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  1. Fix some regressions caused by r369553 on old versions of Debian and (detail)
  2. [yaml2obj] - Lookup relocation symbols in dynamic symbol when .dynsym (detail)
  3. [lldb][NFC] Add test for target stop-hook disable/enable/delete (detail)
  4. Revert r369402 "win: Enable /Zc:twoPhase by default if targeting MSVC (detail)
  5. [MCA] consistently use MCPhysReg instead of unsigned as register type. (detail)
  6. [SlotIndexes] Add print-slotindexes to disable printing slotindexes (detail)
  7. [lldb][NFC] Fix indentation in CommandObjectProcess (detail)
  8. [Attributor][NFC] Move DerefState to header and use StateWrapper (detail)
  9. [lldb] Fix `TestDataFormatterStdList` regression (detail)
  10. [clangd] Send suppported codeActionKinds to the client. (detail)
  11. [PowerPC][XCOFF][MC] Explicitly set containing csect on symbols. [NFC] (detail)
  12. [PowerPC] Add combined ELF ABI and 32/64 bit queries to the subtarget. (detail)
  13. [PowerPC] Regenerate reciprocal tests, as discussed on D66548 (detail)
  14. [lldb] Remove ')' to fix the build (detail)
  15. [X86][BtVer2] Fix latency/throughput of scalar integer MUL instructions. (detail)
  16. [DAGCombiner] Remove explicit call to AddToWorklist in sqrt and (detail)
  17. [MBP] Disable aggressive loop rotate in plain mode (detail)
  18. [X86] Remove MCInstLower code that drops operands from some CALL and (detail)
  19. Fixed Missing Expected error handling (detail)
  20. [NFC][InstCombine] New tests: unrecognized_three-way-comparison.ll is (detail)
  21. [OPENMP]Generalization of handling of declare target attribute. (detail)
  22. Doxygenify comments. (detail)
  23. Remove redundant curly braces. (detail)
  24. [MachO][TLOF] Use hasLocalLinkage to determine if indirect symbol is (detail)
  25. [libc++] Mark lock_guard nodiscard test as unsupported in C++03 (detail)
  26. GlobalISel: Don't create G_UADDE with constant false carry in (detail)
  27. Retire llvm::less/equal in favor of C++14 std::less<>/equal_to<>. (detail)
  28. Retire llvm::less_ptr. llvm::deref is much more flexible. (detail)
  29. [Clangd] Tweaktesting replace toString with consumeError (detail)
  30. Revert "[LifetimeAnalysis] Support more STL idioms (template forward (detail)
  31. gn build: Merge r369677 (detail)
  32. [clangd] Fold string copy into lambda capture. NFC. (detail)
  33. Introduce FileEntryRef and use it when handling includes to report (detail)
  34. gn build: Merge r369680 (detail)
  35. Implement nullPointerConstant() using a better API. (detail)
  36. [] Add missing declaration for malloc_get_all_zones (detail)
  37. [AArch64] autogenerate some tests. NFC (detail)
  38. Fix the nullPointerConstant() test to get bots back to green. (detail)
  39. Improve the documentation for OpenCL vector types. (detail)
  40. Disable the ScanDepsReuseFilemanager test on Windows (detail)
  41. [llvm-objcopy][NFC] Refactor symbol/section matching (detail)
  42. Extend FindTypes with CompilerContext to allow filtering by language. (detail)
  43. Add missing include (detail)
  44. Add missing include (detail)
  45. [libc++] Fix broken <random> test (detail)
  46. [COFF] Add libcall symbols to the link when LTO is being used (detail)
  47. Fight a bit against global initializers. NFC. (detail)
  48. [NFC][InstCombine] New tests: unrecognized_three-way-comparison.ll is (detail)
  49. IR. Change strip* family of functions to not look through aliases. (detail)
  50. Rename lldb/source/Interpreter/OptionValueFileSpecLIst.cpp to       (detail)
