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  1. ProcessInstanceInfo: Fix dumping of invalid user ids (detail)
  2. Move ProcessInstanceInfoTest to Utility (detail)
  3. [ProcessWindows] Remove equivalent macros (detail)
  4. [X86] Automatically generate various tests. NFC (detail)
  5. Really fix the type mismatch error in GDBRemoteCommunicationServerCommon (detail)
  6. [clangd] Handling text editor/document lifetimes in vscode extension. (detail)
  7. [clang-tidy] TransformerClangTidyCheck: change choice of location for (detail)
  8. [clang-tidy][NFC] Qualify `makeRule` call in test, for consistency with (detail)
  9. clang-format: [JS] handle `as const`. (detail)
  10. [clangd] Add docs for configuration knobs in clangd (detail)
  11. Moved GlobList into a separate header file (detail)
  12. [SampleFDO] Extract the code calling each section reader to (detail)
  13. [clangd] Fix docs (detail)
  14. [dotest] Print invocation when encountering an error. (detail)
  15. [PowerPC] add tests for fma with negated ops; NFC (detail)
  16. [asan_symbolize] Avoid blocking when llvm-symbolizer is installed as (detail)
  17. [clang-doc] Switch Generator::CreateResources to use llvm::Error (detail)
  18. Fix -dA flag, it is not a preprocessor flag. (detail)
  19. [DAGCombiner] Remove a bunch of redundant AddToWorklist calls. (detail)
  20. [NFC] Add comments to some bool arguments for better readability (detail)
  21. [asan_symbolize] Attempt to fix build-bot failure after latest change (detail)
  22. add synchronization (detail)
  23. [libclang][index][NFCi] Refactor machinery for skipping function bodies (detail)
  24. Fix use of invalidated iterator introduced by r369680. (detail)
  25. [OPENMP][NVPTX]Add __kmpc_syncwarp(int32_t) function. (detail)
  26. [clangd] Release notes (detail)
  27. [Attributor] Allow explicit dependence tracking (detail)
  28. [Attributor] Further cut down on non-determinism (detail)
  29. [DAGCombiner][X86] Teach SimplifyVBinOp to fold VBinOp (concat X, (detail)
  30. [driver] add a new option `-gen-cdb-fragment-path` to emit a fragment of (detail)
  31. [lldb][NFC] Remove dead code that handles situations where LLDB has no (detail)
  32. Improve behavior in the case of stack exhaustion. (detail)
  33. Fix file header. (detail)
  34. [X86] Add a hack to combinePMULDQ to manually turn (detail)
  35. FileManager: Use llvm::Expected in new getFileRef API (detail)
  36. [msvc] Add necessary #include to make compiler intrinsics available. (detail)
  37. [Attributor] Adjust and test the iteration bound of tests (detail)
  38. [OPENMP][NVPTX]Fix critical region codegen. (detail)
  39. [Hexagon] Improve generated code for test-if-bit-clear (detail)
  40. gn build: (manually) merge r369940 (detail)
  41. [InstCombine] icmp eq/ne (gep inbounds P, Idx..), null -> icmp eq/ne P, (detail)
  42. gn build: (manually) merge r369741 (detail)
  43. gn build: color linker errors when using lld (detail)
  44. Recommit [PowerPC] Update P9 vector costs for insert/extract (detail)
  45. gn build: Merge r369918 (detail)
  46. Diagnose use of _Thread_local as an extension when not in C11 mode. (detail)
  47. [Clang][Bundler] Use llvm-objcopy for creating fat object files (detail)
  48. Fix gen-cdb-fragment test for Windows (detail)
  49. Reword the C11 extension diagnostic. (detail)
  50. ContentCache: Drop getBuffer's dependency on SourceManager (detail)
  51. Preland test cases for D66688 to make diffs clear. (detail)
  52. Fixing a weird copy-pasta to get bots back to green. (detail)
  53. [ADT] Make StringRef(const char*) constexpr (detail)
  54. Add a clarify comment for meaning of SafePointes [NFC] (detail)
  55. [test] Remove extra spaces from a test, NFC (detail)
  56. [DebugInfo] Add debug-entry-values test coverage, NFC (detail)
  57. Remove unused variables. (detail)
  58. [DWARF] Pick the DWARF5 OP_entry_value opcode on Darwin (detail)
  59. [DWARF] Rename getDwarf5OrGNUCallSite{Attr,Tag}, NFC (detail)
  60. Updating a test case that was missed in r369957. (detail)
  61. Debug Info: Support for DW_AT_export_symbols for anonymous structs (detail)
  62. [Core] GetAPInt should return an Optional (detail)
  63. Revert r369843 "[Testing] Unbreak r369830" (detail)
  64. [ScopBuilder] Simplify main statement flag in buildEqivClassBlockStmts. (detail)
  65. [GlobalISel] Import patterns containing INSERT_SUBREG (detail)
  66. [WebAssembly] Combine emscripten SjLj tests (detail)
  67. [ORC] Fix an overly aggressive assert. (detail)
  68. [ORC] Make sure that queries on emitted-but-not-ready symbols fail (detail)
  69. [hwasan] Fix test failure in r369721. (detail)
  70. [WebAssembly] Fix SSA rebuilding in SjLj transformation (detail)
  71. msan, codegen, instcombine: Keep more lifetime markers used for msan (detail)
