadd lowering from a sadd_sat (detail)
  16. [docs][llvm-ar] Update llvm-ar command guide (detail)
  17. [Alignment][NFC] Add a helper function to DataLayout (detail)
  18. [ARM] Extra qdadd patterns (detail)
  19. [lldb] drop .symtab removal in minidebuginfo tests (detail)

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