  51. Rename lldb/source/Interpreter/OptionValueFileSpecListTmp.cpp to       (detail)
  52. [PowerPC] Automatically generate various tests. NFC (detail)
  53. [NFC][InstCombine] Fixup few new tests in (detail)
  54. Revert Extend FindTypes with CompilerContext to allow filtering by (detail)
  55. [PowerPC] Automatically generate vec_buildvector_loadstore.ll . NFC (detail)
  56. LibFuzzer support for 32bit MSVC (detail)
  57. [Clang][CodeGen] set alias linkage on QualType (detail)
  58. Revert [] Add missing declaration for malloc_get_all_zones (detail)
  59. [Sanitizer] checks ASLR on FreeBSD (detail)
  60. TestAppleSimulatorOSType: Pass the --standalone argument to simctl (detail)
  61. Extend FindTypes with CompilerContext to allow filtering by language. (detail)
  62. Fixing buildbot due to style. (detail)
  63. Add missing dot. (detail)
  64. [Bugfix] fix r369705 unit test (detail)
  65. [libclang][NFC] Remove debug comment (detail)
  66. [clang][ifs] New interface stubs format (llvm triple based). (detail)
  67. [sanitizer] Resubmit D66620 from monorepo (detail)
  68. [utils] Update shebang to use the environment. (detail)
  69. [ARM] Automatically generate dsp-mlal.ll . NFC (detail)
  70. [clang][ifs] Dropping older experimental interface stub formats. (detail)
  71. [MC] Minor cleanup to MCFixup::Kind handling. NFC. (detail)
  72. hwasan: Untag unwound stack frames by wrapping personality functions. (detail)
  73. PR42587: diagnose unexpanded uses of a pack parameter of a generic (detail)
  74. [AlignmentFromAssumptions] getNewAlignmentDiff(): use getURemExpr() (detail)
  75. Revert "PR42587: diagnose unexpanded uses of a pack parameter of a (detail)
  76. [analyzer] DynamicTypeInfo: Avoid putting null regions into dynamic (detail)
  77. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Avoid modeling casts between objects. (detail)
  78. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Provide DynamicTypeMap with pointer types (detail)
  79. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Correctly model results of based-to-derived (detail)
  80. [IndVars] Fix a bug noticed by inspection (detail)
  81. [LLDB] Address post-commit code review feedback. (detail)
  82. [clang-format] Recognize ECMAScript module .mjs as JavaScript (detail)
  83. [X86] Improve lowering of v2i32 SAD handling in combineLoopSADPattern. (detail)
  84. [X86] Make combineLoopSADPattern use CONCAT_VECTORS instead of (detail)
  85. [Symbol] Decouple clang from DeclVendor (detail)
  86. [X86] Add a further unrolled madd reduction test case that shows several (detail)
  87. Add a description about multiple linker scripts (detail)
  88. [clang-tidy] Don't emit google-runtime-references warning for functions (detail)
  89. Explain --reproduce option (detail)
  90. [clangd] Link more clang-tidy modules to clangd (detail)
  91. [yaml2obj] - Allow setting the symbol st_other field to any integer. (detail)
  92. [AMDGPU] gfx10 atomic optimizer changes. (detail)
  93. [DAGCombine] GetNegatedExpression - add FMA\FMAD support (detail)
  94. [llvm-dlltool] Make sure to strip decorations from ExtName for renamed (detail)
  95. [X86][BtVer2] Fix latency of ALU RMW instructions. (detail)
  96. [Docs][OpenCL] Several corrections to C++ for OpenCL (detail)
  97. [X86][BtVer2] Add a read-advance to every implicit register use of (detail)
  98. Use VT::getHalfNumVectorElementsVT helpers in a few places. NFCI. (detail)
  99. [PowerPC] Automatically generate various tests. NFC (detail)
  1. [monorepo_build] Allow test commands to fail (detail)

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