  72. hwasan, codegen: Keep more lifetime markers used for hwasan (detail)
  73. [X86] Delay combineIncDecVector until after op legalization. (detail)
  74. [mips] clang-format the code. NFC (detail)
  75. [mips] Fix indentation. NFC (detail)
  76. Copy test data so tests don't traverse test directories.  NFC (detail)
  77. PR42587: diagnose unexpanded uses of a pack parameter of a generic (detail)
  78. [clang-scan-deps] Minimizer: Correctly handle multi-line content with (detail)
  79. [build_exception] Decode build failure messages (detail)
  80. [clang-scan-deps] Minimizer: Correctly skip over double slashes in angle (detail)
  81. Reorganize code and add a fixme to point out a bug in existing code (detail)
  82. Send error message on failed attach from debugerserver. (detail)
  83. AMDGPU: Run AMDGPUCodeGenPrepare after scalar opts (detail)
  84. NFC: Make test work with or without assertions (detail)
  85. [clang-scan-deps] Skip UTF-8 BOM in source minimizer (detail)
  86. AMDGPU: Combine directly on mul24 intrinsics (detail)
  87. [dotest] Remove long running test "decorator" and re-enable tests. (detail)
  88. Add PhaseOrdering/lifetime-sanitizer.ll tests (detail)
  89. [MemorySSA] Fix insertUse. (detail)
  90. Use FileEntryRef for PPCallbacks::FileSkipped (detail)
  91. Don't lose the FoundDecl and template arguments for a DeclRefExpr in (detail)
  92. Revert "[clang-scan-deps] Minimizer: Correctly handle multi-line content (detail)
  93. [Analysis] In EmitGEPOffset, use Constant::getUniqueInteger to handle (detail)
  94. [ConnectionFileDescriptor] Add shutdown check in ::Write. (detail)
  95. [test] Disable two of the recently (re)enabled tests on Windows. (detail)
  96. Fix clangd's IndexAction for FileSkipped API update (detail)
  97. [WinEH] Allocate space in funclets stack to save XMM CSRs (detail)
  98. Revert r369927 - [DAGCombiner] Remove a bunch of redundant AddToWorklist (detail)
  99. [sanitizer] Add lld into dependency of sanitizer_common unittests (detail)
  100. [Sanitizer] Using huge page on FreeBSD for shadow mapping (detail)
  101. [lld][WebAssembly] Store table base in config rather than passing it (detail)
  102. Fix buildbot (detail)
  103. [lld][WebAssembly] Create optional symbols after handling (detail)
  104. [NFC] Replace the FIXME I added in rL369989 with a comment clarifying (detail)
  105. [Attributor] Introduce an API to delete stuff (detail)
  106. [Attributor] Clamp operator to extend known state (detail)
  107. [ValueTracking] Add AllowNonInbounds parameter to (detail)
  108. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Fix typo in comment. NFC (detail)
  109. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Hide existence of ConstantDataVector vector from (detail)
  110. CommandObjectExpression: Fix a misleading-indentation warning (detail)
  111. Fix (detail)
  112. Relax test introduced in D65322 (detail)
  113. Revert "[clangd] Release notes" (wrong branch) (detail)
  114. NFC: clang-format r370008 to suppress lint errors (detail)
  115. [asan_symbolize] Fix broken pipe handling for python 2.7 (detail)
  116. Fix an unused variable warning in no-assert builds (detail)
  117. DWARFExpression: Simplify class interface (detail)
  118. GlobList: added a clear test for pattern priority (detail)
  119. [clangd] Fix toHalfOpenFileRange where start/end endpoints are in (detail)
  120. [clangd] Fix for r370029 test that got left in my client (detail)
  121. [yaml2obj] - Don't allow setting StOther and Other/Visibility at the (detail)
  122. [Driver] Add an option for createInvocationFromCommandLine to recover on (detail)
  123. [llvm-objdump] - Remove one overload of reportError. NFCI. (detail)
  124. [ReleaseNotes] MemorySanitizer support of ASLR on FreeBSD (detail)
  125. AArch64: avoid creating cycle in DAG for post-increment NEON ops. (detail)
  126. [InstCombine] Fold select with ctlz to cttz (detail)
  127. Refactor GlobList from an ad-hoc linked list to a vector (detail)
  128. [DAGCombiner] Add node to the worklist in topological order after (detail)
  129. [clang] Ensure that comment classes are trivially destructible (detail)
  130. Add error handling to the DataExtractor class (detail)
  131. [lldb] Allow partial completions to fix directory completion. (detail)
  132. [clang] Ensure that statements, expressions and types are trivially (detail)
  133. [ASTImporter] Fix name conflict handling with different strategies (detail)
  134. [NFC] Added tests for D66651 (detail)
  135. [lldb][NFC] Give added test method a unique name (detail)
  136. [ELF][ARM] Add --no-show-raw-insn and -soname to some ARM tests (detail)
  137. [ELF][ARM] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on EM_ARM (detail)
  138. [lldb][NFC] Add some tests for the target subcommands (detail)

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